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Diesel Fuel Economy and chips



  • I have a 1999 Dodge Ram Quad cab, 4X4, Laramie 2500 diesel with 246,000 miles on it. Have never done any extras to the engine so far, but now would like to pull a 5th Wheel RV for a couple of seasons before selling the pickup or trading in on a new one. The trailer weighs about 14,000 lbs with all gear, tanks full, etc. What 'chip' or other features can I add to this engine to give me that extra power needed? In addition, can/should I do anything to the transmission/rear end? Thanks for the helpful info.
  • I am thinking about buying an 06 Dodge mega cab Diesel, how has the cummins been from a reliability stand point ?
  • Cummins compaired to what? tractor truck. I know to many people with 7.3 powerstokes not standing up to much towing. The only thing is i`ve read mercadies is going to stop on cummins 2007 i believe so get one while you can.cummins says it`ll run over 300,000 miles inbetween over haul. I think its the best motor on the market. After all cummins knows how to buildem.
  • The new Common Rail Cummins has not been out for long enough for me to get a good feel as to how long it will be reliable. The older 12 valve was as reliable as you can get, I have seen them at over 400,000 miles and the engine still runs good. My dad has a 24 valve that has 250,000+ miles on it and still runs good.
  • You can put on high flow air filters and exhaust, injectors, and turbo modifications. As for a "chip", I prefer power modules that go after the computer than a simple chip that goes in the computer and just increases fuel flow. On the 98.5-02 Cummins Quadzilla will have a $349 XZT towing module that adds 60Hp or $499 adjustable Xzilleraider that adds up 120Hp, these should be out by the start of the new year.
  • I agree with everything tom250ibs stated! I have also heard the rumors that ALL the diesel truck motors are switching hands. The biggest rumor is that Caterpillar is coming into the ball game with one of the big 3 manufactures trucks. Caterpillar also knows how to build them (if they will build them in the US). My opinion on mileage is this: I would think you could easily get over 300,000 on a Cummins, if you take care of the recomended PM's.
  • I know, i should be up on my news better, but who`s cat going with? I like cats also, not quit as much as cummins.
  • Keep in mind that these rumors have been flying for several years. However, it is no secret that GM and CAT have been in bed together for quite a while. So my only guess is GM will bring it out, if it ever comes to the table? There is also small talk of International possibly coming into the picture. I love it, all these guy's know diesels, unlike 2 of the big 3 trying to make thier own diesels or contracting a Japenese (Isuzu-GM) to make it for them. If you search hard enough on the internet you can find some very small talk on this subject. Rumors, rumors, who knows if any of this will ever come to light? All I do know is this: I sure would hate to see Cummins leave, they have the best engine in the market place at the present! Hopefully worst case with Cummins, is they would switch over to another manufactures truck.
  • Thanks I am thinking of buying a 06 mega cab pickup with the 5.9 engine, I have been impressed with what I have read. JM
  • Check out Bd Forum Site. To tell you the truth i`m really impressed with my dodge, i`ve no regrets in buying that truck really like it, so i geuss i`ll say if you deside on one i hope you like it as much as i like mine. Merry Christmas!
  • Need to return the Ford. This unit should be getting at least 15 average. Seems there has been some modifications that are reducing the fuel economy. My 2005 Ram gets 19 around town and 19 to 22 on the highway. Mostly 19.5 at 75+ mph. Under 70, 21.
  • Sick Ford? MY 2005 Ram gets 13 to 14 towing a 23" twin engine offshore boat loaded with 150 gallons of fuel. Around town, 19, under 70 on the highway 21 is not out of the question. Power strokes and Chevys trend to get less fuel economy than the Cummins. I work for Diamler Chrysler and the Mercedes diesel in the Dodge Sprinter passanger vans will get 21 on the highway. I think Chrysler has got the diesel edge.
  • The power train is all mercedes.
  • Any one tried a super chip 3805 for a 2005 - 2006 Dodge 2500 with the Cummins? I have a an 05 and get 18.5 around town, 19.5 @ 75mph on the interstate. 14 mpg towing a 23' offshore boat. Also interested in the exhaust temps. My boat weights about 5500lbs and this is the heaviest load I would ever tow. I do know in 2007, the exhaust temps will rise on the class 6,7 8 diesel trucks due to the EPA regulations. Some exhaust temps as high as 1300 degrees. Not sure how this will play into the pick up industry.
  • There is also small talk of International possibly coming into the picture. Internation already make the ford powerstroke and have done for several years and are now helping ford develop a new 6.4l powerstroke for 07. internation engine will never ever even touch a cummins or even a cat
  • I installed my Quadzilla XZT2 last night on my 2005 Cummins,and boy does this make a difference! I immediately felt a huge HP gain when it sucks you against the seat. Here is the real kicker; I reset my mileage meter and made a trip of 48 miles city and highway averages. I usually average between 17 and 19 MPG. I was averaging 25 MPG last night! Huge difference! At this moment, highly recommended purchase. I will keep you posted if I see any problems or if my mileage falls off.
  • I installed a Super Chip 3805 Last week and made a trip to Charleston S.C. Installed the power performance tow program and averaged 24.6 mpg down the hill at 75 mph and 23 mpg back up the hill to Charlotte running 75 plus. Very pleased with the power as well. Ran upon a slow vehicle and punched throttle to pass and thought I was loosing it. The shift pattern is more smooth and responsive.
    Diesel 8
  • Hey All I bought a new 05 quad cab 4x4 big horn edition cummins 5.9. LOVE IT. It now has 12000 miles on it. I put a two inch leveling kit on the front end and put 35 inch bfg mud terrain tires under it. I am putting the EDGE juice attitude and the quadzilla air intake on it I will let you know what kind of performance I get and fuel mileage I am getting with it when I am not driving it like I stole it.
  • What's the secret? I have a 2004 Dodge 2500 with the Cummins and I average about 15.5 MPG at 75. I am running good pressure in my tires and the only weight I carry around is my front end bumper replacement grille gaurd. Currently my truck has 30,000 miles and I have not seen an increase. I have heard of people getting 20+ mpg without a chip and now have read it on the forum.

    I am about to sell my truck because of gas mileage alone. Please, what's wrong?
  • I do know that a 2004 4x4 will average low mileage like this. If it is a 4x4, put locking hubs on it and add a Quadzilla Chip for around $299. I hope you are not selling this truck and buying a Ford for better mileage? Ford is the worst one out of all the diesel trucks for mileage (not ragging on Ford's, just a fact). I have heard that the Chevy Duramax can beat all of them on mileage. I am still averaging awesome mileage with my chip! I know it has taken me close to +5MPG. I pulled 2 1,400# steers with a 16 foot WW around 140 miles yesterday. I was still averaging 19 MPG (OD=18,565) 2005 Cummins. I also beat an old Acura off the line with the empty trailer behind me. (started smoking the tires and I let off)
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