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Acura TL vs. Toyota Avalon



  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    If you go to the TL problems and solutions forum...and other similar will find that you are correct that the 2004 TL had torque steer (which you own). And yet the 2005 does not...especially in the automatic transmission. And the 2006 will include further enhancement to mitigate whatever torque steer.

    Really...both the TL and Avalon are great cars. Depends on what you want.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Can't fault you for wanting an 06 Avalon, it's a great car. However the 05 TL is a big improvement over the initial year 04. You might want to test drive an 05 or an 06, you might be surprised. I have had my 05 for 6 months, and not one rattle, and no torque steer, and I do drive fast. :P
  • I'm sure you guys are right. My friend has an 05 TL and has had no rattle issues at all. Is really my fault for being an early adopter. Even with those issues I enjoyed my TL. I'm glad to hear they are continuing to improve the TL. I considered the RL instead of the Avalon but didn't want to take a chance on a 43,000 set of rattles. :surprise:
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Glad that you did enjoy your 2004 TL overall and understand that the 2005 has been enhanced. Yeah...I tend not to purchase the first year of newly released car versions (in fact here is another tip for home purchases as I used to be CFO of a homebuilder. Models and phase 1 are not the best as that is where they are fine tuning home layouts...moving windows, conduits, etc).

    If you enjoyed your 2004 TL but concerned with the possibilities of rattles in your new car....give the RL a shot. I was rather impressed with not only the outstanding features which would rival a Lexus LS or GS. The RL is also very quite and smooth....which you can get for a $50k list price car about $43k fully loaded.
  • I looked very long and hard at the Avalon. I own a 2001 XLS and I understand about the ride, reliability, etc of the Avalon. I wanted a 05 Limited (Loaded) but, the best price that I could find was $34,695.00. I jjust purchased a 05 TL AT w/Navi for $32,650.00. When I compare the two cars, I have high horsepower, leather, XM, and Navi in both cars but, I also have $2,000.00 in the pocket that will now go for the golf clubs. Both cars are great, I just wish that Toyota dealers would understand that money is not cheap and we (buyers) do have choices. Maybe in 3 years, I can get a deal on the Avalon but for now, I'll enjoy the new TL and Golf Clubs ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I agree sticky, and the TL is much more fun to drive than the Avalon. I test drove an Avalon and liked it very much, but the TL felt much better, especially when cornering.
  • Okay here is my comparo after owning the 06 Avalon for 9 days (not long enough I know) and owning the 04 TL for a year and a half:

    Appearance: Both great but different, subjective.

    Power: TL=270 Avy=280. But you feel the power of TL more. Winner =tossup

    Fit and finish: TL=not good, lots of rattles, more then any car I have ever owned. (I know the new ones are better. I agree as my friend has an 05 TL and it's quiet.) Avy=Very impressive. Only some minor malallignments. Winner=Avy

    Paint: TL=my white car's bumpers were not the same color as the car. The front end chipped horribly. Avy= A small paint blemish from the factory over the right rear wheel well. Too soon to tell otherwise. Winner=remains to be seen but at least the Avy is the same color all over.

    Leather: TL=smooth as butter Avy=Not as high quality but thicker and will probably last longer. Winner=tossup.

    Inside appearance: TL=sporty Avy=luxary Winner=Tossup per preferance.

    Road manners: TL=great around curves. Fun to drive. BAD TOURQUE STEER. Feel most road bumps. Not as quiet as the Avy. Rough over anything less then perfectly smooth pavement. Avy=Quiet as anything. Smooth with very little road noise. Feel almost no bumps. Slightly more disconnected from the road. Total luxary feel. Winner=Avy (subjective)

    Toys: TL=Bluetooth phone worked but not well. DVD surround audio is EXCELLENT if you can find the discs you like. These are very few and far between. Mine was non-navi but I hear the navi's are great in them. Avy=AC controls on steering wheel as well. Better sound system (JBL Synthesis) when not in DVD surround mode. Better FM reception. Winner=TL

    I would be happy to answer any specific questions from buyers considering both as well.

    My preference so far is Avy. It is however still new so give me a year for a better idea.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    They are both great cars, but the one think that bothered my about the Avy is it's size, it's just too big. This is very evident if you are trying to find that rare parking space in San Francisco. I could just get a Civc. :P (I think the Civc is a fine car BTW)
  • The civic is a great car. I considered one just for the fuel economy. I tell you though while the Avy is bigger. It turns in a tighter circle and is easier to park then the TL. The TL's turning radius is not good.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    I bought my TL because it is a blast to drive ... I spend considerably more time driving than parking.
  • Of course. But then that really has nothing to do with my response to his statement does it. Yes the TL is fun to drive. Except when the frequent torque steer was a problem or over any road other then perfectly smooth.

    I think my TL was a great car too. But it had its drawbacks, is all I'm saying.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    There is no torque steer with the AT, and I don't think the TL is much of a rough ride, unless you like driving an Avy. Too each his, or her, own. I don't see the turn radius as a big deal, and I have driven some huge cars. You learn do adjust.

    I believe that the pluses far exceed the negatives. ;)
  • Im looking for opinions. Im about ready to purchase a TL and I have 2 options at my local Acura dealer.

    1) New 05 at $500 over invoice or 31,700


    2) Used 04. 34K, currently down to 28,700 but with an extended warranty: 7yr 100K bumper to bumper. Car is a little over 1 yr old and is tight. No sqeaks or rattles that I read about.

    Im in the middle. Can get a better finace rate on USED, due to it being certified (4.5% vs 5.5%). With price and interest rate difference, buying used will save about 10 grand over 5 years. But Im having a hard time shelling out that much for a high milage vehicle.

    What to do?

    Thanks fellas
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    I have not encountered any torque steer in my automatic 2005 TL....and Frisconick (and many others) hasn't either. I am not saying the TL is the greatest as I am hardpressed to find the perfect car. I could point out drawbacks in any car....including the Av...but I am not going to go that space.

    All I can say is that the point regarding the turning radius is way overblown.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm glad to see you found the best place for help with this - strbz70, "Acura TL: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #4545, 20 Sep 2005 10:27 pm.

    You might also want to drop the general Acura TL discussion as well. Good luck!
  • I'm glad your car didn't suffer from this. However, my car was an 04 TL AT and had significant tourque steer daily and often. This effect was not minimal. Not something a person couldn't live with but annoying.

    Guys I'm not bad mouthing the TL but I am giving my opinion between the two cars. The TL is a lot of fun to drive. But all my comments above are true for my car. I have a friend who has an 05 TL AT and he hasn't experienced problems with rattles either. So my comment to the poster above regarding 04 vs 05 would be go for the 05. They also fixed the "butt print' in the seat issue for the 05's.

    Clearly I agree with you guys liking the TL or I would never have bought one. I wish driving both made sense.

    It's all about trade offs and what a person likes the most. Purpose of this forum is to help those trying to decide so I hope my experience helps given I have had both.

    Fris you are right the pluses of the TL do exceed the negatives. However, if people want an honest eval of the good and bad we should tell them. :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I'll be the moderate voice here. I do experience some torque steer with my auto TL. A bit. Not enough to alarm me, or to make me shoot off into the weeds, but it's there nonetheless. Rough road surface will bring it out more. If the road is glass-smooth, then it is hardly noticeable.

    And I don't know if it is due to FWD, or just the steering geometry, but I find the TL's steering, overall, to be a bit "loose", or "light" if you will, even when cruising at a steady pace, on all but perfectly smooth surfaces.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I agree 100% osteo, but many of the problems associated with the 04 TL were fixed in the 05. But I would never knock anyone from buying the wonderful Avy. It just depends if you want a lux sports sedan, or a lux large sedan. I suggest he test drive the cars many times, examine his needs and preferences. Some love the soft cushy cars, other like the sporty. However, they are not mutually exclusive, I tested both cars many times and felt the TL was a great blend of lux and sporty.
  • I remember a time when bumpers were made to be bumped.

    Today, bumpers scratch at the slightest bump…. it’s great for the auto body interests!
  • You can say that again.
    I remember when I had my 1999 Mazda Millenia (Pearl White), I had to fix the bumper twice because of minor bumps that ruin the paint job.
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