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Honda Accord Modifications



  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    I've read up on this as much as I can and my conclusion is that any claims for dyno gains from just a spacer is pretty doubtful. MAYBE what you would get is a little better throttle response. Now if you had a LARGER throttle body with spacer and it was all machined to the intake so there were no obstructions, that might help and be noticeable.
  • tbishop1tbishop1 Posts: 2
    hi mate its bish sorry cant give you the advice you need but i recently bought a honda accord 1996 1.8 and like you i want to upgrade it increas its horsepower etc let me know if you here anything through the grapevine as i dont know where to start.thanks bish
  • tbishop1tbishop1 Posts: 2
    hi mate i bought a honda accord 1996 1.8 looking to change tyres etc let me know oif any info you get on upgrades ta bish.
  • sam028sam028 Posts: 1
    Hi Tim,
    I have a 2000 Honda Accord LX with 4 cylinder. I bought 17" black rims about three months ago. The problem that I started having is with the brakes. When I went to get the rotors turned, they told me that accords weren't designed to handle a 17" rims. The mechanic told me that the rotors will contine to warp because of a lower tolerance due to having a larger rim.
    I guess my next step is to go and get a 16" rim. Hopefully this helps.
  • atlantabennyatlantabenny Posts: 735
    I'm kind of into these things so here're my 2 cents:

    The mechanic's advice was opinion at best and is the stuff of old wives' (mechanics') tales, since what affect brake performance and longevity with regard to rolling stock are 1) total wheel & tire weight, and 2) wheel offset or wheel relationship with the hub.

    Meaning, you could step down to a 16 incher and still have brake problems if the two factors are not satisfied.

    The 98-02 Accord has an original wheel & tire weight between 30 to 40 lbs each and a wheel offset of +55 mm.

    You could get a 17 inch or larger set up and if it meets or betters those 2 parameters (lighter than 30 lbs and betweem +48 to +55 mm), you'd be equal or better than the factory set up, brake- and handling-wise.
  • timfsctimfsc Posts: 5
    Thanks guys for that input on the rims question. I havent made a decision on what size to get, but I always assumed that 17 would look better.

    **where can I go about finding a good grill kit?

  • todd7todd7 Posts: 16
    Tim it's relatively easy,just time consuming. I got all my info from
    You can do a search by make and model
  • mlquillinmlquillin Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Accord with the 2.2 L 4-cyl. engine. I did not get much power out of a K&N air filter, so I'm assuming the exhaust is limiting at this point. I have looked at custom and bolt-on exhaust systems, but given that the mount points between the 3.0 L V6 (dual exhaust) and the 2.2 L 4-cyl. (single exhaust) are equivalent, I am curious to know if simply adding a second exhaust from the 3.0 L would give me the boost I'm looking for. A trip to the junkyard would definitely be easier on the wallet!

  • aca28aca28 Posts: 1
    2000 Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee-and up- when ever rotors and pads are replaced
    you have to burn them in. (Or Bedding as someone mentioned)
    This is normal practice that all technicians do once the job is completed before
    the customer gets there car back.
  • 11worm1111worm11 Posts: 1
    Listen, i've personally had the same problem and a mate who had an integra had the same problem its not that your not gaining what you want it that the K&N will actually loose power other than gain in on the type-r models let me know what K&N you have and i'll get back to you if you want

  • mhood119mhood119 Posts: 1
    How do I wire a H22 A1 V tech engine into a 1990 Accord. I need the wiring for the ECU. Anyone know?
  • mlquillinmlquillin Posts: 2
    I believe that the K&N filter is part # 33-2124. What do you suggest?

  • 1000hours1000hours Posts: 29
    Here's a question that I've been wondering about for day now:

    Will putting larger injectors on a motor increase power? To be honest I am not 100% confident that I know the ins and outs of injectors.... Hence my question.

    Any thoughts?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    You mean and doing nothing else? Not really, not without increasing air flow/breathing--you'll just run richer....I suppose under certain conditions WOT??? you might gain some's not a question with an easy answer but generally I'd say NO!
  • atlantabennyatlantabenny Posts: 735
    Adding to the host's response, running just plain richer (proper fuel/air ratio is more important than simply injecting more fuel) will likely cause shorter oil life (or more frequent oil changes) and possibly emission test issues (higher hydrocarbon level). Ultimately, you'll probably have a higher cost of ownership without the returns.

    Wish I could offer 1st hand advice on HP-increase alternatives; best I've read is that a CAI/header combo makes about 5% more HP. Lighter wheels and tires help too. If those upgrades amount to $3 to $4k, trading up to a pre-owned V6 probably makes economic sense.
  • timfsctimfsc Posts: 5
    Hey guys, how can i hook up my ipod mini to use it with my OEM internal Cd changer radio? its a '01 ex. FM transmitter do i get aux ports, or has anyone integrated the ipod into their car?
  • thats all well and good but i got the same problem as this guy. I don't know where to start my 2.3 liter accord coupe is still bone stock even though i've put more than 5k in ext. mods and now that im all done i want to go nuts but i cant buy everything at once turbodude help me out what should i buy first, I'm getting an apexi v tec controller used for 185.00 is that a good place to start even though i don't even have an intake? you can email me directly if YOU have somthing i'd be interested in. my car is absolutely the most beautiful accrd youve ever seen so if you know anybody looking to sponsor a car HIT ME UP!
  • budy do i have the answer for you!!!! Brembo rotors cross drilled and slotted--> sound way more expensive than they are. I got mine for my 2001 accord 2.3 coupe for about 250.00 and bor of all the rediculous amounts of money i have spent on this car (5k in ext. mods alone) it was the best investment other than my brand new stunning 18'' konig unknown wheels with hankook ventus tires.
  • hatzimhatzim Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,

    Is the 215 45 ZR17 a good enough replacement for the stock tire? I bought my Accord (4 cyl) two months ago, brand new, and I thought I'd go for some minor mods.

    After reading up on a few posts, I'm worried that the tire size I chose isn't ideal. What is the best way to find out the exact circumference of the tire? And how far off is the 215 45 ZR17 from the ideal size. From the look of things, the tires don't look much larger than the original...but I'm not sure, and am sort of worried.

    What's the recommended size tire for a 17-inch rim? Wouldn't mind going in again, and swapping these with the ideal size.

  • Your car's speedo/odo and drivetrain design included a matching tire size for optimum operations.

    Here's how I make sense of alternative sizes:

    1) Baseline reference is factory size 205/60/16. 811 tire rev/mile. Speedometer at 70mph is actually 70mph. Odometer display of 100k miles is actually 100k miles. 22 mpg is actually 22 mpg

    2) Alternative size 215/45/17. 847 tire rev/mile. Speedometer 70mph is actually 69.7 mph. Odometer display of 100k miles is actually 95.7k miles. 22 mpg decreases to 21.2 mpg

    3) Alternative size 235/45/17. 808 tire rev/mile. Speedometer at 70mph is actually 70.3mph. Odometer display of 100k miles is actually 100.4k miles. 22 mpg is actually 22.1 mpg

    4) Alternative size 215/50/17. 815 tire rev/mile. Speedometer 70mph is actually
    69.6 mph. Odometer's 100k miles is actually 99.5k miles. 22 mpg is actually 21.9 mpg

    Recommendation: 3) or 4) are ok, except that 235/45/17 will be more taxing on your suspension parts being a wider tire.

    Ref: specs
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