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Audi RS4



  • Don't think of the RS4 as a winter car. Even with winter tires, the thing is lowered three inches from the standard A4's ride height (see here) and the belly will drag in the shallowest of snow. Yes, ice driving is better with Blizzaks and awd, but if you can spend $80k for one car, you should be able round up enough for alternative transportation and a bumpersticker that says "My other car is an Audi RS4." And avoid ice.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Everyone left the RS4! What happened?

    I saw a Sprint Blue RS4 a couple weeks ago... wow, even cooler than the same paint on my car! The fact that it's on an RS4 makes it cooler! Sadly, I wasn't in the S4 at the time. If I was, we probably would've played around. I did give him the thumbs-up, however. I have to drive the RS4. I couldn't make it to Streets of Tomorrow all those months ago, but I simply must drive it before it goes out of production. I'm not going to buy it or anything (I need a convertible to be happy, I've realized), but it sounds so amazing.

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  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk with consumers who have received or are giving a luxury car as a gift for Christmas. Please reply to no later than Friday, December 8, 2006 with your daytime contact info.


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  • I saw a new black RS4 for $76,000 AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :shades:
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Oh, you should see it in Sprint Blue... I might sound biased (my car is that color), but one flew by me last week, and I was amazed. The color is even more intense on that car. Too bad, though, because I wasn't in the S4!

    Are you sure it was $76K? I'm pretty sure the RS4 sedan tops out at $72K. Must've been a dealer mark-up.

    '06 Audi A3 2.0T DSG • '05 Audi S4 Cabriolet • '04 Lexus RX330
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    With the gas tax, it's 73,500 with the premium package.

    Sold order paint is an extra 750 and rear side bags are 350 as the only 2 options.
  • Just picked up my Black on Black RS4.....I love it. I turned in a 2004 M3 and sorry to say the RS4 is soooooo much more fun
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Congrats!! Let's see some pics. (You can post them on your CarSpace page and then display them here.
  • the closest i've been able to come is "hot laps" with a pro driver at the streets of tomorrow in Dallas.

    What a phenominal ride from the passenger seat. Can't imagine what it's like to pilot.

    Have a blast in that thing for me.
  • I will post some pics soon. When I get my plates they will wash it and I'll snap some. Thanks guys for the congrats...its a great car...GREAT!!!!!!
  • I live in the Rocky Mountains (Vail) :shades: and the RS4 absolutely is a winter car. I bought 4 18" rims and dedicated snow tires from the Tire Rack (Dunlop Snow M3s). They do plow the roads. I am so OVER the "winter" car and the "summer" car experience. I do have another car which I sometimes use on extreme days, but not because the RS4 is not good in snow. Mostly to protect Fearless from the other lunatics on the road. Nonetheless, what are we protecting here? We should be protecting our bodies, which are not replaceable, by putting them in a state of the art vehicle that handles brilliantly in all conditions and will protect us in the event of a disaster.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    STaSIS and MTM are to Audi as AMG is to Mercedes.
    AMG, STaSIS and MTM are all companies which are independent from the car manufacturers, while the M, S, & RS are factory models.

    So if you want to upgrade your Audi (plain A4 or RS), you can turn to STaSIS and MTM, respectively, for help.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    AMG used to be independent, but MB became majority shareholder of the company in 1999.
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