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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I contacted American Honda again this morning and the rep I spoke to indicated it is possible for the '09 RTL to be at dealerships or enroute. This was contrary to what I was told on 9/8 by another American Honda rep. It appears a number of my local dealerships do not have the correct/current information.
  • ida4128,

    You seem very eager to get a 2009, but don't you believe that the pricing will not be in your favor, since the 2009 truck is a rare commodity right now? I'm also going to purchase a 2009 RTL, but I expect to wait until close to the winter holidays for better pricing.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I wasn't replying to you, and didn't call you anything.

    I was responding to ida4128 who said "If you can, please educate us on why American Honda would advise the 2009 RTL release is delayed and there is no set date for the release, yet you just took delivery on some. I called American Honda via their 800 number on Monday (9/8) and was told that. I have been told a number of different stories from local dealers and I do not know what to believe."

    I obviously was giving my opinion about why 'a number of different stories from local dealer' would be given out. They probably have 2008 vehicles in current inventory and want to sell them. You know, auto salesmen have been known to give mis-directing stories to potential customers. Having never discussed anything directly with you, I am making no specific statement about anything you say or write.
  • Thanks for clearing your confusing post which I assumed was directed at me. In the last year I have been nothing but a straight shooter on this board.
  • mplshondadlr,

    i believe you've been a "straight shooter" on the board, but with that said, surely you could see salesmen on other lots telling people false information either deliberately or out of ignorance....can't you?

    i can imagine some sales managers keeping their sales people in the dark if they're sitting on too many '08 Ridgelines. You wouldn't want them to be talking about the '09's with prospects when they need to unload the '08's. It's a dumb way of doing business, but that goes with the territory.

    I used to do advertising with car dealerships in the 80's. somehow I don't think alot has changed since then
  • My corporate fleet guy is looking for a new ridgeline in the Mpls metro area. We are looking for an 2008 RTX do you have any? feel free to pm me here.

  • There are only four RTX's available in the five state area. None here in Minnesota.
    Ken Vance in Eau Claire, WI has a red one
    Community Honda in Waterloo, IA has a red one
    Ken Wise in Marshalltown, IA has a red one
    And Zimbrick in Madison, WI has a white one.

    There are only 18 2008 Ridgelines left in the state on Minnesota. Mostly RTL and RTL navi.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Wow, 18 2008 Ridgelines in a state. That doesn't seem like a backlog of inventory to me.

    I would think these dealers would be longing for the 2009's to show up. Especially since this is a northern state, and winter's a-coming.
  • And in contrast, there is a 5-location Honda dealer in SE Penna that has 53 Ridgelines. I'm guessing there aren't in a hurry for the 2009s. :)
  • There are 145 within a 30 miles radius on Long Island.
  • We've had 2009 here for about a week. In fact, I have an appointment on one tonight. :)
  • So how much is Honda discounting the 2009's?
  • Honda isn't discounting the 2009's at all. Dealerships in my area are discounting 'em about $1000 - $1500 depending on trim level.
  • As expected, I will wait until the Christmas holidays to approach
  • The 2008's are not moving, I still have 146 available in at 30 miles radius from my zip code same number 7 days ago.

    With oil on it's way back up, these trucks will be slow in moving and with the 2009's starting to appear, this is going to be very interesting.
  • I'm sure it has been posted here before but where do you find the inventory numbers?

    I don't really NEED a new truck but if a real fire sale ensues in the next few months, I mught be persuaded to buy one. :)
  • Go to, under New Cars, select the type of car and enter your zip code.
  • I was going to treat myself to a new 2009 RTL, but based on the financial status of our economy, I think it's best to wait and see, There was no need to go out and reward myself with a new vechicle, since my 2004 Honda CRV-EX is fine, with very low milease.

    I still cait believe there our still 147 2008 Ridgeliner's in a 30 miles radius of my zipcode.
  • I got my RTS in Jul 05, one of the first in my area. I had a 1991 GMC Sonoma ext cab, but wanted seating for 4 without getting a full sized truck. I considered the Ford Explorer Trac, but after checking out and driving the Ridgeline it became a no brainer. The storage under the back seat and in-bed trunk sold me. I also prefered the coated bed rather than liner.
    I averaged 80/20 (hwy/city) driving for the first 30,000 miles and averaged 18/21 mpg. I took a 5200 mile trip this June, 17 states, 10 cities in 10 days. I averaged 20.4 on the trip with speeds averaging 65-85. I got an oil change in Philly, but other than that she drove great. I have 60,000 on it now and have never had a problem.
    I'm in NC near Ft Bragg and I see a lot of them, even one on 22" rims (please).
    My wife has a '03 Pilot we bought new, its at 97,000 miles now with no problems and a '93 Accord with 195,000. I love GM vehicles but for fit/finish and reliability I will stay with Honda.
  • Just purchased the 2009 ridgeline rtl with navi. Dark gray black leather interior. Added the lower brush guard, roof rack.rear mud guards,new grill, rectangular running boards.

    msrp was 37000 plus 4000 in accessories MSRP total 41000
    after dealer reduction rate. thats what they called it and using the internet My final cost before taxes was 32900
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