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Jeep Commander



  • Go to the Problems and Solutions section and refer to mesg.#94- TSB'S. Any dealership not aware of their own technical service bulletins has a service manager who should start reading and stop making excuses. Anyway, a bit about AC systems--- R134a , a comman refrigerant used in todays autos , is a very small molecule. It can leak thru the smallest opening, so any leak in the refrig. system will cause the system to lose its charge. However, all systems seep gradually , and it is comman over the span of a few years that there may not be enough refrig. to cool properly. So you likely do have a leak somewhere.OR sometimes poor performance is due to a vacuum leak or a blown fuse. Items falling down the defroster vents, like pens, food, pop, can gum up the works inside the AC housing. An overcharged system can cause a knocking sound, while an undercharged system can cause bearings to fail in the compressor because lubricating oil flows thru
    the system with the refrig. So don't operate the AC system if it is already performing poorly. Bad odours are likely caused by mould growing in the moist fins of the evaporator unit. If it smells, it has to be cleaned with a bacterial agent. To PREVENT this mould growth you should turn off the AC BEFORE you reach your destination ,and let the fan blow for several minutes which dries out the moisture on the fins. Do this as a habit. Also,REGULAR use of the system helps prevent the seals from drying out, and causing leaks. Hope some of this helps you stay cool.
  • jeepcreeper:

    Thanks for the info. I took the commander back and they kept telling me nothing is wrong. Then treating me like I am a complete moron that does not know how to operate my vehicle let alone the a/c. I decided I had enough and had a little discussion with service manager, sales manager that I bought the jeep through, and the man I have been dealing with on the service of my jeep. Being a female they treated me probably like they do all females. I think I was more upset about that than the jeep having problems. I expect the jeep to have problems but I have a 7 mo old that could not be in that kind of heat. The really funny thing is I had no problems with the a/c until I left it with them over memorial day weekend for the whistle noise I was having (which they fixed). After I called and questioned if the part was in, which even funnier about that I got a call saying that they had the part in and was wanting to set up and appointment for me to come in. I had the windsheild done a month ago and got this phone call yesterday. Either way my a/c is working fine now. They filled the freon and checked for leaks and all seems to be okay now. We will give it a couple months and see what happens when it really gets hot here in memphis. I will also start the practice of turning the ac off before I get where I am going. As far as the dealership I have been dealing with I have switched. I have that option thankfully here with serveral dealers to choose from. The sad thing about it is I know I am not the only one unhappy with the service there was another man going through the same lack of service on his Grand Cherokee. To say the least I would not recommend them to anyone.
  • Let's cross our fingers and hope things stay cool for you! Good for you for switching dealerships because the service wasn't up to par. The one I go to (the only one right in the city) has been in business more than 40 years and acts like it knows how to treat the customer.
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Here's a quick report back. Moving the cross rails to the recommended spots improved reception quality a TON. It took a while for me to notice it 'cause I don't drive the Jeep all that often. It still drops out occasionally, but it's *way* better now.
  • dusty_tjdusty_tj Posts: 7
    Agreed. Just recently completed a 2200 mile round trip up and down the east coast and not a single drop. Wife (her Commander) is gloating now, saying that the Sirius is superior to my XM. Small price to pay. Thanks tremedously for your help!
  • papagregpapagreg Posts: 11
    I picked up my 4.7 Commander Tuesday afternoon,...I absolutley love this machine...BUT.... The next morning I drove about 50 miles and it rained. I started smelling a musty smell. I stopped and checked under my feet and it was soaked. The entire floor on the drivers side. Not only that but it had to have been wet before because of the instant mildewy smell. I am to take it in tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem before I go and they start laying a bunch of crap on me. Also I to am getting a whistle sound on the drivers side? What's up w/dat?
    Thanks folks,....Greg
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Since you're in the Memphis area, I would'nt recommend you take your Commander to Chuck Hutton or Gossett. The best place I found was Southland in Southaven. They're a very knowledgeable 5-Star dealer.

    When I purchased my Commander LTD. HEMI 4X4 earlier this year, I had the same window squeaks as a lot of people are experiencing. Not something you'd want to hear in a $44k vehicle. But they took care of it on the spot and I've been hooked on they're great customer service ever since.
  • You have known issues..I would be hot.Apparently your new vehicle sat on the lot for a bit. check the TSB's at this site.
  • papagregpapagreg Posts: 11
    Thanks,...I believe you nailed if the machanics there will listen to me or at least pull up what I just saw they'll have it. Thanks for your help.....
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    "Over the course of 6,500 miles, 90 percent of them on freeways, the vehicle is averaging 14.4 mpg. Combine this with the 18 gallon fuel tank and you're lucky to get 260 miles between fill ups."

    2006 Jeep Commander -- Passing Too Much Gas

    Please let us know how your Commander is doing on gas in the Jeep Commander: MPG - Real World Numbers discussion. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    I moved your mpg post to the MPG discussion linked above. Thanks for the report.

    Steve, Host
  • senmarcelsenmarcel Posts: 2
    I turned my commander in this morning to have the dealer check on a major leak in the front passenger floor area. They called me this afternoon and told me that they needed to keep the vehicle another day to pull the dash apart. Sounds scary but will keep you posted. Let me know your outcome.
  • senmarcelsenmarcel Posts: 2
    I noticed that when I open the drivers door I get water gushing from the bottom of the door. Have you experienced this? I'm wondering if it has something to do with the installation of the side steps. I also found a puddle of water on the floor area in the front passenger area. Let me know what you find. It's been raining cats and dogs out here and I'd like to find a solution.
  • papagregpapagreg Posts: 11
    I had mine in the shop and they stopped the leak per the TSB I sent them which I am sending you. However the carpet is smelling bad and I told them I wanted new carpet and they tried to give me a hard time about it however I told them that there is a 30 day money back guarentee on new Jeeps and they changed their mind. I love the Commander but I refuse to be bullied. Read through the TBS and you'll see the problem. It's an easy fix but make sure your carpet isn't ruined. There is no reason why a new owner should have to lose that new car smell..... GOOD LUCK!
  • pica1pica1 Posts: 23
    One of the "AskDr.Z" spots featuring Jeeps has me confused.

    First, Dr. Z talks about the Liberty having a diesel engine and getting great fuel economy. However, I've read on a different Jeep forum that DC is pulling the diesel Liberty.

    After mentioning flex fuel engines, Dr. Z then talks about Jeeps getting one of the cleanest burning diesels ever. Will this diesel be in the Commander? I like the Commander a lot, and with three kids need the room.

    However, I'd really like to stick with a diesel engine. I love my Jetta TDI wagon (although we've clearly outgrown it), and a 30 million gallon biodiesel plant is going online next year in my town.

    I've got space next to the barn for a reasonable-sized tank of B20 (B100 if I can figure out a way to keep it from freezing in the winter). The question is, will I be fueling up a Commander, or something else?
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    from what i understand the grand cheerokee gets the v6 mercedes diesel and not the commander. why lack of availalbe engines. hopefull the commander in 2008 will get the diesel.
  • I got the DVD entertainment system with my Commander. It has an auxiliary input that is supposed to connect things like iPods to the audio system so that they play through the Commander's speakers. I had a similar setup in my last vehicle (an Infiniti) that worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, the same is not true for the Commander.

    First, getting the system to recognize the iPod is a hit-or-miss proposition. More often than not, when I connect the iPod to the auxiliary system, the system will not switch to the "VES" (video entertainment system) mode even though the iPod is properly connected and playing. If I am lucky enough to get the system to switch to the VES mode, I often get a message on the dashboard screen that says "No Disc Loaded." Sometimes I can get it working by turning the system off and on a couple of times, or by turning the iPod off and on, or by disconnecting and reconnecting the cable between the iPod and the auxiliary input. While those methods occasionally work, none of them works consistently and sometimes I just give up.

    Second, on the rare occasions when I can get the system working with the iPod, it usually only works for one song. Whenever there is silence from the iPod (e.g., during the 2-3 second pause between songs), the audio system loses the connection to the iPod and the dashboard screen again displays "No Disc Loaded." The iPod is still playing but the system fails to recognize the iPod even after the next song starts. I can usually avoid this problem by jumping to the next song before the current song ends, thus avoiding the brief silence, but that's crazy. A similar problem occurs during songs that have extended periods of silence or that start very quietly.

    I'd chalk this up to operator error but this never happened in my old car, using the same cable and iPod. There's not a lot of opportunity to screw this up, so I really don't think it's me.

    Has anyone had this problem? Anyone know of a fix? I can't find a TSB that addresses this, so apparently it's not a common problem. Thanks for any help.
  • papagregpapagreg Posts: 11
    You probably have already done this ,....but I would go to the dealer that sold the Commander to you and tell them the problem. Sometimes they have a audio person that can stop by when you schedule a service call that will go through the entire set-up and show you thier little tricks to operate if there are any. It seems almost useless if you have to fight with it each time you want to use it. Just a thought anyways....Good Luck. ;)
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    We are actually getting the diesel late '07 m/y for both the JGC and Commander. The Commander of course will get it as it rides on the JGC's platform..

    As to the Liberty, it is said to be dropping the old-tech 2.8L TD in favor of the Blutec MB diesel that will power the JGC and Commander.

    And yes, Dr.Z is correct. The Bluetec has been tested to 1 million miles and has not lost any emission control or soot/particulate trap functions. It's one thing Mercedes does right, and that is build diesels. The Bluetec is said to be cleaner than any diesel on the road by way of low-sulfur fuel yet returns 31 mpg on Jeeps that are on sale in Europe now...

    One question: Where do I signup????
  • pica1pica1 Posts: 23
    Sweet! Has this been published/reported somewhere? I suppose I won't really believe DC had the good sense to put a diesel in the Commander until I see one on the lot, but it would be nice to read a quote from a DC person saying that's what they plan to do.

    I've sort of dreaded my next car purchase, knowing my choices are really limited. VW's Toureg TDI is too small (not quite enough room for three car seats), but I really don't need a super-quad-crew cab diesel pickup truck. No one really makes anything in between powered by a diesel.

    That's why I'm really stoked -- if it's true -- that DC is going to put a diesel in the Commander.
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