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Two-door Chevrolet Tahoes

jrockwell2jrockwell2 Posts: 1
edited March 21 in Chevrolet
I would like to buy a new Chevrolet Tahoe TWO-DOOR
like they built for many years. I don't need a four-door of the Tahoe of Suburban. The smaller size is better for four wheeling and is definately better for traffic and parking. The prices the 1999 and older used ones indicates some desire out there for a large two-door SUV. I would buy a Bronco but I guess Ford is too interested in GT models to produce something a person could use. How about it GM and Ford?


  • damien2damien2 Posts: 1
    I have a 97' Tahoe which has developed a problem with first gear, ( i dont have one!)
    My Mechanic has checked the solenoids and all seems well. There doesnt seem to be any slipping, just a lack of power on pull off, Can anyone explain to me what may be the problem and what the solution could be. Is it Mechanical or Electronic?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Hi damien2,
    Unfortunately you've landed in the wrong discussion - this one is about a future Tahoe. You should visit our Transmission Traumas? discussion to get help with your transmission issue.

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  • I've fell in love and there is just about nothing anybody can say that will make me break my infatuation with the Chevy Two Door Tahoe. I love the way it looks, as a mean yet not to big but not to small truck. I like the SUV body style because I'll be able to use it more because I don't need a truck bed everyday. Well there's the story now here is my dilemma.
    I'm looking for either a 1999, 1998, or 1997 Chevy Two Door Tahoe, with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine, that is in good condition, and with less than 100,000 miles and at the very very most 120,000 miles... Are my standards to high? Second how does the Diesel engine compare with the 5.7L Gasoline engine? Which one will last longer? Which one performs better?
    Lastly Does anyone have one that they want to sell?
    Please Help Me,
    John :D
  • Sorry - we don't allow buy/sell offers here, but perhaps someone can point you in the right direction.

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  • No no you got me all wrong I'm not asking for buy/sell offers. I'm asking if anyone thinks that it is still possible to get a 1997, 1998, or 1999 Two Door Chevy Tahoe with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel with less than 100,000?
    Thanks :)
  • You might have better luck in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion, or our regular Chevy Tahoe discussion. The discussion you posted in "lives" on the Future Vehicles board, so people in here are more interested in talking about an upcoming Tahoe than existing models.

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  • My daughter has a 2 door 1998 Tahoe and the passanger seat in the front is very hard to move up to gain entry into the back seat. Can these seats be changed? She is going to have a baby in January. And instead of buying a 4-door, I thought maybe she could change the seat. Can anybody give me some informantion.
    Happy Holidays
  • Looking for a 2 door tahoe! Probably around 1996-1999, 2 door!! Any information please let me know......
  • ah...sorry didnt read above
  • Wait now I'm confused. The title of this forum is, "Two-Door Cheverlot Tahoes" but you(the HOST) are saying this discussion is about Future Vehicles. The 2 door Tahoes stopped in 99'. So am I to assume that Chevy is coming out with another two door version of their Tahoe??? :confuse:
    Please clarify and point me to the true "Two-Door Cheverlot Tahoes" forum.

  • A member started this thread with the hope that there would be a new version of the 2-door Chevy Tahoe. Since we haven't gotten any real posts or info on a future 2-door Tahoe, I'm actually going to close this discussion.

    We don't have a separate discussion for the existing 2-door version of the Tahoe, given that it's just a body style/trim level and not a totally different vehicle. You can find other Tahoe owners in our regular Chevy Tahoe discussion.

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