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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I just paid $36m for an 06 LR3 V6 with prem package, cold climate package, and rear seat.
  • They took the $6000 rebate off edmunds and all other car related websites for the 2006's, can you still get a good deal on a 2006?
  • I just leased a 2006 LR3 V8 with almost every option (except 3rd row seat) with $300.00 down and $633.00/mo. for 30 months. Thought I really wanted an SUV. I've always driven small cars. Now I think I made a mistake. I'm in NJ. Anyone interested in taking over the lease????
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    My guess is the rebate notice was removed because there aren't that many '06's left on the lot. If you can find one, you could probably still get the discount. I was trying to make a year-end deal on an '06 LR3 in late December and would have saved about $5,000 on the vehicle (it involved a swap with another dealer out of state and trucking charges), but that deal fell through. Not much left after that except demo's and SE's, although I would think you could still get a hefty discount on them. I couldn't get a break on pricing for an '07 HSE.
  • You should be able to get a little bit more off then that. We have been giving 10,000 dollar discounts on all of our LR3 Service loaners/demos since about October of 2006. We always kept our demos below 6,000 miles though so I would shoot for a little over 10,000 dollars of discount.
  • There are no hidden incentives on 2007 MY Land Rovers.

    Land Rover does not do incentives on vehicles unless it is the end of the model year. At a medium to high volume dealer you could probably buy that car for a couple of grand above invoice but no better.
  • Forgive me for not reading this entire blog in its entireity.... However I just signed a lease for 30 months/13,500 miles per year/no money down $860.00 per month including sales and property taxes. The vehicle make is a 2006 SE V8 LR3. It had 33 miles at time of negotiation. I also had a BMW x5 that they paid to get me out of. Nine payments at $730.45. Hmmmmm actually maybe I am wrong. Does this sound right?
  • The lease price sounds high, but I do not have a basis to compare. I just bought a 2006, V6, premium pkg, climate pkg, and rear seat package for $36m. If you can find a V6 they will deal. They applied the full $6,000 incentive to the price.
  • It is a V8 SE with cold weather package, bluetooth and satellite radio. I added rear sensors to the bumper and a DVD/entertainment center. Does it still sound high? The dealership wrote me a check to pay off the lease - 6800 and some change.
  • About to pull the trigger on the following lease offer for LR3 SE V8 7 seater:
    24 months
    Package includes cold weather, lights, moonroof, and satelite radio
    MSRP 51,000
    Residual 65% or $33,500 at lease end
    Cap reduction cost: 39,725
    Dont have money factor on me, but can get it for anyone interested.
    My cash contribution to cap reduction is $3,000 and includes all taxes, title, fees
    Land Rover is also picking up 1st month lease payment
    My total monthly lease payment WITh taxes is $385

    I've compared against Volvo xc90 and and Honda Pilot leases. Neither seems close (Volvo base model lease is comparable and best Pilot lease is $300 NOT including taxes and both leases will require between $2500-$3,000 down even for best lease deals I could find).

  • Hi

    I purchased an LR3 2 weeks back. Love this vehicle, but have an issue with a terrible detail? The vehicle was detailed at the dealer before pick up. I posted earlier about this, and the dealership attempted to correct the situation but it seems worse? In the sunlight The swirls are still present and there seems to be some finer scratching now from the second attempt? The vehicle has dark paint and really looks bad> Am I overreating? What can be done to correct this?
  • gillzgillz Posts: 15
    I live in Southern California and during the first week of January purchased a new 2007 model from dealer stock. The vehicle had all the options I wanted, but some not needed as follows :

    HSE Package
    Luxury Package
    Heavy Duty Package
    Satellite Radio

    MSRP $56,825
    Paid $53,249

    This was the only LR3 around in the color I liked, so was surprised that they moved on the price. Was an outright purchase and Capital One 'blank check' feature helped I think as was similar to paying cash. Interest rate 6.25% pa.

    Love the vehicle, very comfortable and from a recent trip to the snow, was happy to have the locking differential. Was amazed at what this vehicle plows through ! First 1000miles were fun and look forward to years of enjoyment.
  • gillzgillz Posts: 15

    this is of course endemic to dark paint. I have had black cars in the past and there was always some swirling effect present. A couple of treatments that help is to have the vehicle professionally 'clayed' - that is they apply a clay mixture like wax, but the process will fill in the small scratches.

    After this is done, the dealer might agree to put a layer of armour coat on your LR3 to compensate. This will help to prevent the swirls from returning after washes.
  • Looks like a great deal. May I ask what is the money factor? was the 3k down required?
  • Dfarnsworth, sounds good, just where I'd like to be on the monthly payment.

    I'm in New Jersey, where is your dealer ?

    How and when did you apply the $1500 certificate ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • My husband and I just leased a new LR3 V8 fully loaded SE. We were able to lease it for 545/mo including taxes. It's a 30 month lease w/ 10500 miles a year. It's our first leasing experience and we think that we did good but aren't sure. MSRP was 54100 on the car and I think our final negotiated price was 46k or so. Our money factor is equivalent to 2 percent interest. What do you guys think?
  • I think your negotiated price sounds good, I've seen different money factors so that part may be so so, but if you're happy then be happy.

    Where is your dealer? I thought I'd found one but it was sold so I think I'm still looking.
  • Hello Everyone
    Yes! Take over my Lease $585 or buy it at 46.5K only 1,100 miles. Original MSRP 56K - 2006 LR3 SE V8 - 29 months - 36K residual fully loaded.
    All leather seats, Bluetooth, V8 triptonic, seat warmer-front and rear, electric seats, third row seat, Navigation System, rear sensor, xenon ligths, red color and tan interiors, harmon kardon sound system, all weather floor mats front,back and third row seat. It has it all.
    Email me for details.
  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    Is this the one you just leased last month? What happened, don't you like it anymore?
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