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Chevrolet Corvette Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • pjj14pjj14 Posts: 13
    I am considering a 2005 C6 and I would like to know whether anyone can recommend a Washington, D.C.-area dealer. It seems as if very few Chevrolet dealers sell Corvettes. Thanks.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Try as they are the largest Corvette dealer in the
    country if you can believe the advertising. I get to them through Corvette Forum
    but I think you would find them easy even with Google. I don't know if there
    are discounts through the Forum. Good luck, wish I could justify unloading
    my C5 with only 43k miles.
    I was at the track over the weekend and rode in a C6 with Z51, 6sp and it was
    a very settled ride even hitting 100's several places on the track. It does hold
    the road better than my Z51 C5 and better power is noticable but just not the
    most economic deal to turn over what I already have. Enjoy the ride and don't
    forget to wave.
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I just bought my 05 C6 from Criswell Chevrolet, Gaitherburg MD. I bypassed several dealership to get my car but I got a good deal. Ken Dixon in Waldorf sells them also but their allocation is low. Hope this helps.
  • pjj14pjj14 Posts: 13
    Thank you. Did you happen to run into a dealer markup called "ADM"? I just visited Koons Chevrolet in Tysons Corner and all of the coupes had a $5000 ADM and all of the convertibles had a $7,500 ADM. This was in addition to the MSRP. I was told that it was the local area dealer mark up and that everyone does it. I'm sure this is not true. Any insight? Thanks.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Check out corvetteforum. There are several dealers on the east coast that have 05 C6s in stock or inbound and are offering $3K-$4K off MSRP.

    There are a ton of new and used C6s forsale on ebay also.

    No reason to get jacked around by the ADM game. Just take your business somewhere else.
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    No, I didn't pay any markup. I placed my order with the dealership in mid-May and worked a deal for $2,500 off MSRP. My car arrived on August 1st. I had another dealer on standback (but in Georgia, Maxie Price) who agreed to give me $2,000 off MSRP. I wouldn't pay anything over MSRP if I were you. The problem I think you might have now is that no more orders can be placed for 05 corvettes; so if they don't already have them to sell then they are putting premimums on the ones they do have. Either way, I wouldn't play anything over MSRP.

    Also, CARMAX has several used C6 05 for 3 - 5k below MSRP if you want to go that route.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    My Friday paper had a dealer in L-ville advertising an 05 coupe stickered at $54.5 for $51.5. Didn't know the coupes could sticker as high as $54.5 but that is what the ad said. So, as mentioned previously by others, the deals are out there and paying a $5K additional dealer mark-up is a joke. Don't do it. :shades:
  • koons was bad in 1991 when i was looking at a zr1 and i found out in may they hadn't changed a bit. what i don't get is that koons ford at sevens corners has a totally different attitude. never bother with koons chev. they give gm a bad rep. i even complained to gm about it.

    dudley martin in manassas was friendly and i was told the owner doesn't think adm is right. they offered to order a 2006 for me.

    i'm now sour on a corvette because i can't get what i want, the price keeps going up, and its too much hassle.

    i just as soon pay 20k more and get a porsche. after all, this is the dc area. a corvette will always only be an overpriced chevrolet! a porsche says the tax payers are feeding you well.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    There is no law that says people have to buy from a local dealer. There are lots of brokers and dealers that offer much better deals with a minimum investment of time required.

    Most people in business understand supply and demand. The internet connects you to all the markets in the US. Ebay has 20+ new or slightly used C6s for sale. People don't have to be some local dealer's victim.

    At the end of the day the Corvette aficionados that hang around here really don't care what car people end up with. So if some people have neighbors that would be more impressed by a German car then go for it.
  • We ordered a 06 convert. yesterday with MSRP $58,870 with a $3170 discount. Delivery is about 8 weeks out.Rec'd the tracking number this morning.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,916
    Golfing buddy is looking to cut a deal on an '05 coupe. He's thinking of driving from SW OH all the way the Atlantic City (I guess that's where this dealer is) and back. Has anyone bojught from them and are they really that good? Just curious!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I only have web feedback and the contacts have been made through a Corvette specific site so can't say for sure how they respond to those over the phone or who drop by. From the site they have lots of verts but very few coupes left from the '05 production that they are offering big discount on. The Coupe inventory is larger than what they say gets the big discount, so it's all about negotiation. Personally I've loved getting the deal set over the web and then only doing paper work in the dealer showroom, being held hostage when they are trying to squeeze the last nickle is really a pain in my book.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Congrats, take deep breaths and practice smiling to loosen up the muscles because you are going to be doing a lot of smiling when you start driving that vert.
  • that's right...6 weeks and 2,000 miles later and I haven't even thought about breaking my smile. The looks and attention is awesome and I love the comments that keep coming from everywhere. Only one draw back: Every young kid on the road, whether they are driving a honda, mustang or mercedes wanna race me. While I've been tempted, I'm to old for doing stupid things like that anymore.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    the wife loves it when the young boys are grinning and point out the Vette while getting in or out of the MB or BMW. It's almost like performing a public service and letting kids know there is a 'Dark Side', from the perspective of their parents. :)
    That's where the after market exhaust and x-pipe come in handy. ;)
  • Zowie--I was just looking at Kerbeck and they had a 2005 Coupe for $39.9K or $5k off a Vert. Wow!! Who says size doesn't matter? lol It does in the car business. :shades:
  • what dealership did you order yours from? Thanks, Tami
  • dkp33dkp33 Posts: 1
    In August of '05 I gave my local chevrolet dealership a $1000 deposit for a 2006 corvette convertible. At the time, the 06 pricing was not available so a deal was worked for $2500 off whatever MSRP was going to be. I checked in with the dealership a week ago and all they could tell me was that chevrolet had accepted the order and that they could not give me a build date. The dealership guaranteed me that they had allocation and that it would be 8-12 weeks for delivery. My question is what can I do to ensure that I am not getting jerked around? Is there some kind of tracking number or build number that the dealer should be able to give me? I am getting concerned due to '06 convertibles showing up at other dealers although the only '06s that they have received is one coupe and one Zo6
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    The dealer gets a report that shows what allocations they have coming; I think it is over 30 days out. Ask to see the report, they know when they will get a C6 allocation. Every Thursday the dealer gets his assigned/scheduled C6 allocation(s) for the next target production week (approx 4-6 weeks in the future) and the order has to be placed by the following Tuesday or he loses the allocation(s)

    Your order number has a status/event number assigned to it by GM that changes as your order moves through the production process

    1100-Order placed at dealer
    1101-Order accepted by GM
    2001-Order generated to dealer
    2005-Order replaced with GM Prospec order
    2050-Order changed
    2500-Order sent to production, preferenced
    3000-Order accepted by production control
    3100-Order available to sequence (now the tpw becomes more stable)
    3300-Order selected for production by assembly plant
    3400-Order broadcasted for production
    3800-Vehicle produced
    4150-Vehicled invoiced to dealer
    4200-Vehicle shipped
    5000-Vehicle delivered to dealer
    6000-Vehicle delivered to customer

    Note, that 1100 and 1101 just means the order was entered into the system. Any dealer can enter an order even if they will never get an allocation. GM doesn't do anything to stop this practice. As you can see things aren't real until you get to 3000 which means the dealer has an allocation, it was assigned to your order, and the factory has scheduled it to be built. So if your order gets status 3100 on Tuesday if will take 30 days to show up.

    I went through the order game with a local dealer. They took my order telling me they had an allocation hoping they could pickup an allocation from another dealer or stall me until the end of the year when they might get another allocation. After 60 days of pounding sand I figured out the game. Luckily I was able to find a better deal with another dealer on an in-stock car.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    Can one buy a corvette new with the "GMS" program now? someone in our group mentioned this but my local dealer said that all employee prices for all customers ended on Sept. 30th and "Corvette was never on GMS program!!

    Please give me more details. I'm in D.C. area.

    One other question, how bad is it getting in and out with top up for someone who has serious back problems (and sciatica) and who is about 60 lbs overweight?

    I'm thinking that the side bolsters will probably be my biggest obstacle?

    Thanks, Reddog
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