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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Hello All
    Yes! is the one I got last month. Nothing wrong with it and I have literate fallen in love with it. Is just that I was approve for the house that we want it and I still have to keep my existing house. Therefore two mortgages to maintain for a good while until there is a turn in the market and that is the reason.
    I'm buying a larger home to have space for my parents since they will be moving with us.
    It definetly hurts since I found out that this is a great SUV.
  • Are you still trying to get out of it? Any incentives? Are you looking to recoup any costs or a simple transfer?
  • My local West Palm Beach dear is offering $10k off the msrp for V6 SE. This brings it to roughly $32k. Should I jump on this?

    Not sure if I can get the additional $1500 internet deal on top of it...?
  • brunybruny Posts: 7
    Today I Leased a 2006 V8 SE 7 seat black/black fairly loaded with exception of no nav and dvd. Has cold weather package, trailer hitch, xenon, rain sensor wipers, etc

    24 month lease @ 420 per month...i paid taxes up front, otherwise no money down. car was a service loaner with 3100 miles. msrp was 51,000. i think i got a fairly nice lease deal. i drove and researched every other suv in class and nothing was close to this price. Fields Land Rover in Winnetka, IL
  • 50k50k Posts: 10
    I have been shopping LR3 vs. Nissan Pathfinder and like the deal you got. I am shopping at Fields LR here in Wisconsin.
    Do you have any concerns about LR3's JD Power or Consumer reports ratings? I like the ride, but coming off a bulletproof
    4Runner, it would be difficult to have a truck that I have in the shop every month.
    What time of the month did you do your lease ?
    I also like the 2yr lease, seems to be a LR exclusive.
  • brunybruny Posts: 7
    I dont have the concerns about reliability. I have owned a LR before and am aware that they need TLC. Also, as long as the car is in warranty, the things that have gone wrong are ticky-tacky. IMHO the LR3 is 10x the car of the pathfinder or 4runner. enjoy whatever you get
  • 50k50k Posts: 10

    Thanks for the info. I read a post that required a brake job @ 25k miles (in the warranty period but not covered) that the owner had to pay for. That's quite steep for a two year old car.I would think LR would like to make good and help the guy out, however they told him he was fortunate they did not go out at 12k !
    JD Power and Consumer reports data is usually correct as they rate Lr and it's dealers very poor.

    However, I do agree with your assessment of the LR 3 construction. It seems put together well with nice interior features, all that I want.

    LR also has a 2 yr lease deal and will waive the sec deposit if you do the deal thru LR Capital Group.They make it easy to get into.

    They are owned by ford, one manufacturer that I will not consider.

    Any new car is a chance, maybe I will be lucky and get one made on a good manufacturing day.

    Still deciding

  • sector12sector12 Posts: 5
    I am tyring to determine if the following is a good lease deal for a 2007 LR3 V8 SE with cold climate package and bi-xenon headlights and rear park-assist. 30 month lease with 10.5K miles per year. Lease would be $625 per month with a drive off payment of $2,200.

    The lease on my 2004 LR3 SE is expiring soon, and I need to decide whehter to purchase my current car ($35,780 with a refundable security deposit of $750).
  • I think that the price is a little steep and I think with some haggling that you could get a much better deal. My husband and I leased the exact same thing that you're looking at (30 months/10.5k a year)except it was a 2006. We pay 545/month with taxes and only the first months payment down. We did do it a couple of months ago with some incentive offers but the offer is still good until the end of April. Check LandRover's webstie. If you can deal with getting the 06 instead of the 07 you're saving quite a bit of money and not having to put so much down. Also get two dealerships competing that's how we did it. Hope this helps!
  • 50k - did you end up buying from Fields in Madison? I am dealing with them right now but they are being a bit evasive over the phone. I was just wondering who you dealt with there. Apparently Bob the sales manager is going to call me later today with some numbers. I hope to get a similar deal to the person who leased from Fields in Winnetka, IL.
  • 50k50k Posts: 10
    southpaw75- I was at fields LR in Brookfield,WI. i dealt with Peter. He used the team method, as I meet all of the sales staff. They knew their product well.
    I decided against LR Products as there are better choices for reliability vs.LR. Too much negative research to take a chance. Good Luck ! :lemon:
  • 2006 LR3 V8 SE 7 pass. with Lighting package, Climate, Satellite Radio. No Nav. 5800 miles service loaner
    24 month/12k per year @ $460 including tax. Only first payment due at signing. Money factor is .00045
    What do you think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    Wow... looks great!!

    Any idea of the original MSRP? $47K?

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  • $51,400 original msrp
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    Even on a demo... heck, especially on a demo... That is a great lease price..

    Good job!!

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  • kyfdx - It looked good to me too. I just wanted some confirmation that it was a good deal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    If that is the vehicle you want, and the lease parameters fit your driving needs, and 12 MPG doesn't bother you ;) , then I would say you couldn't do better..

    Since it is a 2-year lease, then the demo aspects shouldn't matter, as it will be under warranty the entire time..

    $460/mo. for a $50K vehicle, tax included with around $1000 due at signing? On a 2-year lease? Your mother would be proud of you... :)

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  • devinmdevinm Posts: 1
    Just received some pricing on a couple LR3s. Both are 2006 HSE Demos. . . any thoughts how much lower I could push them?

    Cold Climate
    MSRP: $54,300
    Offer: $41,995

    Luxury Package
    MSRP: $56,250
    Offer: $42,995
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Yup the last couple hundred 2006 MY LR3 Demos have outstanding lease deals.

    Keep in mind that the 460 dollars a month payment include property tax if your state has property tax.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    Really? That would save me $700-$800 per year on a $50K car..


    Hmmm.... ;)

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