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Chevrolet Corvette Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Put a deposit on an '07 Z06, $7k markup, delivery before the end of the year, probably Oct.-Nov. :shades:
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 72
    hello all!
    i really like to vett. this year. Right now dealers around my area offer 5k off. This is a good deal. I am a little bit concern about the gas mileage. All the guys out there please share your average mile/gal. on this baby. Is it really live up to what GM advertise - 28 mi/gal. If it is true then this baby is more efficient than the G35 or even S2000. :confuse: Thanks
  • flyboy986flyboy986 Posts: 9
    First off, you are comparing two cars of a totally different class - if you buy a Vette, you will have your foot in it ...and with 400HP - well doesn't run on water! As for the G35, all do respect, it probably is more of a gas mizer, you're only firing 6 cylinders. As for the $5k off MSRP, buy it..on a new ride that's a steal. Let me know what your "area" is ...I just got 3500 off MSRP and was a happy lad on a new 07!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The problem with gas mileage is that it isn't the car that matters. It's the driver. I have a C5, not C6, but I get 22-25 mixed driving mileage with a 6 speed manual but I get into 6th unless I want to have power. The wife has the same car and gets 19.5 to 21 but she has louder exhaust and likes to hear it more so stays in 4th and 5th some of the time that I would be in a higher gear.
    If, and that is a big if, you drive 65 in 6th gear on flat and level you can get 30mpg in my car. I drove back to the SF bay area from Fernley NV and with the down hill and taking it real easy (nothing over 80) I got back with the car computer saying I'd gotten 30.1 mpg. It was about 29+ when I filled up.
    Now, that compares to the 7 to 8 miles per gallon I get on the track at mostly wide open throttle.YMMV

    BTW, G35 coupes can be set up nice for the track as well, I've see several, but it's not a Corvette!
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    I've been searching for a dealer in the SF bay area to give me a deal on a pre-ordered '07. I searched high and low and had given up / was about to order one from the high volume dealers in the Northeast and Midwest. They were offering $3500 off a standard coupe -- no hagling. I tried to haggle -- nope, no haggling. Its $3500 off and that's it.

    However, I received a call from a dealer in SF, Ellis Brooks, and they offered $2000 off an '07 and they had an allocation left. That was the first dealer in the area that was in the price ball park. I had called probably over 20 dealers and spoken at some length with 5+ dealers. Among them was Courtesy in Cupertino/San Jose. They seemed unwilling to go below MSRP.

    So I jumped on the offer from Ellis. I decided to avoid the shipping and courtesy delivery charges of buying from a dealer in another state. I'm now expecting my car in 2 months. Yellow, ebony interior, Z51, 2LT. I'll be a first time Corvette and Chevy owner. Drove an M3 before.
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    btw., unless you're buying with a primary purpose of reselling, you should pick the color you like. I've read and heard that yellow isn't the most popular color, but I'm going with yellow because that's the color I've always loved in sports cars. Yellow is garish for some, but its beautiful to me. Besides, Ferraris, Lambos are often yellow. :-)

    If you're really prioritizing the resell, then I'd bet black inside and out is the easiest to resell. Personally, I find black and silver ordinary (my neighbor's toyota minivan is black). But its all about personal choice.
  • flyboy986flyboy986 Posts: 9
    I live in AZ and ended up ordering a new 07 from Les Stanford in Detroit - their ad said $3500 off MSRP on a new ordered coupe, and there was no haggling. The process was simple, and as I have family in the Midwest - sounds like a hell of a roadtrip in my brand new Vette. Timeline will probably be about 8 weeks, that's fine ...I like doing business with honest people in an easy manner - rather hard to find in AZ. Hope I'm not disappointed! As for now, they get my vote! - try em!
  • pony_piratepony_pirate Posts: 317
    Ellis Chevrolet of San Francisco gave me the best deal on ordering an '07 Z06, and I tried Fitchner, Kerbeck, Maxie and all the other Bay Area dealers. :shades:
  • cuffs1cuffs1 Posts: 3
    hey derek looking at buying a vette. I found a 06 with monteray red, z51 , lt3 paackage, clear top, painted alum rims. sticker is 52,000.00 and change. the dealler came down $3,000.00 with no negotiation. would I be better off holding out fo a 07 and what could I get taken off.

    thanks Glenn
  • cuffs1cuffs1 Posts: 3
    is that $4,000 after all options are added?
    looking for 2007, monteray red,3lt z51, no nav, both roofs,polished alum rims.

    Thanks Glenn
  • derekw1derekw1 Posts: 8

    I would say you could do better on an 06 than that price. I would check Kerbecks to see what they are offering. They are the largest dealer and usually have some pretty good deals. They are advertising $6500 off 06 3lt coupes and they have a good inventory. I would want to get a great deal on an 06.

  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    06 and 07 largely the same, but I've seen too little difference in the price between an 06 and an 07. $6500 off the remaining 06s -- but you'll have little color and feature choices. And $3500 off a new, configured-to-order 07... but you'll have to wait to get the 07.

    Consider that I'm spending $50,000, $3,000 off is only a 6% discount for a car that is 1 year older, though mechanically identical. Is that enough reason to buy an 06?

    I chose the '07 because I didn't find the 06 configuration I wanted AND because I'm likely to resell my car in 3-4 years. I think that the 07 will bring $1,500-2,500 more than the equivalent 06. So the net difference is really small.
  • cuffs1cuffs1 Posts: 3
    Hey Derek

    It looks like I may be going with a 07. Can order one with these options. coup,monteray red,lt3,onstar,xm,polished alum rims,both tops,factory pickup,destination,black interior. msrp 56,700, I found a dealer that will order for 50,700.00. What do you think?

    Thanks Glenn
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Try for another $50 off.
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    Cuffs1, I've not yet talked to anyone willing to do more than $3500 off an '07 coupe. $6k is ubelievable! If a dealer is doing $6k off, please share the contact info. Thanks much.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    I have seen as much as $6K off remaining '06 Coupes.
    ( Boardwalk, for example )
    I have only seen $4,000 off advertised on '07 Coupes.
    ( Kerbeck )
    GMID \ Supplier price on a 3LT Coupe with a couple of other options ( as I hope to order one ) is approx. $5,400 off MSRP.
    - Ray
    Looking all the time....
  • derekw1derekw1 Posts: 8
    This looks like a great deal and I would grab it unless you have a chance of doing a gmid or gms discount then you might do a little better. I have invoice numbers etc and from what you told me I was able to come within $500 of your list price and then when I do the same with the invoice prices I come up with 49758. So it looks like the dealer is only marking it up roughly $500 over invoice which is a great deal in my opinion. I am picking mine up in a little less than 2 weeks at the museum and I can't wait!

    good luck and let me know if I can help further.

  • Hi guys, I am new to this part of the Edmunds forums. I basically want to know what Chevy dealerships in CA (other than Boarwalk) accept GMID on a new or in-stock Vette.

    I am going crazy with research on other forums and have not found much. I know about Kerbeck and a couple others across the country but Id like to save a bit on delivery.. Thank you!
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    Following-up on jayelleseven's message, can someone provide a primer on GMIDs? Are these transferrable from employees at GM suppliers to non-employees? Are they sellable? Is it a certificate with the employee's name or a generic certificate? Does the buyer of a GMID have to pose as an employee of the GM supplier company when purchasing the car? Any consequences if someone is found to be selling GMIDs or buying GMIDs? And finally... if GMIDs can be purchased, where can we find one for sale or trade or ?

    thanks much!
  • I wanted an '06 because of the manual top. So, it's machine silver/black top/titanium int. Not loaded, but had what I wanted: 3LT, nav., Z51, 6-spd. Found it on the Maxie Price website. They knocked about $5500 off MSRP on a $58,800 sticker. I also had a GM card which helped further. This is one great ride. Drove it from Atlanta to San Antonio. Comfortable and 27 mpg at 60-65 mph.
    Didn't want the '07 due to auto top included on the 3LT package. I've had a '62 and manual top keeps it simple. Plus, I'll be keeping this one for a few years. It's just plain fun.
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