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Mazdaspeed3 vs. VW V GTI vs. Civic Si



  • In part, depends on how greedy the dealers are (are $5 - 10 K markups likely here in California?). But that hasn't slowed sales of hot cars here.
  • No markup at all on the mazdaspeed3 at my local dealer. Shrug. Markup on an economy car?
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Many dealers marked up the Subaru Impreza WRX when it came out in 2002.

    Many more dealers marked up the Honda Civic Si, and some continue to try to do so.

    I used to get mad about stuff like that, now, I just don't care. If someone wants to pay up, let them.

    There are plenty of cool cars out there, and more on the the 2008 replacement for the WRX, among others.
  • The markup on the civic is hilarious. My co-worker spent over a month tracking down his SI. He finally found a dealer in Riverside who didn't add anything to the car (the favorite markup trick: it's not marked-up, we just added better rims and a different chin spoiler for and sold it at MSRP.

    Hard to believe people are dropping 27k on a Honda Civic SI.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    One of the local Honda stores has a USED Si with upgraded wheels, and a bunch of body kit stuff on it...they're advertising it for $28,495 !!!

    Good luck to them.

    Ridiculous USED Si
  • Sounds like a crooked dealer trying to take advantage of availability. The same thing is happening with the Honda Fit. I paid MSRP for mine, and I had to wait almost 3 months. I would NEVER pay over MSRP.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Sounds like a crooked dealer trying to take advantage of availability

    nothing crooked about it..nobody has to buy the car if they don't like the price....if you advertised your personal car for more than it was worth and somebody offered to buy it would you turn the buyer away? I suspect you would be laughing all the way to the bank..thrilled that you found an idiot who was stupid enough to pay your asking price...
  • True. If anything the pricing of Si's shows how stupid the buyers are. 28k for a civic with a 200 hp engine is hilarious.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Just saw the November issue of C&D on the newstand at my local B&N over lunch. A bright red Speed3 was plastered across the cover and full road test spanning several pages was inside.

    One notable quote I'll paraphase here "...and it'll slap a Civic Si silly."

    Overall, they were very impressed (with one editor writing that "the line for a new Speed3 forms behind me). Their biggest gripe concerned the feel of the shifter.....and difficulty in perfecting their launch technique.

    They had a real tendency to either completely boil the tires, resulting in poor times, or let the revs fall too much and come off boost. They noted they 'painted' their launch area black with more than 30 launches trying to fine tune their technique.

    As I said, overall they were very impressed.
  • I will take my SI over a MSP3 anyday. Honda vs Mazda, any day. I surely hope that a 260 plus hp turbo will beat an SI! Although, slap it silly, Nah. Probably win by .5 - .75 second.
  • Honda Civic SI superior...That's a good one. LOL
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Civic Si superior in what way?

    Gas mileage? Better color selection? It's got a really nifty logo?

    About the only way the Si would be superior (IMO) would be a better shifter (of course, this is only going by published reviews of both cars; since I've not driven EITHER one, I can't speak to the relative driving qualities).

    "Honda vs Mazda, any day."

    Are you driving a car, or a car company? BTW - I'm currently on my FOURTH Honda (started with a CRX in '84, a CRX Si in '86, a Civic Si in '91 and my wife currently drives an '05 Odyssey) so don't think I'm just dismissing the current Civic Si (or Honda) out of hand.

    It's just that I'd rather attempt to directly compare a Speed3 to a Civic Si (or against whatEVER I might be interested in) and compare the actual vehicles rather than get bogged down in which is the better overall company.

    BTW - C&D stated that the difference between the Si and the Speed3, IN THEIR TESTING, was 1.4 seconds. But I'd rather see comparison times done by the same drivers on the same days on the same track in a direct head-to-head comparison than to try and dig up stats on cars tested months (years?) apart.
  • You can quote, argue, rant, whatever. I'm only stating my opinion. Obviously, you have different ones. I am in YOUR room stating them. I believe the SI is the best performance bargain there is, period. For the money you get alot. I'm not saying it is the fastest car, not by far, but, for the money it is great. I'm not interested in red light racing, I just like the car, period. I think Mazda, which is owned by Ford is going down hill. Honda on the other hand, is selling like mad. Why? Superior quality, reliability and resale value.
  • Mazdaspeed 3 was not yet released and you already know Honda Civic SI has better reliability? That says enough about the way you make decisions in buying a car. What is better Honda Civic SI , Honda Civic SI or Honda Civic SI? I know... is Honda Civic SI. Man... I know so much about cars...
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I think Mazda, which is owned by Ford is going down hill. Honda on the other hand, is selling like mad. Why? Superior quality, reliability and resale value.

    I think you better do some homework before you post next time so you can save yourself from looking like an idiot...

    Mazda is owned 33.4% by Ford, so what? Mazda had it's best sales year EVER in 2005, with their ever so popular sporty line-up. Mazda is also on pace to smash 2005's sales record as well. (

    Where do you base your opinion that Mazda is going down hill? What info are you privledged that the rest of us are not to know this?

    In terms of reliability and quality. I can disagree. I have owned Honda's in the past, and currently own a Mazda. No issues reported for either. Resale value? Currently the Mazda6, Mazda3 are right on pace in resale value with the Accord and Civic.

    This is not a Honda Vs. Mazda thread, let's try to stay somewhat on topic.
  • Honda reliability, resale is so far above either Mazda or VW is it laughable. LMAO!
  • What is laughable is that someone actually believes that. I feel sorry for you.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Do you sell/buy or service/repair Honda's or Mazda's for a living? I do. I am around them every single day. Not just as an owner, but a retailer and service center.

    I can go to the auction and get more money for a Mazda3 then the 2006 Civic, comparably equipped. Mazda6's and Honda Accords do roughly similar money.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    some people would defend a Yugo if it had a Honda badge on the side.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's have the Honda conversations in Honda-related discussions, okay?
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