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Need Help in finding Aftermarket Parts



  • mk259mk259 Posts: 1
    so i just got a 2001 protege, and i'm wondering if there are any online sites that anyone KNOWS and TRUSTS to order parts from such as body kits, intakes, etc. i live in Hawaii so it's not like i can just drive to a parts dealer and find what i'm looking for,(its a rock and there ain't to many on it).
  • liquidousliquidous Posts: 3
    Hey , it was coincidence i saw this post, but make sure you check out the post i just posted about MQVP Parts. make sure you either get the MQVP parts or OEM parts.

    theres a lot of hokey pokey going on out there.
    i think we the consumers ought to start sounding out about it. we're being ripped off left and right.

    good luck finding those parts
  • I need to find weather stripping for my rear hatchback and wiper strips for both doors for 1981 Ford Escort SS. Everywhere I looked on line for parts did not even have windows listed much less the strips needed around them. Can anybody give me some ideas on where to look? Thanks. Vicki
  • marcinasmarcinas Posts: 1
    :shades: Does anyone know where I can get replacement visors? I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant s and can't find anything on the net. Please help!!!
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,069
    Okay - This is probably a lost cause question, but..... Are there any performance mods that I can do to the 3.4 in an 04 Impala? It does all right and it gets fairly good gas mileage, but it only produces 180 hp and 180 ft lbs of torque. I am fairly certain the 3.4 is a punched out version of the 3.1 so maybe there isn't much more that can be done to the motor?
  • will a walboro 255 fuel pump for a 1999 eclipse fit a 2000 mitsubishi galant ive got a turbo kit on it and i need a high flow fuel pump. if it wont does anyone no of one that will.
  • u could try ebay thats bout the only place i no of
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