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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • You are making a couple of typical consumer mistakes.

    1. You can't take the dealer cash and the special lease. The dealer cash is already built into the lease through the 2,325 dollars of lease cash and the special .00131 money factor. That money factor translates into an interest rate of 3.144 percent. How do you think Land Rover gets that interest rate down to half or so of the average new car borrowing rates? They buy down the money factor with cash using the balance of that 6,000 dollars of dealer cash left over from the 2,325 dollars.

    2. You aren't comparing like car to like car. The 699 lease is on a LR3 with a MSRP of around 51,000 dollars. You are leasing a car with a almost 4,000 dollars more equipment. Also the advertised lease probably does not include tax. Rarely do advertised leases include tax because it can change depending on where you do the lease.

    You are leasing a more expensive car for less then the ad price including tax.!!!!! That 699 lease with taxes is probably in the mid to high 700 range depending on if you have property tax in New Jersey.
  • dwwsdwws Posts: 15
    Thanks British Rover:

    My only question then is: is there any way to get a deal similar to the ones mentioned by kmasso and Bodid? They both mention that they got $10,000 - $11,300 off sticker price on their deals. I am still about $3000 away from that point. There is a dealer in Virginia who is advertising a new 2007 LR3 HSE with Cold Climate Package for $41,997 and a new 2007 LR3 SE with no options packages for $41,050. Do you think that is a reasonable price to shoot for in NJ on those types of cars? That is less than the selling price of my quote on a Loaner LR3 with 5000 miles on it and, in the case of the HSE, isn't that a little closer to a similarly equipped car? Also, how can an HSE be less than an SE with fewer options? I know that these are stupid questions, but this is only my second time leasing a car (I moved from Manhattan to NJ 4 years ago and I never needed a car in NYC). Any help would be most appreciated. I would really like to determine what the absolute lowest lease price is that I can achieve for an LR3 (which is exactly what everyone else wants, too, I guess!)

    Thank you in adavance for your help; I cannot afford to waste any money here (3 small children tend to eradicate anything that might be considered "disposable income"!)

    David in NJ (DWWS)
  • David,

    I got the following deal in NJ a week ago:

    2007 LR3 SE V8 Buckingham Blue with Alpaca interior, Tech, cold and lighting package.
    24 months with 10,500 miles per year
    MSRP is $54,500
    Capped at $49,110
    Montly before TAX $681.95
    $1784 due at signing which includes motor vehicle and doc fees as well as NY sales tax(NY at 8.375%).
    The money factor is .00106
    resd. 64 lease end value $34,880
    The bank fee and first month is waived

    I Used $1500 coupon to cover initial payment.

    Hope this helps
  • dwwsdwws Posts: 15
    Thank you so much arik!

    Where did you go for this deal? Was the $1500 coupon in addition to the $2325 "Lease Money"? Was your LR3 new, or was it a "Loaner" with minimal miles on it (around 5,000?) I'm sorry for all the queries, but I really need to figure this stuff out.

    Thanks so much and congratulations on your new Land Rover!

    David in NJ (DWWS)
  • That 10,000-11,300 dollars off were on out right purchases though. You can't combine the 6,000 dollars in dealer cash with the special lease.

    I think you could grand or so off the purchase price of that LR3 but no more.

    Tell them to rework the lease with a selling price after the lease cash of 46,000 even and see what they say.
  • dwwsdwws Posts: 15
    Thanks British Rover! I'll give that a shot! Also, do you think I ought to call the dealer in Virginia and see about leasing one of those Land Rovers? Wouldn't the lease cost be less with the lower advertised selling prices? Just wondering....?

    Thanks again; I'll keep you posted!

    David in NJ (DWWS)
  • In May, I leased a 1200 mile loaner 07. LR3 HSE List 56100 sold for 48K. 1700 down, 24 months 18k/yr. 790 INCLUDING TAX. I got this in NJ in Princeton.
  • Again, my deal for $11,300 off sticker ($40,500 purchase price)was based on an outright purchase on a vehicle that stickered at $51,800 with the bluetooth, lighting and cold climate packages. The dealer told me that invoice was something like $47,500 which was $200 higher than the invoice price that I cam up with on Edmunds. With the $6K factory to dealer discount that took dealer cost down to $41,500 and then I asked for the $1k owner loyalty discount as I have owned two other rovers and figured I could produce copies of titles and get the discount. The dealer told me that Land Rover was not offering the customer loyalty discount on the '07 models so they wouldn't give me the discount and said that my offer of $40,500 was below thier cost. I told the dealer that I would just find a pre-owned '07 or a service loaner as I had seen both priced in the high $39K range and the dealer called me back 10 minutes later and said come pick up the car at the $40,500 price. When I saw the dealers worksheet it appeared that they registered the vehicle as a demo to take advantage of another Land Rover incentive and to make the deal profitable for the dealer - I don't know exactly how they worked it out but I know that the car only had 19 miles on it when I pulled off the lot. I would imagine that Land Rover gives the dealer an incentive of a few more thousand dollars on top of the $6K for demos and service loaners. Good luck with the lease.
  • David:

    I got it from Woodbridge. The $1500 coupon was in addition to the "Lease Money"? The LR3 i got was new with 9milles on it. Check with LR Paramus they had few in stock and were willing to match my deal. So, far I'm enjoying the Land Rover!
    Good Luck.
  • Thanks Kmasso, really appreciate you taking the time to post your experience, thoughts and facts. I have more or less given up on the LR3 as an option and we have been looking at laternatives. The main challenge is obviously that we cannot seem to find a way of combining a anywhere near the great selling price like this, with an aggressive lease deal.

    If anyone reading this can talk agressive discounts and a good MF / Residual then let me know ASAP. Great credit, no trade and am willing to travel for the right deal! (CA based).

    Thanks again everyone for great information and insight.
  • Sounds good. Especially for a 2 Year Lease. I have noticed 2 years leases are pretty expenive.

    Our 2005 Lexus 330 is about to go back.

    We are looking at the Lexus GX 470, but we did look at the LR3 back in January and really liked it, but didnt want to pay what the dealer was offering.

    We would like to get an 07 LR3 HSE with 18K miles a year and be under or around $600 for 36 months. Do you think this will be possible?
  • We would like to get an 07 LR3 HSE with 18K miles a year and be under or around $600 for 36 months. Do you think this will be possible?

    No not a chance. You might be able to get a LR3 SE without Nav for that price without putting a ton of money down but that is it.

    You do realize the HSE LR3 is over 55,000 dollars right? A 55,000 dollar car doesn't lease for 600 bucks a month for 18,000 miles a year without a ton of money down.

    I sold an ex-service loaner LR3 SE with nav last week. I think the lease on tha tone is about as close as you will get.

    With property and sales tax the lease was a little over 700 dollars a month for 15,000 miles a year and 2,500 dollars down.
  • wanting to purchase a preowned offered 2005 black on black lr3 se model w/ cold climate package but only the 5 passenger @29488. New to this.... Is this a good deal with 21500K for miles?
  • offer 1: HSE with Luxury pack MSRp 56K dealer quoted 48K
    offer 2; SE with Teck Pack, fully loaded, MSRP: 54K Dealer quoted 43?
    without further talk with the dealer, Which one to take?
  • Hi everyone,

    I contacted the local dealer for a price on a lease for a LR3. They gave me the "standard" offer now, which is on a 2008 LR3 SE, $4000 down, $599 plus tax a month, 36 months and 10,500 miles per year.

    I assuming they are going off the MSRP of this truck? Are all of these terms negotiable, or are they set by the Land Rover Finance group? I'm fine with the lease length and miles, but would certainly like to get into the lease with as little money out of pocket, or bring down the monthly payment a little.

  • kbusamkbusam Posts: 1
    Which dealer did you get this offer with?
  • I'm interested in an 2008 LR3 HSE fully loaded. The dealership is quoting me $54,979 on a $58,750 MSRP.
    Is this a good deal?
  • 2 of the local dealers here were offering loaners for $10K off MSRP, but that was at the end of last year, so they might have up'd it a little bit to try and get rid of them by EOY. FWIW....
  • Is $9k off MSRP a good deal for a service loaner? I live in Mass, looking at an 08' HSE w/Lux Pkg/Sirius w/4k miles. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • The Atlanta Dealerships claim that the "Landrover Way" is not to negotiate and they claim that everyone pays MSRP. In reading some of the posts here, its unclear to me. I would like to buy a brand new 08 LR3. My company participates in the X-Plan. I spoke with a local dealer and they said that X-plan will typically bring the price down to between $1,400 and $1,800 off of MSRP depending on the X-Plan type- A, Z, or X. That doesn’t seem like a tremendous amount to me and my first thought was well if I could negotiate the price, I could probably do better. My questions are – 1) Do dealers negotiate on price for new vehicles? 2) If so, is the X-Plan really a benefit or just smoke and mirrors? Thanks.
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