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Jeep Commander



  • Okay.. I need a little bit of help. Im going to school part time and im working a lot. I get a check of atlease 350 each week. I drive a mustang now.. But I want something bigger and capable of off roading. Im only 18 years old but Ive been very responsible with my savings and I have 10,000 cash to put down on a commander plus my car which is a mustang. I want to buy a used limited edition with the 4.7 motor.. My parents are going to sign for me and I want to pay it off within 3 years. I also have to pay my insurance but i have no other bills... Do you think with gas and maintance I Could afford this with making atleast 1000 a month. I also drive about 250 miles a week to school and work. I think I can but I'd like a 2nd opinion! Thanks!
  • The best advice I can give you is to save your $10,000. If you are looking for a different type of vehicle, try and find something that is within the same trade-in or private party value of your Mustang, or maybe a slightly more expensive vehicle. Looking back on it, sooner or later, you will wish you would have kept that $10,000 rather than putting all that money into an asset which declines in value each and every year you own it. Also, think long term. Gas is not getting any cheaper, and the Commander is a gas hog. Also, they will not be making the Commander after 2009 (or so), so depreciation is going to be even worse than on most vehicles. I leased mine for one reason only, the cheap payment. For $260/month, I'm driving a brand new vehicle, and assured not to have repair costs during the life of the lease, and I was able to keep the money in my savings account that I would have spent on the vehicle. That money is earning interest rather than depreciating in value. Thinking back to when I was 18, I would probably not have liked this advice, but give it some serious thought!!
  • It's the payment, not the gas mileage, the paint job, the stereo, the rims, the option package, that makes a 'paid-for' car so attractive.

    Another good feeling is looking at an investment account on a periodic basis and watching it grow fatter and fatter.

    Yes, I own a new Commander. And yes, I bought it outright. However, (this is where the rubber meets the road) I drive a 8 year old TJ with over 200 K miles and NO PAYMENT so that I can afford my wife's Commander. :shades:
  • I like the other guy bought mine outright and yes I love it. BUT.....16-17 mpg gets old real fast. And that's babying it.The Commander has a bunch of power and it's hard even for this 53 yr old to not nail'er once in awhile. I bought mine because I haul an enclosed trailer with a Harley and all my equiptment for the bike in it. When I do that it drops to 14 mpg. I don't care how much money you may have.....that hurts when it comes to fill'er up and you have a $45.00 gas bill that lasts a couple days. Take some time to look around and see what else is out there. If you need it for a specific reason then go for it but if you just like the style of it then......take a deep breath. Like the other person said,...."gas aint getting any cheaper"
  • Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate your advice.. idk I want something a lot bigger than the mustang and with a little more power. I wanted to get a mustang Gt... but i dont even want to see that insurance payment. Adding it all up I could afford both the payments... but one or the other.. the insurance or the gas bill.. My mustang has a 16 gallon gas tank and after calculating the gas two or 3 times its only getting 13-14 miles per gallon. I've had a mechanic look at it and the only thing he told me was the age and high mileage.. its a 99 and has 113000 miles on it. I just want to upgrade to something with navigation system and all the cool new ''in style'' things that everyone wants at my age and I actually have the money for it. Luckily my college is completly paid for in scholarships and I live at home so I have some cash to throw around. I reallllly like the commander though.. ive wanted one for about a year and a half.. Theres not a lot of people in my town that owns one yet.. Idk.. More advice is more than welcome!

  • i own a2006 it is not alimited but the problems with it are not limited if you are worried about being able to afford the payments and gas the maintenance and repair will definitely kill your budget, and the down time if you have a waranty willdefinitely mess up your whole schedule .
  • ajax4ajax4 Posts: 2
    I know this post is a year old but incase your still around , what came of
    your vehicle stalling? I have an 06 and it has stalled 4 times on me.
    dealership says nothing is wrong.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'm not here to pass judgment on anyone who has purchased one of these behemoths... just want to pass my opinion along to those who may stop by for an opinion.
    I drive a 07 G35 and after being tapped at a red light by the driver behind me, she's in the shop getting some touchup.
    Enterprise lost my reservation and after an hour of waiting, the only thing they could find was an 08 Jeep Commander. Tired of waiting for my luxury sedan... I took it.
    I'll say this... it drives very nicely down the road. It handles better than I expected and corners with much less body roll than I expected.

    On to the bad news. I'm getting 12mpg around town and 15-16 on the highway.
    There is this horrible howling noise whenever I'm only the gas... my guess is the sound of the fuel pump working like the pump on a firetruck. The sound is similar to the 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that I used to drive... only much louder.
    Along with this, the second row seats are lousy. I placed my 4 yr olds booster back there and I now have to drive all crunched up in the driver's seat just to give her leg room. With the infant seat behind the passenger seat, there's no room for a front passenger to sit comfortably either. For such a big truck, it's small inside... size suffering from the useless third row.

    I honestly don't know how Jeep is selling these things. I'm not an SUV hater... we have an 06 Acura MDX at home. It has WAY more get up and go power, drinks much less fuel and is WAY more comfortable.
    I swore off Jeep when the 99 cherokee moved out, and this has just solidified my feelings on that matter.

    Good luck to those who have purchased these things.... and safe driving.
  • laylavlaylav Posts: 2
    I just stumbled upon this website...and tonight I bought a 2006 Commander 5.7 Hemi. I knew it wouldnt be great gas milage, but I thought it would be sticker. Im expecting in November, and went from my bugg to the is numero uno.
    But $ is #2. Is there anything we can add to the gas to increase performance? A certain level or type of fuel? ANYTHING to make the situation just a bit better? Any thoughts would be much appriciated.
    Did I make a bad choice???
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may want to visit Fuel and Oil Additives.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I too have an 06 Commander with the 5.7L Hemi. The only thing I can suggest for getting better fuel mileage is to make sure you use 5-20w oil. We have MDS (multi-displacement system) which means you only run on 4 cylinders when at highway speeds. If you are not using that particular weight of oil, it can deactivate that capability. Personally, I am hesitant to add anything to my fuel or put a chip in it. Usually causes more problems that anything. 91 octane is preferred but you won't get any better fuel mileage than if you run 87 so stick with that cause it's usually cheaper. Hope this helps.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • I own a 06 Commander Hemi. It rocks. My main issue with it is that my foot seems to hit the area above the break and gas pedal. I have messed around with the electronic controls but nothing seems to work. I'm not Shaquille O'Neil over here, my foot is only a 9.5.

    Has anyone else had trouble with the the space above the gas/break pedals?
  • ZebraJaxZebraJax Posts: 2
    I don't have any trouble with foot space or leg room. In fact, my commander has more head room than the new Tahoe. My head actually hits the ceiling on the Tahoe if the seat is not down ALL THE WAY!
    I presently have a an 05 Tahoe that I like but it is getting lots of mile so I bought the Commander to basicly take it's place. In comparrison to the Tahoe,, It is sligtly smaller in width, not enough to be a problem. It is slightly shorter inside, which is not a problem in the front seat, but can be in the back seat. The rear seat does not remove like the tahoe, so there is a raised area, and the cargo area is much smaller that the Tahoe, I guess this is my biggerst complaint. The fuel millange is about 13.5 average where the Tahoe is a little over 16.
    As far as the drive and handeling, the Commander has it over the Tahoe hands down. At road speeds of 70, it is far more stable. The 4x4 system on my is the QDii and it is full time, and far superior to the Tahoe. It is full time 4x4, and you can not spin one wheel, even on gravel or ice.
    I am not too fond of the lower MPG, but it does have more HP and it also has full time 4x4, which is going to eat some fuel. All and all, considering that the Commander fully loaded cost less than 2/3 of a Tahoe, I am very happy.
  • To be 100% fair im a huge jeep fan but ive always owned explorers and living in chicago i am no stranger to bad weather. lets be honest to eachother and say that jack [non-permissible content removed] was probably driving over his head and landed in a ditch. im glad to hear you jeep did so well im currently looking for one my self but dont be fooled the explorers are very capable vehicles especially when equipped with AdvanceTrac and ControlTrac.
  • For the past month my 06 commander head lights decide to turn on and off when they please. Along with the control panel lights dimming and brightening on their own. Not going over any bumps, does it whenever, no matter if heat, radio etc are on or off. Took it to the dealer, which on the way there lights were blinking like crazy. they drove it and nothing. Cant find anything. Then it did it again this morning. This is a problem since we will be driving from AK to PA here in a month. I need info on this and any mechanic I take it to are stumped! Anyone else having issues?

  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    If you are still available: gas cap on jeep commander was loose (not the three clicks, someone else filled for me the last two times), so i am thinking that is why the Malfunction Indicator Light went on this morning; the commander has 42k on it and i have had problems with it prior to its hitting 36k.

    called chrysler today and crystal said that - i told her gas cap had been loose and i filled with ultra premium but light was still on - she explained that 'several typical driving cycles' would = about 50miles and that if light remains on after 50 miles, bring it to service center.

    other than the light, the commander is driving well enough. since purchasing used at a local Westport-Norwalk Jeep Dealer (who failed to file warranty papers at time of purchase thus leaving me without a warranty) i have put another $6k into the car, bad brakes, bad tires, new starter, leaking fuel, transmission and power steering lines, etc., i .e., i am hoping that the loose gas cap really could have brought on this light and that 50 miles of driving will cure it.

    any insights?
  • Here I am once again and for the last time, it will be the end of making comments in this column. After my previous write up here (especially about STARTING PROBLEM FOR 6 TIMES!), unplugging the battery with the newly installed quick release clamps, the Jeep Commander (2008 – Sport 4WD - 6cyl.- 42K miles) started without hesitation at first try, but it took 12 hours before it came back to normal, I drove it for two days and it was fine. So all along I thought the problem was just minimal and was relieved of my headaches. We went shopping to a Walmart Store one weekend and parked the Jeep for 2 hours on a parking lot, unfortunately, it did not start again. No cranking, no sound nor click on the hood, just a faint humming sound underneath the front passenger seat, is it the computer or MAP? We got stuck up for 3 long hours waiting for a towing service with flatbed just to get my truck dumped on my driveway. I inquired the tow truck driver how many Jeep Commander he had towed, and the reply was “countless”, and advised us to trade-it-in immediately ‘coz it’s a scrap.
    Again, I disconnected the ground pole of the battery and surprisingly, it started the following day. It’s really so unpredictable.., so it was time again to visit the Jeep “fortune teller” for the fourth time. He checked on the battery and was good (2 month old, I had it replaced thinking it was the problem), checked on the starter, it was cranking. Plugged it to a computer module, and he says no problem at all. Then here comes the fortune telling: The gas I was using might have a higher octane, or the gas cap was not closed properly, or the sub woofer was not well installed. He tried to use my spare key fob and still does not start. After consuming 5 cups of free coffee inside the Jeep dealership and 4 hours of endless waiting, it started once again and the “fortune teller” says nothing is wrong. Yeah, right. My warranty was still enforced. But what about the guy also waiting for his ‘06 Commander being “fixed”? His warranty expired and was very worried of the many parts to be replaced.
    I left the Jeep Dealer in a hurry and without any second thought, I proceeded to another dealer to negotiate a trade-in right away. Comment of the dealer across the street? The Jeep Commander is a JUNK!
    Whew… What a great sigh of relief !!!
    Note to all Prospective Jeep Commander Buyers…”THINK countless times first & check out for NEGATIVE REVIEWS, before you buy it to avoid this worst nightmare that I EVER had”.
  • Hi I just bought a jeep commander 08 silver; your post was very insightful. I was just wondering about the dealership you traded your commander at, was it in the whittier area suburb of los angeles? Cause I don't want to be driving that old Jeep of yours.

  • Hi iamsback! You don't have to worry 'coz it's still parked at the Dealership here in Chicago waiting for the lucky ???? person to buy it. Anyway, goodluck on your Jeep Commander & hope you won't experience the worst nightmare we ever had. If you also have some more issues about Jeep Commander, please post them so that people would know.
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