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  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    can be installed and be VERY quiet.....great sleeper potential.

    You don't have to follow me in the "I'm from Texas, I have to have loud Flowmasters" train of thought....
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    Quiet is good, I like quiet. Well, I wouldn't say my car is quiet-quiet, but at idle or low speed it's very mellow.

    Maybe I can FIND an LT-1 or trade for it. I'll need an injected motor because I'll never pass smog with a carburetor. I bet with a late model injected motor I could pass 1980 Porsche emissions standards without a catalytic.

    California allows you to "upgrade" a motor (to a newer year) but theoretically then you have to pass the standards for the motor, not the car.

    Question is, will the crazy Russians who run the local smog station be able to tell a Porsche V-8 from a Chevy? I guess it depends how well you clad it with plastic pieces. But I could play it straight and probably be okay.

    It would be an interesting car to drive, but not technically so interesting as a SC ohc motor.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    Yeah but Renegade Hybrids don't make a kit for that one. You'd have to pioneer it yourself and that's scary.
  • Hey Mr Shift Right, where are you located at? We have 2 converted 928's so if you are interested we can off some insight.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    I'm in San Francisco Bay Area. Mine is the red one with the nasty exhaust noise. Do you have photos of the conversion you can post?

    Not too many red 5-speed 928s around anymore. Mostly I see white and gray and black.
  • This has both cars. The exhaust that you see is whisper quiet until you give it substantial throttle, and then it sounds mean. The yellow just hit 0-60 in 4.2 this weekend with substantial tire slip. I'm guessing high 3's with some drag radials.

    We are in Minneapolis, but if you have any questions let me know.

  • Oops, sorry.

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  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    The cars are awesome but I can't have hood scoops, that's defintely out.
  • wampa1wampa1 Posts: 2
    Just move to Florida. No emissions standards.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    No, that's TWO things I can't bear to do! LOL!!!

    I'm thinkin' "stealth" here....the car has to look stock.
  • The hood isn't necessary if you go fuelie, the lt-1 fits under there nicely, we went carb for lack of complexity.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    Yeah, I'd need to have FI, I would never pass smog with carburators where I live. I think Renegade will sell the injection wiring harness, too. I'd also like the fuel economy that comes with FI.
  • Well, I guess with todays gas prices, fuel economy is pretty important, I only get about 7 miles to the gallon, and I try to put 110 in even though it runs perfectly well on 92. OUCH
  • Achieved while travelling across state. This is after topping off with 93 the morning after running a 12.5 in the quarter the night before in my stealth 325i. Gotta love it.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    DJ FunkMaster Flex has a new project - two, in fact. He's customizing a 2006 Ford Fusion and a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup, both to be part of his multi-city 2005 FunkMaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show.

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  • purrnakpurrnak Posts: 4
    So I have a car which is fun to work on because it's so simple. yes you guessed it. A free hyundai pony 1986 1.4 yay for the lack of power.

    Okay the mods I've done to it.
    1. run elwire along the dash and behind the meters (yes blinks to the music)
    2. mp3 stereo
    - Massive amp
    - 2x 12" Sony Xplode subs (waste of money buy something else and save $)
    - 2x 9" 100 watt rms mids for the doors
    3. Cathodes around the spearkers, under the seats, in front of the gear shifter Reds
    4. Modified the ashtray to be the controler board for all the lights and to switch the amp on and off
    (Yes this is a pony I'm talking about now stop laughing)
    5. Cleaned up the engine and replaced all the hoses and most of the cables
    6. Battery swap unit that allows for 2 batters and the ability to recharge them both without having to switch anything over.
    7. stearing wheel and seat covers (yes the all important red seat covers and floor mats) Improved the look of the car by 1000x

    I say again, YES it is a pony I'm talking about.

    Mods I want to do to it. I'll split this into "has a purpose" and "No reason really"

    Has a purpose:
    a) I want to put a straight pipe exhaust in and change the muffler. Not sure how yet
    b) Change the muffler tip/exhaust pipe in some way. I want to split the pipe and redirect the outputs to be wider and distort the noise a bit. I'm still learning about how the exhaust system works.
    c) I want to add a new speaker box so it fills the trunk with a lift cover so I can stash stuff under it. Can't explain this one very well.
    d) I want to add mags but because it's a pony my options are pretty limited until I found out how difficult it would be to change the mounting system. Right now it looks like 4 x 100's but I found some nice mags that are 5x something. I also have to look into conversion plates.

    No purpose at all:
    a) Put a wing on it. Not one you just buy in a box, but one I make myself that only has a look and no real purpose (yes it's a pony)
    b) Once I get new rims I want to pain the calipers and light them up
    c) under lights
    d) flame thrower out the front (Not as hard to build as you might think)
    e) Lower the car ( will probably do this one but don't know enough yet )

    So um.. that's my big Toy Free junk yard parts makes this crap doable and fun.

    And yes I hear a lot of laughter.

    Any ideas what I could do to it? It's all a learning experience on this car so if I mess up, I don't really care. Oh and I beat quite a few cars off the line. I don't have the top spead of most civics but I can tick most of them off by getting across the intersection first.

    (okay you can stop laughing now.)
  • Sounds like an extensive project. I wish you the best. I'm not so sure you need to necessarily go to a 5 lug pattern on those mags. The aftermarket is too huge. Try calling the company. You'd be surprised as to how much help they're willing to give you if you explain what your intentions are as to your project.

    As far as your performance is concerned, I'd make sure that the fuel system was running strong. For a mid-eighties Korean vehicle, that Pony is surprisingly reliable. Just go for Higher octane gas and clean up the exhaust system as best you can.

    Best of luck to you.
  • ponypowerponypower Posts: 2
    ok i also have a pony one of 3 and it had a snowboard spoiler on it a a light bar with 4 lights on it and a tip about 6 inchs in dia and a foot long also with a 1.4 liter revs to 7200 rpm no joke but im lookin how to put a 350 in to it so if u have any info how to do that i will very great full but ya good luck with your pony they never die just to let u no
  • sepulsepul Posts: 1
    Hey, this is my first post, and i was just wondering where i could find a used Integra Type-R chassis as the foundation of my project car. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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