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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $8,100 off a 2009 is amazing, but do you think you could of received the same discount without the dealer installed items?

    I want a 2009, but with the economy is such trouble, I really have no justification to purchase one, since all my vehicles are new and paid off.
  • Just purchased, $24,988 plus $298 paper fees, otd. No tax as we are in NH. Used donkey punch method for dealers in state. None could touch this price from Boch in MA. Closest was $1700 more, even dealerships that "guaranteed" price match. Well worth the 1.5 hour drive to save this. Most paperwork ready when we arrived, only 1.5 hours at the dealership. Both sales person and business manager friendly and easy to deal with. Extended warranty presented but no high pressure sales pitch. Very nice to deal with. As we had no trade in they are even delivering the truck to the town hall in two days for free. Great service. Would highly recommend. :shades:
  • Just signed the paper work on Wednesday, (boston and metrowest area) a new 2008 RT-msrp: $28,000--invoice: $25362, price paid:$19,800-not including trade in.

    Needless to say, I am delighted with the deal. This is a lot less than I paid for my 2006 pilot and my 2001 maxima that I used as a trade in.

    I used Edmunds and online "request a quote"-selected 6 different dealers,
    to my surprise, only 2 responded, both with the same offer almost to the dollar.

    I was set on buying something used in a range of $18,000-$20,000 with a limit of 36k miles, but at the last minute, (and after reading comments in the edmunds forums) I decided to see if the dealers really wanted to get any 2008 models off the lots. At this price, and the 2.9% financing, I couldn't say no.
  • First time poster here. I'm redeploying from Iraq in January back to Fort Polk and I'm looking at buying a 2008 RTL at that time. Does anybody know where I can get a good deal in Houston, Dallas, Lafayette, Shreveport, or Baton Rouge?

    Also, what is a good OTD price I should be looking for.

  • shackmshackm Posts: 9

    First, thank you for your service. I know you're in a hurry to get back to beautiful Fort Polk, LA!

    From what I've been reading, looks like folks are paying approx. $27k/OTD for an 08 RTL. To stay up to date on what they're going for, check out the following site: (Once in the forum, click on, "Shoppin' and Test Drivin' " for some feedback on prices)

    Overall, a fairly informative website for owners or future owners.

    Take care, and watch your six!
  • Purchased in late October:

    2008 RTL
    $26,000 (including dest)
  • I was looking at a 2009, but they were pushing the 2008 so I purchased the 2008 Ridgeline RTL (no navi) w/dest for $23,725 + TTL.

    Truely amazing!
  • im in MA as well, went to Herb Chambers in Burlington, didnt like the pricing at all for a 2009 - can you please tell me where in NH you went - what dealership pls...


  • got it sorry - Boch Honda -- appreciate the info
  • WOW indeed! I am a Honda dealer in Minneapolis and I can't even buy one at that price. Would you mind sharing the dealers name? If I can save $2000.00 I'll will buy it today!
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    The online numbers are outdated. My Honda dealers listings show many more vehicles than they actually have in inventory. One shows 38 listings for Odysseys but has only 4.
  • I am considering purchasing a new 2009 Ridgeline RTL w/Nav in the Seattle area. Seems like supply might be a bit constrained. Anyone have any good pricing stories here? Haven't seen any updates to this thread in quite some time...
  • I'm finding that dealers are about $3K above the Edmunds true price for leftover 2008s. Not sure why.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Go to for up to date sales prices.

    good luck
  • Already have one dealer who will mat a price of about $32.5K (a bit over $1000 less than invoice), but I think I might be able to do better with a fax/email blast campaign.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Imports are notorious for better inventory control on trucks. (they make fewer, and don't completely depend on them for survival)

    A quick lookup on may reveal a used 08 ridgeling rtl navi (36000 msrp) with avg miles may have a trade in of 25000 or less. This is what your 09 will be worth in 12 months. $7500 is a lot to eat on a slow moving vehicle 1st year.
    The vehicle sold for 5000-6000 off msrp since its intro this time of year. This was during better times. 32000+ you can see is by no means giving it away.

    Good luck

    Already have one dealer who will mat a price of about $32.5K (a bit over $1000 less than invoice), but I think I might be able to do better with a fax/email blast campaign.
  • There is $2500.00 indealer cash on the Ridgelines. We're selling our 09 Ridgeline RTL Navi's for $31274.00; which is invoice - $2500.00

    We only have two left and once they're gone, they're gone for 90+ days.
  • Using a "fax/email blast method", I have already seen prices as low as $31.354 locally, and I expect that additional offers will come in under that. I will post the final price and configuration I end up with. The problem right now isn't willing dealers, its finding willing dealers who also happen to have an '09 Ridgeline RTL w/Nav to sell me!
  • The deal i settled on is a 2009 Ridgeline RTL with Nav in Bali Blue for 31,074. This price includes mudflaps and wheel locks. I am set to pick it up later this morning.
  • sbernstein,
    I too am looking for a Ridgeline in the Seattle area. Not sure if a 08' or 09' yet, but if I may ask, what dealer did you go through for your 09' ?
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