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Honda Accord Modifications



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,964
    No problem, just an effort to keep the noise level down. It's pretty easy to figure out the good guys to try to send business to around here, especially when the one hit shill posts get weeded out. Carry on!

    Although we may be redundant and maybe we should merge this with Honda Accord Owners: Accessories & Modifications. But y'all may not consider yanking seat belt chimes your kind of mod. ;)

    Steve, Host
  • I just bought a 2005 Accord EXL Coupe and I am planning on getting new tires and wheels. I went to look in person today to discuss the negative variables in uprgrading sizes. I want 20's, and while there are special wheels/tires made to fit 20's on an Accord he said if I do alot of driving then it is not a good idea. He said that the actual tire part is so thin in part with how it fits with the car, that it is like a rubberband. He said the bigger the tires, the more problems there will be and the ride will be bumpier. He suggested that the highest size I go is 18".
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Putting larger (or smaller) diameter replacement tires/wheels on any car will cause you to see incorrect odometer (total miles) and speedometer (miles per hour) readings. The vehicle manufacturer calibrates meter readings based upon the outside diameter of the tires that they specify. Of course the outside diameter X pi (3.14159265) = the circumference of the tire. The number of times that a specific circumference tire rotates per mile of driving relates directly to the speed and distance travelled as displayed on the odometer and speedometer.

    If Honda specified 205R16 tires for your vehicle, if you go to an 18" or 20" wheel, and the outside dimeter of the tire is larger than as originally equipped, that's not good. Your tires will roll fewer revolutions per driven mile. Your speedometer will display a lower than accurate speed, and you could be risking getting speeding tickets if you don't mentally compensate for the variance.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Larger wheels and tires will increase your braking distance considerably, so be prepared to adjust for that as well. You will lose about 10 feet of stopping distance (not sure if it's from 60 or 80 mph) for every 1" diameter of tire or wheel increase. This is good to know in case there is a truck 60 feet away and you were planning to stop in 59 feet like in the old days
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    How does this sound instead of getting a kit I am thinking about getting a 1.5-3 inch extention pipe and then putting a K&N cone filter on it and it would work almost exactally the same? and Does the K&N oil filter work better than others? Has anyone heard of or used any Lucas products?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    I owned two MGB's a long time ago. The English cars of the day came with many made-in-England Lucas electrical components.

    You may be aware that the English are fond of warm beer. It's not that they actually like it that way, it's just the Lucas refrigerators.

    Actually, I really enjoyed those MGBs.
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    The lucas products I am talking about is Oil and fuel additive not beer.
  • arctic_catarctic_cat Posts: 3
    Hi, guys.

    I am considering a Honda Accord (manual), and the only thing I feel uneasy about is its breaking (as compared with my current & past cars--Audis). I bought two Honda Accords----one after the other----in the early '90s, and loved everything about them ~except~ the brakes. I'm not saying they're ~awful~ (like those in some cars I testdrove), but when I compared them with BMW and Audi, the difference was stunning.

    I know that the case would be rare when we might need stop-on-the-dime breaks, but it is just that single rare case (in which maybe a life would be saved or not) that I'd rather pay a hefty sum more for my car to stop a few feet (or several feet!) shorter.

    So, has anyone done anything mechanically to improve the breaking on their Accord?
  • arctic_catarctic_cat Posts: 3
    I meant ~~braking~~ (not 'breaking`). LOL...must have been thinking of the Audi's number of _breakdowns_ compared to the Accord's rare ones. ;-)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    arctic cat:

    I can't imagine a vehicle that brakes any better than my 2004 Accord Coupe. I think that you will find that any modern vehicle, with four-wheel disk anti-lock brakes will brake perfectly for anybody who is not on a racetrack.

    The most variable factors in stopping distances will probably be the type and condition of your tires.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,964
    We're fluent in chat typo around here; plus the spell checker wouldn't have caught that anyway.

    But didn't you mean grrrrr? LOL

    Steve, Host
  • arctic_catarctic_cat Posts: 3
    Blane, maybe I need to actually _test-drive_ one of these newer models like yours.

    Has anyone else looked at why the braking distance for BMW & Audi is shorter than Honda Accord's?

    P.S. to host Steevster: LOL.... Artic cats purrrrrrrr. :-)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    arctic cat:

    The harder the rubber compoud of a tire tread is, the longer the stopping distance will be. I believe that Accord sedans use a harder compound Michelin tire for longer tread life than do the Coupes that use the softer compound Bridgestones that may be intended for superior handling and less road noise.
  • mikenycmikenyc Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Accord LX-V6 and was wondering whether it was possible to install an in-dash after-market navigation system and if it was worth it or not money wise?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Don't even think about installing an in-dash aftermarket navigation system. Honda's OEM system is probably the best one on the market, except for the enhanced version in the new Acura RL.

    Your only realistic choice is one of the Magellin or Garmin hang-on units.
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    What does everyone think about K&N filters?
  • derekb77derekb77 Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the door assembly for a 2005 Accord so i can replace the front door speakers? Does anyone know if i can fit 6 1/2 inch after-market speakers there? Also can someone direct me to other useful Honda Accord enthusiast websites? Thanks in advance.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Hi derekb77!

    Welcome to the Forums.

    Looks like you posted in the Speed Shop Forum and you really need to be in Sedans.

    Here's a very active topic on the Honda Accord that I'm sure you will find useful:

    Honda Accord: Problems and Solutions

    Regarding referral to other automotive websites, please don't ask members to do that, as it is a violation of our terms of use here. If you don't find the information you need with the link I gave you, post your question again in the "Ask the Hosts" topic on the News & Views board. You can find any of the boards easily by using the "Browse by Board" feature that you'll see on the left hand side of any page you are on, in the Forums.

    Speed Shop
  • Does anyone know a place where I can get a turbo kit for my 2004 Accord EX V6?
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