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Honda Accord Modifications



  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    It's just so nice to finally see someone who agrees with me. I see so many guys with CAIs and "fart cans" I wonder what they really think they've gained. They see the greatly exadurated hp gains advertised by manufacturers of CAIs and catbacks, and believe it. :confuse:
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Absolutely. I have been working on Subies doing mods over the years and it's amazing how many kids throw on a catback and CAI and claim they feel the power. I laugh at them. We've thrown em on for them and I've actually felt the drop in power due to the mods! Amazing :)

  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Then they add 50 pounds of ground affects and a giant wing, to top it off. :surprise:
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    I know this is not a performance modification -- but you guys/gals would be the ones most likely to know . . . . how soon might we expect to see after-market accessories for the newly designed 08 Honda Accord? I would be very interested in replacing the front grill in my new Accord, but there are none available at this point. Any idea how long it might take? (I wish the mesh grill from the coupes would fit on the sedans -- I think they are WAY better looking!)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'd say 2-4 months, depending on demand. Unfortunately on family sedans it sometimes takes longer than a "tuner" car to get the aftermarket stuff.

  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If you modify your car in any way, I suggest saving the original parts, so you can re-install them if and when you decide to sell the car. Modifications lower the value of the car. Not that the car is actually worth any less, it's just that many people assume modified cars have been abused.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Thanks for the advice - makes sense!
  • Hello,
    I like to ask a question here hope some one can answer that please and thank you in advance that I have 2004 accord v6 and orignal tire size is 205/60/R16 and now i want to install 235/60/R16 snow tires on it can i do it and if yes that will it effect on performance or not let me know please as i am getting these tires pretty cheap compare to new ones so that's why thanks in advance
  • This would not be advisable, as it would increase your overall tire diameter more than 5%. Check out and then click on "Tire Size Calculator". You then select the original/stock tire size (205/60/16) and then compare it to the tires you are comparing it to (in this case 235/60/16). You will note that a pop-up "warning" states that anything that is more than 3% diameter change could result in brake failure.
  • I like to ask a question here hope some one can answer that please and thank you in advance that I have 2004 accord v6 and orignal tire size is 205/60/R16 and now i want to install 235/60/R16 snow tires on it can i do it and if yes that will it effect on performance or not let me know please as i am getting these tires pretty cheap compare to new ones so that's why thanks in advance

    I don't think there is enough clearance in the wheel well for a 235mm wide tire, especially when using a rim that has the stock offset. Also, I think the 235 is too wide for the stock rim so you would be looking at aftermarket wheels.

    Lastly, typically people go narrower with snow tires for improved traction, not wider. Wider tires can hamper performance in snow conditions.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup exactly what the other folks have said.

    You want to go narrower on snow tires.
    Your rims will likely not fit those tires.
    Your wheel wells and struts won't clear them.

    So you'll spend more to get the "cheap" tires to fit properly than just buying the correct size.

  • Thank you very much for an early reply here.
  • I have a new '07 AccordEXl v6 4 door with 3000 miles. Tires Michelin MXM 17" 215 50 series. Good handling, pretty quiet, and overall effect is very firm. Maybe a little too firm for me. Wondering about putting on 55 series rubber, and I've heard all kinds of negative responses: will screw up such a compurerized car, won't make a real diff, waste of money, etc. One mechanic who only does Hondas said it wouldn't hurt the car.....and one tire guy said I could mount 225width tires on the same rims and that could make a diff....SOOO, what's a guy to think? Any people out there with REAL experience with this car? Or, should I just take a pill. Let me know.
  • well I have a 06 V6 Accord with the same wheels and tires that you have and yes the ride is VERY firm, almost too firm but not quite. The stock Michelins are adequate at best. I agree, they handle ok but are noisy. These 17 inch tires and 50 series tires have much to do with the frim ride. I was thinking when the time comes to replace them with a H rated tire in the same size which MIGHT provide a somewhat smoother ride. Even tho I am not a big fan of Michelin tires I have read good things about the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S in the same size as some have claimed that the ride quality on these is much better than our stock tires. Others have said to look for a touring tire instead of an all season performance tire as the softer compound of these tires may provide some smoothness. and yes, you can put on a 225 tire on that rim but I cant comment on whether or not that will help as I would think that it just gives you a wider footprint, maybe it helps I dont really know. and I dont know about your car, but I find the steering to be very heavy. Almost seems like there is no power steering. It takes some effort to steer this car off center. but maybe thats just me. Anyway, this is all just my opinion and others may disagree, but hope it helps . and good luck. :)
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    It depends on how much the overall diameter and weight increase. Larger diameter, and heavier tires will put more strain on the engine and transmission, and also affect the odometer/speedometer. It will probably look strange too, if the diameter increases an inch or more IMO. To increase the profile enough to smooth the ride, I think you would have to go with a shorter wheel. That's my opinion, and I'm sure others will differ.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I use this tool to calculate the difference in size from stock or current size tire to an aftermarket one. I'd say you can probably go about 3% larger diameter w/o issue and maybe 10mm wider. The higher the sidewall the better ride you will get, so going to a 55 or even a 60 series tire in the same or wider width will improve ride. Also going with an all-season touring tire with a lower speed rating will also give you a softer better riding tire.

  • Thanks for your reply. Compared to the 2004 Accoord EXL 4 cyl I recently turned in, my v-6 Accord feels alot more substantial--especially in handling. It most certainly is a heavier steering feel,( car also weighs 185lbs more than my '04 4cyl )but this car tracks much better and flatter around the curves than my 4 cyl EVER did even when new. As far as alternate tires are concerned, things get expensive quick. I've read some good reviews about the Kumho Solus KH-16--a much cheaper tire, but it's so hard to know. Keep me posted if you learn anything definitive. Neil ( By the way, once your car broke in what kind of mileage were you able to achieve?)
  • trumpcartrumpcar Posts: 10
    Ok peoples i would like the pros and cons: F20 vs H22, which do you think. the car gettin the swap : 94 accord coupe, manual.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    H22 - the Prelude VTEC one. Its easy (relatively), proven, has aftermarket support, and isn't excessively costly. Oh and its bigger then the F20 so it might have a little more torque.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi all,

    I added a new fuel pump, radiator with 2 fan blades, power steering hose and my car seems sluggish. It seems as if I'm riding the brakes and it pulls to left side when braking. The engine light & ABS goes on. Can someone direct me to upgrading my car to a better performing car? I know I need a tune up but I'd like more horse power as well. Thanks - Jim
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