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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Real World MPG Numbers



  • string2string2 Posts: 71
    Hi ttaupier1
    When I first posted to you, I didn't notice that your model engine doesn't have Active Fuel Management. But it looks like you are getting mileage as good or better than most with AFM. I'm running a stock 5.3 2011 Silverado Crew cab, 3.42 dif, tires pressure 35 lbs, - 6,300 miles. My average city is about what I expected, about 14.7. However, my average highway mileage is about 16 MPG (almost all level highway). My AFM is not working above about 60 MPH. GM says they would fix it, but they can't get the truck to produce a trouble code to show them what to repair. Otherwise, they say, they have to assume it is working as designed. Do you have any ideas that will get better mileage out of this engine that won't void the rest of my warranty.
  • I bought a 2001 Chevy Silverado Superduty dually last year to pull our 14,000 lb fifth wheel. My husband says it only gets 2 miles to the gallon while towing (gas not diesel) Is there ANY way to improve this performance? It's really hard to imagine any vehicle that only gets 2 miles to the gallon.. But this silverado never misses the opportunity to stop at a gas station. We have an upcoming 900 mile trip one way towing the 5th wheel so I'm looking for some way to maximize the gasoline consumption since prices are entering the stratosphere on gas now.
    Any help appreciated. :cry:
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There is no such vehicle as a Silverado Superduty. There is an HD version that may be the model you have. Anyway, there is no way physically that vehicle could be using that much gas and not have a check engine light or other indicator coming on. I tow on a regular basis a 5,000 pound travel trailer with my 2011-5.3 Silverado half-ton. On the worst conditions it gets 8.5 towing.

    Pulling a trailer (especially a fifth wheel) and fuel economy does not mix.

    I would suggest looking at the amount of gas (cost) you will use compared to staying in cheap hotels and NOT TOWING and see what pencils out for you.
  • My mistake.. it's just a silverado 3500.. extended cab 2 wheel drive, dual rear. It does get very poor gas mileage but the 900 mile tow is a necessity and can't be helped. Going to MD Anderson Cancer Center and have 4 cats and a dog which are our babies so putting them down or giving them away is not an option and pet friendly hotels are not 'that' friendly. Bill say's the engine light does not come on so I don't know what the problem is. We had a ford f250 diesel before this one and it got lots better mileage but the tornado's of last April destroyed it with a 150 year old oak on top of it. I guess there is nothing to do but suck it up and make the trip..on a wing and a prayer. Thank you for your help. ;)
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, Diesels get better mpg when towing. They don't need to "rev" as high to get torque for pulling power.

    I really don't think you have an issue, except your using a gas truck to pull a fifth wheel. My guess is 99.5% of 5th wheels are pulled by diesels.
  • well if u talking imperial gallons then your mileage is not that good because compared to US gallon which is 3.78 liters the imperial gallon is 4.54 liters. So that would lower your MPG figures about 20%. I dont trust those in dash MPG thinks. Best is still to calculate with the miles u driven and actual gas u put in your tank. Smile life is short.
  • solerisoleri Posts: 4
    My truck is all stock except Mufflers. I just started doing only 60 on the HWY and only went up to 17.3. I asked my co-worker with same truck to try this speed as well. Came back with 18 mpg. Both of our trucks our the same. Anyways I have now traded it in for a nissan frontier with 2wd V6. Still tows a lot but I now get 24 mpg. Much better and saved a lot off $$$ just in the first week of driving.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You're comparing an 8 year old full size truck vs a new pint sized truck. I would hope that the mileage would be better. Not so sure on the money being saved as the Chevy was paid off and now you've got monthly payments. Takes a lot of gas to make up for that monthly.
  • solerisoleri Posts: 4
    Well I did trade it for an 2006 Frontier Crew cab, so the trade was close to being straight up. I just wanted out of the truck before gas went up to $5 this summer and nobody will buy or trade a big truck after that. However, the frontier does not seem smaller. Parked next to my truck at the dealer there wasnt much of a size difference. And the Nissan can tow 6000 pounds still. When I towed my 4500 pound camper with my 5.3 Silverado I only got 7 MPG. Im sure I will do much better now. Anyways, good luck to guys and thanks for the input.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    edited March 2012
    It always amazes me when someone trades a car/truck for gas mpg. The truth of the matter is, if you put pen to paper-as one poster said above it will takes years to come out ahead. You must factor in depreciation, sales tax,tags, higher insurance etc. and it will take along time to come out ahead.

    The only time it really makes sense is when you are having monthly repairs that equal a payment, or the vehicle is becoming so unreliable you can't trust it. Then it makes sense.

    Usually there is an underlying reason for the purchase that excludes the above.

    I get between 9 and 10 towing a 5,000 pound 28 foot travel trailer. RVing is a luxury, one can always stay home.
  • wgw100wgw100 Posts: 1
    Apparently I'm fortunate driving an '05 Silverado 1500 extended cab 5.3L with 3.73 rear gears, 4L60E tranny and 2wd. I get 11-12 MPG pulling a Lite 28 ft 5th wheel that hits the scale at 6400 lbs loaded with only propane, about 5 gal water and gray and black tanks empty when traveling. I added a long leaf from a 2500 spring set to the rear springs and the biggest tranny fluid cooler I could find. I considered a 2500HD, but at nearly 1,000 pounds heavier and 8 to 9 mpg...maybe 10, decided to beef up the 1500 with intake, exhaust and ECU chip and see how it goes.
  • kmt3kmt3 Posts: 2
    Its not wierd but simple physics which is a body in motion tends to stay in motion.with no air drag all you have to do is get the weight moving and milage should be about the same after.slowing your speed results in better mpg.
  • 99avalon99avalon Posts: 4
    I would be skeptical myself were I reading what I'm about to post. We bought an '05 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2wd 5.3 auto LS w/118K miles out of Nevada, one year ago. Been keeping track of the mileage. It has exceeded my expectations. Everything I'm about to describe is verified with the onboard computer AND manual calculations. If we burn through a tank of JUST around town driving, it'll be 15-18mpg. Worst yet being 15mpg. Driving up 1-15 from Springville to Centerville at 70 mph (cruise control, family on board, A/C on) it consistently gets 23+ mpg. At 75mph it gets 22-23 mpg. Our last trip to Arizona, 10 hours, we drove all night, cruise set at 70mph, heater on, all loaded up for vacation, averaged 21.5 mpg. Best yet? I drove with my two boys from Springville, to Rocky Mountain Raceway, back to Springville. Goal was to get best MPG possible. Topped off when we left, drove nicely, cruise set at 60mph whole time, filled up when we got back after 114 miles (verified with google maps). Onboard computer said 27.5 mpg! I didn't believe it, but when I filled up it only took 4.12 gallons, full to the brim. (not recommended) You do the math, 114 miles with 4.12 gallons. All stock truck. Tires = Michelin LTX MS2 245/75 R16
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