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Ford Flex

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited May 2 in Ford
The Fairlane - will this popular car of long ago make a triumphant comeback?


  • togloondatogloonda Posts: 16
    need to get rid of the center console

    and tell us more about the engine and what is in it
  • bb31bb31 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to find info on whether the Fairlane will actually be going into production. I've heard talk that it will be part of the 07 line up. Anyone have news updates and how close to the concept version will it be? I'm really interested in this car and would very much like to see it happen. Thanks.
  • Holy Jesus! Stop now Ford! Don't bring this horrible thing to market! What is it? A minivan/crossover? Fairlane = D.O.A!!!!
  • My nephew picked up a 67 Fairlane in pretty nice clean condition, he's dropping a 428 CJ 4spd in it, he only paid $ 500.00 for the car too. lucked right out.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    I was at the LA Auto Show yesterday and snapped these:
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    or as close as I could get!
  • I saw the Fairlane concept at the LA auto show as well. I personally love this concept and if it is put into production the way the concept looks like, I'll see this as the sure sign of turnaround at Ford and buy its stock :P
    I saw the concept upclose and it has features that probably would not translate into production; such as real wood trims that make the whole thing look like something out of Ikea catalogue. Ikea to me means "products with cool looking design that look dated within three months and fall apart for sure within a year." The canvas top is at least original --somehow reminds me of Ralph Lauren-- but hugely impractical. The edges were already worn and stained from touching. I guess Ford will use simple fiberglass top instead. In fact, I feel like it has enough of Range Rover design cues to make it look upscale and suv-ish. What could be better than that to beat the scary stigma attached to the minivans? I strongly believe, Fairlane, if well executed, will be a strong contender in the new segment pioneered by Pacifica and now further expanded (upward) by the R-class.
  • siwsiw Posts: 1
    I think this is a great concept for those who have not lost their youthfulness but have many children to transport. It is a great compromise of the stylishness of the suv and minivan. I contacted ford in Oct.05 about this concept via their website and they actually wrote back saying it is in just the concept stage as we know and they have no intent of mass producing this vehicle at this time nor in the coming '07 line up however all positive and negative comments are noted and welcome.they told me that Based on the amount of comments they receive ways heavily on whether they decide to produce a concept in mass production or not so go to their website and tell them what you think also.
  • Being contacted by the company means jack squat!!! A few years ago I contacted Chrysler about the Dodge Razor. It was a total no brainer of a concept and I should be riding in one today but all I got from them was the same BS story Ford gave you. I even talked to a few Dodge reps at the auto show and they said everyone liked the car, yet Chrysler decided NOT to make it.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Fairlane as a mini-van ---yuk! Horrible misuse of a good name. The Fairlane 500 was a neat little car. Bring that back. A cool Fairlane with an inline 6 and an optional 4.6V8 for under $20K and under $24K and you gotta deal.

  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I know Ford is scared to death of the "minivan" name after the Freestar was such a dud, but the Fairlane should have sliding doors. It doesn't look like a minivan and sliding doors are soooo practical. At first, I liked the Element's "suicide" doors but not any more. I've read too many complaints.

    Replace the Freestar with the Fairlane but give it sliders.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    When I read about the Ford plant in Hazelwood, MO, being closed, I thought I understood that Ford is getting out of the minivan business entirely. Did I misinterpret (or mis-remember)?

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  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    When I read about the Ford plant in Hazelwood, MO, being closed, I thought I understood that Ford is getting out of the minivan business entirely. Did I misinterpret (or mis-remember)?

    I seem to recall hearing that too. But I think the Fairlane concept would be an excellent opportunity for Ford to re-enter the "minivan" market with something that didn't look like a minivan.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    The Hazlewood plant produces SUV's, the Ford Explorer not mnivans.
  • nshah23nshah23 Posts: 3
    it will probably be built on the same platform as the 500 (s80 platform...d-1 i think) and it will get fwd, w/ awd optional and the new 270 hp 3.5 L V6
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Based on this article, the Fairlane would be based on the Ford 500/Freestyle platform. Other than style differences, why would you need both the Freestyle and Fairlane. The Freestyle already is a 3 row people-mover, car based CUV. To me, the Fairlane is like an art-deco version of the Freestyle.

    I just don't understand why Ford makes such a big deal about the Fairlane as the next "people mover", when they already have the Freestyle in the same basic configuration and more than capable of doing everything the Fairlane can do. I think Ford's problem is that they keep getting rid of vehicles and making new names (granada, taurus, 500, escort, focus, etc...), rather than sticking to a name and just making it better and better (aka camry, corolla, accord, etc). -
  • There is a person (probably a humanoid, not a small furry carnivore) that posts under the name "foxrun" (searchable word on the Edge forums) who works at the plant where the Edge is being built, says they have already begun planning factory workflow for the Fairlane (or whatever it will eventually be called). Therefore, I'd think they may use the Ford Edge/Fusion chassis for this horseless carriage motorcar. ... Could it look more like a brick? But maybe thats the trend (ala Scion Xb box, Land Rover classic, Honda Element, Dodge Nitro, etc.).... You know, making it shaped like a fridge means wind noise could be bad.
  • bobw3, Ford is using the Chrysler business model of introducing new products to keep the consumer buying more new cars. I have a Freestyle, like you, and know its a winner, but the new models coming out have got me curious.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The name will be Ford Flex...

  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 263
    The name will be Ford Flex

    Ford must be having some special competition for the worst possible name. How is "Flex" supposed to be better than "Fairlane"? Is "Flex" a hint on its torsional rigidity?
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