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Ford Mustang (2005) vs. 2005 Pontiac GTO



  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    Again, if it makes you feel better, believe what you will. I've driven both. I proved it to myself. I come from the bracket racing (and plenty of autox, too) world. The difference between either the '04 GTO (1/10th or two slower) or the '05 GTO (1/10th or two faster) than the Mustang GT is still insignificant anywhere else other than a closed track.

    From the sounds of your posts, I suspect you've yet to be on a anything.

    Trying to take a swipe at the Mustang as somehow being a "lower quality" car is just nonsense.

    Drive what you like, though. That's always the case.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    You should have drove it.
    It's a blast to drive - just steppin on that accelerator and getting that incredible response - is a total rush.
  • minerkminerk Posts: 5
    I doubt I'd get any better feel out of it than I do my Mustang, I don't think a tenth or two would feel any different, especially stuck in traffic around town... I did step on the accelerator, and it did sound sweet and powerful. Notice I never said it wasn't a good car, and didn't bash it in any way, do I think it has a better interior than the mustang? yep, do I think it has a better exterior? Nope--YMMV, do I think there's a huge difference in performance? Nope. Would I buy one? No--again, YMMV.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    You really need to review the sales stats on the GTO for 2005. The vehicle is near sold out on the West Coast. You stated the sales in May were 1,100 units, even if it was at that number the sales expectation was nearly met and I know that GM is selling more than 1,000 units basically per month. You are also way wrong on the numbers for total sales for '05. That total was reached in the beginning of the 1st quarter. The GTO is not falling way behind the mark as you have stated. It is exceeding sales expectations, and if its nearly sold out on the West Coast then I am quite sure its doing fine elsewhere in places such as Florida and Texas. Get your facts straight.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    The problem is lot of people don't understand that 0-60 in 4.6 or 4.7 seconds in the GTO is a vast difference in performance with a 0-60 in 5.1 or 5.2 seconds in with the Mustang GT. Trust me, that is a big difference and when you look at the 1/4 mile times the GTO simply wipes out the Mustang GT, flat out wipes it out at 13.00 seconds @ 108 MPH whereas the Mustang GT is 13.99@99 MPH. That is like a million galaxies apart when it comes to performance. Also take into some consideration the GTO is much heavier than the Mustang GT because it has a bit more sophisticated internals such as IRS. Stop reading the magazines, and go try one out.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    The truth is the Camaro is not coming back. That was simply a rumor. Yeah, go ahead and void your warranty. The fact is the GTO owner doesn't need to do any modifications of any sort that could ruin his or her warranty. Sure some dealers are installing headers, etc, but that is under their warranty and I'd like to see the repercussions of a dealer lets say you move somewhere else honor that warranty or even the factory warranty for that matter. Superchargers aren't cheap, and the fact you have to pay for labor to have a professional install it, you still come up a bit short in cash and prolly close what you pay for the extra costs GTO (not to mention warranty issues). GTO owners get a nice fat 3 3/4 dual exhaust pipes, no mods needed, they get a bitchin' 6.0 liter torque and horsepower monster at 400 HP and 400 FT LBS without resorting to aftermarket. So if you add in that Supercharger and expect 450 HP off a 300 HP 4.6 liter engine, I think you are being lied to. Superchargers require hp from the engine, so it bleeds some of the performance before you get more performance. I sincerely doubt you'll get that 450 HP at the rear wheels on a Supercharged Mustang GT (more like 345 to maybe 350 HP). The GTO owner if he or she supercharged their GTO, yes, absolutely 450 HP right to the rear wheels.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    1/10th of a second is big at 108 MPH. The Mustang was so close to 14.00 at a paltry 99 MPH. Not that its bad performance, it actually great, but the fact is the GTO beat the Mustang GT in both 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. Just because the GTO has 400 HP/400 FT LB don't expect a blistering 12.00 second 1/4 mile times and sub 4.0 to 3.0 second 0-60 times. Heck the supecharged Ford GT is rated at 3.5 seconds in 0-60 and it has 550 Horsepower. Its fast, but at 150 extra horses in comparison to the GTO's 400 HP and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds you would think the Ford GT should be pulling 3.0 seconds at Zero to Sixty dead on. For all its worth the GTO is a performer, maybe not a looker, but a dammed good car for the money and the quality is the best I have ever seen from GM (though its Holden who actually builds the car). Its a lot more comfortable than the Mustang GT too.
    The Mustang performs well enough and looks fabulous, but until the new GT500 Shelby arrives it will get eaten up alive by Subaru's WXRi and Pontiac's GTO.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    :surprise: really. Ironic that the automatic GTO is faster than the manual and yet the manual GTO does outperform the Mustang GT from all the stats. It really depends on the driver in terms of shifting, but the auto GTO will consistently beat the snot out of the Mustang GT on any given day no matter who is driving.
  • victor6victor6 Posts: 7
    Only the GTO is comparible to the M3 with 4.6 to 4.7 Zero to Sixty times. The Mustang GT is still in 5.1 to 5.2 Zero to Sixty territory. Not shabby, but still beat by the imports. :P
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    The GTO owner if he or she supercharged their GTO, yes, absolutely 450 HP right to the rear wheels.

    Best part about the LS2 is that the engine has SOOO much potential. It doesn't even need a blower. An LS2 with a hot cam, headers and a free flowing air intake would put down 450rwhp. That's another reason I'd pick the GTO, just for the mod potential. PCM, too. Where's the tools to tune a Ford PCM? Maybe OBD-I fox body mustangs but who cares about those.
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    but the auto GTO will consistently beat the snot out of the Mustang GT on any given day no matter who is driving.

    I think so too, although I can generate a few instances where the GTO wouldn't always win. I haven't been to the drag strip in years. I should go this summer (New England Dragway in Epping, NH) and see what the GTOs and Mustangs run. I'd also like to see if I can pull a sub-14 second 1/4 mile in my Camaro. It would be fun to run heads up against an 05 Mustang GT - and win. But I think they have a power to weight advantage on my Camaro. I'm at 275hp stock, around 3400lbs. I'll be looking at close to 300 with the cheap intake I made and the exhaust I'll be putting on. Still a slight disadvantage I think.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    I drive in downtown San Francisco all the time.
    Traffic don't get much heavier than that and I still get a thrill out of it.
    I love red lights and blowing people away. Most folks on the road don't have a clue about the GTO's power and it is a fairly sedate looking car (unless you have a red or yellow one - mine is black). I constantly have other drivers - from BMW's to Honda's, (Mustangs included), thinking they will surpass me so it's fun to blow them away at stop lights.
    I'm not knocking the Mustang in the least - nice cars, but I love my GTO.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    'Its really odd how you say its a lower quality car. You say lower quality, the sales of them say otherwise.'

    I guess that means the VW Beetle beats the Mustang, eh?
  • tracertracer Posts: 1
    Does it really matter which car has more horsepower or which one will is quicker in the 1/4. GM has no idea how to market this car (or any of their car's for that matter). For instance, the closest dealership to my house is a Pontiac dealership and I have only seen one on their lot and that was when I went inside the showroom to see what all the hype was about. The Ford dealership sells their mustangs too fast to bother with bringing them into the showroom. They park them out by the street where you can actually SEE them. Ford sold 60,000+ Mustangs in the first third of the year while Pontiac sold 3,000+ GTO's in the first quarter of the year. Yeah I know 75% of those Mustangs were V6's, but that means Ford still sold 4 times as many GT's as Pontiac did GTO's. The fact that Ford is smart enough to sell a V6 ensures that the Mustang will be around for another 40 years. We'll see if the Goat is around for another 10 years when this first round is worn out.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    I don't get your point.
    What difference does it make if it's around in 10 years?
    How does that pertain to the issue of which car is better?
    Just because the Mustang appeals to the masses, that does not mean it is a better car. Like I said earlier, if that is the basis upon which you judge which is the better car - then the VW Beetle, Honda Oddesy, Jeep Cherokee, SUV's ad nauseam - would beat the Mustang hands down.
    Trendy & popular does not equal superior.
    I think we can all agree that GM did a poor job of marketing but perhaps they did not want the GTO to interfer with their Corvette sales.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    I think you're stretching the truth just a bit. I've NEVER seen any independent test have any GTO @ 4.6 secs 0-60. Also, I think the f independent sources have the GTO between 4.8 secs-5.4 secs 0-60 and 13.3-14.0 in the 1/4s (includes '05s and '04s)

    '05 Mustang has been tested 0-60 from 4.9 secs to 5.4 secs.....pretty much indentical to the GTO. 1/4s have run from 13.5-14.0 secs....again, almost identical to the GTO, regardless of whether the GTO was an '05 or an '04.

    Believe what you will.

    But, if you like your car, you don't need my approval for it. Drive what you like.
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    Ford sold 60,000+ Mustangs in the first third of the year while Pontiac sold 3,000+ GTO's in the first quarter of the year. Yeah I know 75% of those Mustangs were V6's, but that means Ford still sold 4 times as many GT's as Pontiac did GTO's.

    Ahem, check your math... :)
    5 times as many.
  • If I herd right, Shelby's gonna slap his name on the back of some 2006 cobras?
    Yeah I know you Ford guys are goin yeeehaa, right, spare me.

    Shelby gets much respect from me, but really, is Ford gonna milk his name fer everything its worth? You bet. Its plasterd all over the May issue Moter Trend, not that im suprised or impressed for that matter. What I can say for sure? This, If GM can scrap up enough mollah, Poniac's gonna drop the Judge or the Stinger (have a little peak at it on google) More than likely, its gonna be just a little bit faster than the GT 500, and Dodge is droppin the supercharged version of the Charger (big whoop.)

    The race to 500hp begins next year, The million dollar qeastion is, Who's gonna be on top?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    While the Ford plant is not finished building Mustangs, they pretty much have orders for all 190,000 that will be built for the '05 MY (either via individuals or via dealer orders). Of that, roughly 30% will be GTs. I'm sure that number is a little higher by maybe a few percentage points, but let's stick with the 30% number to make it easy.

    That means about 57,000 GTs will be delivered in the '05 MY.....the vast majority of them have been/will be sold at MSRP or above. Orders for '06s have been strong. That means demand will keep the price around MSRP for at least the first several months the '06s go on sale (should be sometime late Sept/early Oct). No doubt there will be another price increase for '06. That means resale for those of us who bought '05s should be good.

    While Ford isn't the model of fiscal strength right now, they do have some "hits" on their hands (Mustang, Escape, the 500 will easily outsell last year's Taurus). Ford has had their "duds", too (thunderbird comes to mind).

    GM has just announced a reduction in force by about 25,000 workers. That means, inevitably models, if not whole divisions have to be cut. While I hope this doesn't happen, I'd suspect the GTO which will sell about 11,000-12,000 units for the '05 MY, is in serious jeapordy along with models like the SSR.

    That said, the deals on GM vehicles are so good right now, I may relegate my Vibe to a family member and get a decent size truck or SUV for a great price (with GMS + rebates). I'm thinking an Envoy here.

    That said, Toyota, Ford, Honda and Jeep aren't sitting on their laurels. They are offering cash back (either secretly or blatantly) that makes it look like they'll match GM, dollar for dollar.

    With just a few phonecalls, I've been able to get pricing near $25K for a 4X4 GC Laredo, GMC Envoy, Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot LX.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    More importantly, C&D says the GT500 will do 0-60 in 4.0 secs flat.....13.0 flat 1/4, .98 on the skidpad, at least 475HP (maybe more) and cost $39K, totally loaded.. Hard to argue those numbers.

    I doubt GM is going to do anything other than make bread and butter high volume trucks and cars with a cut of 25,000 workers and shutting down plants in the next couple of years.
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