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Audi R8



  • relidtmrelidtm Posts: 1
    A gallardo is 200k +... a r8 v10 is 143k.... ? explain your logic?
  • I'd take the R8 over a lambo anyday.
  • Look at a Rossion Q1. Faster quarter mile times, faster through the slalom. Much lighter. >1.1Gs. Much less expensive. Pretty car. Much lower maintenance costs.
  • That is just BS that R8 customers are treated the same way A4 customers are treated. When I had my 5,000 mile service done they provide me with a new Audi demo car. Any time I want to get my car hand washed they do it no charge. I have the General Managers cell number and home number. If something goes wrong I can call him at any time. I also have an A8L. They always provide me with either an A8 or A6 loaner vehicle, not the Enterprise Chev that A4 owners get as a loaner. I never have to wait for service on my vehicles.

    There are special factory trainer service people for the R8. They are the only ones that are allowed to work on the R8. These are the best of the best. I had an electrical short that could not be found. Audi AG sent a technician in from Germany to find the problem. It took two men two days to find the problem, but they did find it. Do you think they would do this on an A4?

    R8 owners are treated like Royalty, something I do not get from the office. :blush:
  • I agree. Much nicer looking car. Chick magnet. Dosen't look like a kit car. I have heard one on the road and it has a much nicer exaust note than the Lambo.
  • maramaralulamaramaralula Los AngelesPosts: 1

    IF I have 500k, i would buy the audi R8 and a 300k house... not a logic everyone will accept. But after getting the chance to drive it for a weekend, it is definitely worth it!

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