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Engine Swaps



  • I am building a 72 nova in which I am planning on installing a 5.7 litre vortec out of a 97 silverado. I have the entire truck, so I plan on using the 460le transmission and the computer. Any suggestions on making this as painless as possible?
  • i have a 1993 Cherokee with a auto in it with the 4.0 high output 6. i also have a 1990 Cherokee with a auto and the 4.0 inline 6. but not the high output its got the old computer in it. what i want to know is i want to put the motor from the 93 into the 90 will the computer harness from the 93 plug into the firewall and work in the 90 Cherokee? so basically i need to know can i put a motor and computer from a 93 into 90 jeep and just plug and play?
  • As the title says, I'm thinking about putting a new motor in an older chassis. I'm sure custom motor mounts would have to be made, right? Does anyone make new mounts to weld on?

    And what about the trans? I'm assuming the bell housing's are different.

    Anyone got any nuggets of wisdom for me?

  • Really? No help here? Didn't get any love on my Dodge van problems either. With as huge as this site is, there's gotta be some knowledgable folks on here that don't mind helping out...

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    Try asking over in Edmunds Answers. It gets a different crowd.

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  • cool. thanks, steve.
  • It really wouldn't be worth the motor swap if you want a single overhead cam motor realistically an integra isn't the car to look to. They had an entirely dohc engine line-up and it would really be kind of pointless to do the modifications to drop in a sohc engine from a civic or something similar. The stock nonvtec hp or an integra is more than any vtec sohc motor they make, honestly if you want a solid chassis for racing look into a 90-96 civic hatchback. the 90-93 versions or ef chassis are very light, easily modded and almost any d-series sohc motor is a direct drop in. I've seen them as high as 11 second cars on a sohc vtec motor due to the weight of the car.
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