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Buick LaCrosse Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just returned from a Northern Michigan golf trip. Bay Harbor and Boyne Resorts were great. My putting wasn't! We put 1033 miles on the odometer in 8 days.

    On the return drive of 240 mile, my CXS reported 24.5 mpg on mid grade gas. I drove at an average speed of 62 mph and generally used crusie at 76 mph. I hoped for a couple of more miles per gallon. This did slightly exceed my 2009 E350 4matic but falls 3 mpg short of mu 2007 rwd Mercedes.

    I also am now consistently getting a clanging noise once immediately after I start the car up. Anyone share this experience?

    Suburban Cadillac-Buick will get a shot at fixing this. They have a really innovative website for scheduling your own service...too bad it doesn't work. My order was lost and they auto-assigned me to a guy who stopped working thjere two weeks earlier. I entered a complaint on their home page and their promise of an "immediate phone response" still hasn't been kept after ten days.

    I still find the door and trunk keyless system very quirky. I may just use the fob as that works well enough.

    Lack of trunk space was a prounced problem. We squeezed two golf bags in diagonally. All luggage had to go into the back seat.

    The ride was quiet, passing power was good, seats have gotten a little more comfortable as the lumber support has broken in. Still recommend the car.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A national magazine would like to talk to some buyers of the new Buick Lacrosse. Please email no later than Wednesday, September 29, 2010 with your daytime contact info.

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  • Should that be If not, please supply a valid email, thanks
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    You've got it right...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bobinorbobinor Posts: 63
    Bought my LaCrosse CXS 10/11/10 and just joined Edmunds to post this and find other buyers who have expressed their opinions about the car's cost and buying experience (as indicated by the title). I presume likes and dislikes are found in other threads.

    I was really looking for a CXS with Nav and NO sunroof. My experience with sunroofs is that I have opened it about 4 times a year. The dealer had all their CXS's with a sunroof and none with Nav! Since I have a fairly new Garmin portable, I decided to save the ~$600 differential and take what they had. So in addition to the sunroof pkg. ($1,195) the options I got were the touring pkg with the 19" wheels ($800) and the rear seat mounted thorax air bags ($350) - a safety feature I wanted since we transport our grandkids back there.

    MSRP for this including $750 transportation (on sticker) was $36,360. I paid $35,331. I do not include title, etc. as that varies state to state. I did get $1,000 discount for having been a former Buick Regal owner. So my net was $34,331.

    My sales guy expressly told us that regular gas was all the CSX required. The book says differently. He also told us chains could be put on the wheels. That is discouraged in the book.

    Just 3 peeves so far which did not come to light until after purchase:
    1. No 12 volt power outlet (old cigarette lighter) external to enclosed spaces. I mean, how do you run a cord from the outlet in the center console?
    2. Center console space not big enough to fit a CD in its case. Huh??
    3. Trunk not wide or deep enough for a packed golf bag. Must be stowed diagonally.

    I expect I'll be joining in on other threads to discuss these peeves as well as bring my opinions on other items under discussion. See you there.
  • Welcome aboard.

    Did you notice that there is no locking compartment either? I use an ipod in my 2010 CXS and it is unprotected from valets and the garage mechanic. I also could use a coin holder.

    Things I like best about my CXS are the Heads Up Display, Blind Side Alerts, NAV combined with XM SAT Weather and Traffic Alerts. Things I don't like are the poor highway gas mileage, the incomplete implementation of Bluetooth (can't download my phonebook) and the dealer attitudes.

    I have the 3.6L which I run on Reg or Mid-grade gas. Its 16 mpg in short trip local driving and 24.5 mpg highway at 75 on cruise. I forgot to mention, GM allows up to 5 mph wander when cruise is active. In these days of ABS brakes and computer controlled engine throttle and engine timing, I find this very unsatisfactory.

    I agree with you on the trunk. Having rear seats that fold down helps get those golf clubs in. Just don't have more than one passenger.
  • bobinorbobinor Posts: 63
    I see that I didn't specify that my CXS is a 2011 model, just to clear the record.

    I have only put ~480 miles on it so far and I think it's a bit premature to evaluate gas mileage. My DIC says the total avg is 20.6. I won't reset that until I'm past the 600 mile mark. I live on top of a hill and each time I go anywhere I coast down, hitting the shifter into manual to 2nd, but really suck up the gas getting back up. From flat ground at the bottom it's about 3/4 mile up with grades as much as 20% in parts to our final elevation at 730 ft. This has always played havoc with all our vehicles' brakes and gas consumption. The "price" we pay ....

    This break-in period is pretty limiting but I have used the cruise control briefly at ~63 mph and didn't notice any deviation/wander on a flat road.

    It will be interesting to see what packing techniques I can use on a forthcoming 1500 mile round trip (with a 68 mph top speed?!?) to visit grand kids with suitcases, golf bag/clubs, cooking supplies (we stay at a timeshare), birthday gifts, wife's craft-making supplies, etc., etc. Hmmm, can you tow a trailer with this car?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Price might be right. I could have done better by about $2K if I hung in, but was getting tired of mess. Had 09 Malibu LT2 with safety issue in EPS. So I paid the difference between the two MSRP (+ balance on Malibu).
    2011 CSX, all factory options except sunroof, RSD, & inflator kit. MSRP $38925.
    I'm already beginning to regret staying with GM because of such things as quirky NAV, seat memory, storage, ride, headrests and a deep scratch in sheet metal I did not find until a few days after I took home. Obviously there before paint.
  • mixwellmixwell Posts: 14
    does anyone know the lease rates going for a 2011 csx with nav right now?

    money factor, residual, any rebates/deals . . . etc.

    Thanks in advance!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    edited January 2011
    Check here
    or the link at upper right.
    You will find lease options and purchase. Right now they have 0% + $1500 back from Ally financing, was GMAC.
    May be other incentives but you need to check with your dealer. Sounds pretty good to me.
    I stayed under 40K MSRP by having all factory options except sunroof, RSE, & inflator kit. No dealer added items. Not listed at build site are the rear seat thorax airbags. Defects are free :)
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    edited September 2011
    Just read on MSN [ .asp- x?page=2] that you get the best price from internet department when buying an automobile.

    According to the article… “Most car shoppers use the Internet to do at least some of their research. When it's time to buy a car, though, the majority still head to dealerships to match wits with salespeople. What people typically don't understand is that the car buying is more transparent, and salespeople have more authority, in the dealerships' Internet departments, Reed said. You don't have to cool your heels in a salesperson's office for 45 minutes while he or she "checks with the boss" on every aspect of your negotiation.

    The Internet department salespeople know what the bottom-line prices are for the cars they sell and usually are authorized to cut deals without checking in with superiors. You can take advantage of this setup in two ways. From the comfort of your home, you can solicit lowest-price quotes on a car from a bunch of dealerships at once. Or, if you insist on going to a car lot, you can simply ask for the Internet department when you walk through the doors and skip the usual hustle.”

    I tried the internet route but they didn’t treat me as a serious buyer so I nixed that approach and drove straight to the dealer. What’s your experience? Did you use the internet or brick and mortar approach?
  • "Did you use the internet or brick and mortar approach? "

    I bought a new LaCrosse this month and used both. I did request Internet quotes on several GM and Ford models. Some dealers did not bother to respond but most did. Of those that did respond, a couple did not want to give a quote and only tried to get me in for a test drive. :(

    The Internet approach can take some of the haggling out of buying, even when you have a trade. You can get the best cash price upfront and then all you need to do is hammer out an agreement on your trade-in. I like that.

    I believe people would make more visits to car dealerships during business hours if the "traditional" selling approach was scrapped. I test drove 5 cars at 3 different dealerships this month before buying. The one with the pressure approach didn't get my business. That said, a low key salesman who lets the car sell itself, along with an inviting atmosphere inside and outside the store,can make any sales model work.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    If you focused on telematics (Sync, OnStar, etc) or ignored it completely in your 2011 car-shopping experience, email by Monday, October 17, 2011 and include your daytime contact information.

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  • knackllknackll Posts: 12
    Hello-its been a while since I made a new car purchase and I am interested in a 2013 Buick Lacrosse. I was wondering how much should I be able to get off an msrp. of $35480? Also, I will be financing the loan and was wondering what the rates and terms are through gm for 60 & 70 months respectfully.

    What are other people getting off the msrp?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    Don't negotiate down from msrp. Negotiate up from invoice. There are plenty of online sources. Then also check for rebates, those are not dealer money.
  • knackllknackll Posts: 12
    My intention is to understand what dealers are selling below msrp. I will do homework on invoice but my question was simply what to expect to be reasonable and what would be waste of time when it comes to price variance. Can i expect $1000, 2,000,3,000 off?
    Just wondering what people are getting.
    Thank you
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    I got $4000 off. Now you need to know what time of year I bought, if I leased or not, which rebates I was eligible for (conquest, loyaty, military, new college grad, slow selling model, leasee only, which State, how many dealers within 15 miles etc etc.)

    You will find that more comes off on a $40,000 model than on a $32,00 model.

    Try the Kelly "True Market price" info or visit two dealers and see for yourself. You could always send out ten emails to the Internet Sales Managers.
  • knackllknackll Posts: 12
    I completely understand, about the price diiferential from a higher priced to a lower priced. I just didn't want to go in and expect 5-6 thou. Off when they are only giving 2. As for rebates and incentives ill check those out. The vehicle msrp is 35260 tey are advertising internet 33260. Im sure it includes all incentives. Id like to get that vehicle out the door for 31500 if possible. Not sure if they come down that low.
    Thanks for advice.
  • knackllknackll Posts: 12
    Ok, so I have spent the better part of the month looking at and getting quotes on the 2012 & 2013 Lacrosse. What I have seen price wise really depends on individual circumstances. If you have a non gm car you will save an additional 2000. If you are an employee you will save 2000 possibly more. If you are a loyal repeat gm customer your out of luck. GM has sought out to try to bring over new non gm customers rather than focus on keeping existing loyal customers happy as well. I've been able to get a quote as low as $30,500 (before tax,title does include rebates) on a 2012 premium 3. I do believe that to be a good pice from what I have seen. As for 2013, I focused on the "Touring" model and the best At this point is $36,000. Now both of these are new non-titled vehicles. If you are one of the few that qualify for the additional savings mentioned above, you can reduce the amount by 2k more. I have to tell you I'm pretty bitter that gm gives a better deal to some one who never did business with them vs. someone like me who has been a loyal customer over last past 3 decades. They should have a rebate that not only lures non-gm customers but rewards the returning loyal ones as well. I have spoken to gm marketing and customer service, and both agree there has been some back lash about not offering a loyalty rebate. It may be coming soon. Anyway, 2014's are coming out this summer and there is a plentiful supply of 2012 and glut of 2013's that should start being heavily discounted to be moved before the 2014 hit the showrooms. I'm patiently waiting.
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