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Honda Accord Modifications



  • hatzimhatzim Posts: 5
    Thanks Atlantabenny.

    I've made too large an error, and it needs fixing. Feel stupid not having asked before purchasing. I just walked into a showroom for a look...soon enough I was being shown wheels, and tire combinations, with a technical guy telling me that this low profile combo will allow you to lower your car to get that "ultimate" look. :confuse:

    Anyways, I'll look around for a better deal this time around.

    Thanks again.
  • ...welcome. True - there are too many store folks out there who need to know their stuff better. To replace your tires with the right size, you could let the store know that their recommendation will cost you close to $200.00 more per year in gas and depreciation due to more tire revolutions/mile and the higher odometer reading.
  • kazumakazuma Posts: 50
    sup fellas

    i bought a 90' accord couple mnth's back. it had sat for a yr or more. upon first getting started on a list of problems, i had to replace the main balancer (the dampner got burnt completly off due to the ac compressor lock up, i replaced it as well) full new ignition system from ignitor to plug, new air filter, oil change, vss sensor, few holes pached on the exaust, had to clean the coolant return port on the fast idle valve and tighten the retainer for the valve itself, and the basic car care stuff. i got the car cheap and i figure its a honda with 164 k on it, got at least another 200 k of life left right.

    any way im really amazed with this car. i smoked an 02 S-10 pickup 5 spd on a quarter, he wasnt pleased! after all is said and done, its already quik but as time goes on my foot grows heavier. im more intuned to make this car faster befor i make it prettier, as if i pulll up next to your sweet ride and rev it and u see a beet up old accord without so much as a glossy finisher on the paint job, ull be a little more pissed off when ur seeing that im still running the original tail lights as well.

    im used to v-8 builds but i have started to become more attuned to the rice rocket genra. im really turned on to watching 4 cylinders beet 4 berrals. i have a 1990 honda accord ex and as stated earlier with what i have fixed, i wanna know good mods for this little car, like air, intake, exaust, more or less good packages that have proven them selves in the past. im checking out other sites as well for the same information and im researching as much as i can befor i start makin a rice roket to be proud of.

    im a very hands on kind of person and have a good knoledge of auto works so any quike mods the home mechanic can do at home really cheap would be great as well. like you read earlier ive already sunk quit a bit in so im now broke for a little bit. my other honda is a 97 passport, i know there identicle for rodeos but say what you want the honda badge has kept this one runnin with f-150 on the trail and up to 3 foot of water and hasnt missed a beet yet, unlike most rodeo's iv heard of latly.

    any way qiuke cheap mods are a plus + but if u know a good combo thats proven itself on my modle, im all ears!!

    thanks for your time!
  • hatzimhatzim Posts: 5

    Couldn't find 215 50 ZR17 anywhere near I live. I visited a few Bridgestone tire shops, but they said this is a rather obscure spec tire, and they don't stock it. I'm going to try and search for this tire at a few other places, but am not too sure if I'll find it.

    However, they do have the 235 45 17 spec tire, and I'm wondering if I should go in for that.

    Could you explain how much more taxing on the suspension would the 235 45 ZR17 be? And would there be suspension related problems later on?

    Just don't want to make another mistake.

  • 215 x 50 x 17 is actually quite a popular size, coming as it does as factory issue for the 6-speed Accord, Acura TSX and other American and Japanese makes.

    Bridgestone is a good but pricey brand, and is known to have occasionally made sedan tires that are all but impossible to balance, like those on the early 04 Acura TL.

    What seems like an oustanding value - because of their consumer best buy rating - are Falkens; their 215s start at $81.00/tire delivered. Add $50.00 for your local Costco or Sam's to install them. Here's a link:

    Higher speed-rated brands also available on that and the Tirerack site.

    Wider tires wear the suspension down faster because their "tire patch" is more transverse than longitudinal. Simply put, you'd feel the force of the wind (road irregularities) more if you held your palm frontally (wide tire) rather than sidewise (thinner tire) against it. Hope that explains it to some extent.

    Good luck, and consider the online route.
  • rbevz67rbevz67 Posts: 69
    Anyone put lowering spring on their 2005 Accord sedan? I'm trying to find pics of before and after w/lowering springs like eibach.

    Anyone know where i can find some pix? Anyone see a stock vs. lowered an inch or so? How does it look? Not looking to slam it down, just make it a tad more aggressive.

    Thanks all! Have a great one!
  • hatzimhatzim Posts: 5
    Thanks Atlantabenny.

    I've pretty much decided to go in for the 235 x 45 R17 spec tire.

    Just a couple more questions before I make the purchase. I know both are sort of given considering the change, but just want to know if it'll be a discernable difference.

    1. Would I experience discernable loss in power/acceleration due to the wider tires?
    2. Would there be a significant loss in fuel economy?

    Appreciate all the help. :)
  • Other than perhaps more road noise, you probably won't notice any power/economy loss; get the lightest tire possible (a good tire store can provide this info) to make sure. Good luck.
  • leebyleeby Posts: 8
    What do you all think about upgrading stock oem headlights to the projectors? I see a lot of them on ebay and online stores. I saw a blue ion projector headlights and black and chrome housing projectors. All of them have the angel eyes. Does anyone have these on their accord? If so, are they better than your stock headlights? If you see the new Subaru Outbacks or VW Passats, they have stock oem projectors. When they are behind me, I notice the headlights flash blue and purple whenever they hit bumps on the roads. It sort of looks like the BMW or Audi's. The beam pattern turns purple and blue when they hit bumps and then they have a regular intense white beam. I know the BMW's and Audi's have HID, but the Outbacks and VW Passat don't. Can someone explain how they work? I also notice that a certain model of the Saturn and Hyundai do this too. I want to know if the aftermarket projectors for the Accords do this.
  • hatzimhatzim Posts: 5
    Thanks Atlantabenny.

    I've bought the 235 x 45 R17 spec tire, and it works like a dream. The steering feels more tighter and heavier, more like my Camaro. and the car feels more sure on the road. Yes, there's a bit of extra road noise, but I don't mind that too much.

    Thank you very much for all your inputs.
  • ramekinramekin Posts: 1
    looking for recs for all weather tires for honda accord 99 LX 195/65/R15 and honda accord V6 2000 EX .thanks.
  • gimp3gimp3 Posts: 1
    dont bother with lowering springs,instead go for adjustable coilovers.that way you can have it as low as you want.just watch out for speed bumps or youll rip out the exhaust from the manifold.ive got an accord es coupe but the principle should be the same
  • scatsscats Posts: 11
    i own a 2005 honda accord sedan ex v6 nav not pleased with the amount of road noise heard that the 2006 have addressed that problem do you have any answers scats
  • I suspect that the road noise you refer to has more to do with tires than any problem Honda needs to address. I play my radio too loud to notice most of the time. I have a 2003.
  • scatsscats Posts: 11
    i have michellon tires could be problem thanks
  • "I also notice that a certain model of the Saturn and Hyundai do this [apparant color change at certain angles] too."

    Can't comment on the Saturn, but I know for a fact that Hyundai uses conventional halogen gas filled tungsten filament bulbs in their stock lowbeam projector headlamps on Sonatas. I suspect the color shift at certain angles is the result of chromatic aberration at the periphery of the single element projection lens. (An achromat "doublet" lens would all but elliminate this effect.) I can't say I've noticed any Sonatas exhibiting the purplish effect, so either your observation skills are better than mine or some Sonata owners have converted over to HID setups.
  • Generally Michelin tires are among the worst offenders, noise wise. Low profile Michelins especially so. Contis can be quiet.
  • Hey was going on, I bought my coupe v6 coupe a couple months ago and i wanted to install a few after market products. Does anyone have any views about the aem v2 cold air intake, and if they make headers for the v6. Also what else is recommended i want a good enough boost to outrun alot of things out their. And also are there any good recom. for any type of lowering system ie. lowering springs coilovers.
  • scatsscats Posts: 11
    never heard of contis tires in new york
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    It's just shorthand for Continental Tires ... a lot of their models are Conti-whatevers, like the ContiSportContact.

    Steve, Host
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