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Chrysler Crossfire / Crossfire SRT-6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sleukemsleukem Posts: 22
    Anyway, I paid.............drumroll............................$23,000 plus tax for it. I could not pass up that deal. It was the very last 04 they had and were really trying to get rid of it.

    That is a heck of a deal!!!! I was looking at a 2004 w/automatic transmission in blaze red with 4,068 miles. The dealer won't go below $29,000!!! Some people have all the luck!! :P
  • sassy6sassy6 Posts: 1
    Crossfire/srt lovers..or will be lovers! Are you on the east coast..maryland? looking for a real sweet deal on a srt any suggestions on dealers..will travel a few miles or so for a real deal. hit me
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,827
    Were you motivated to go car- or truck-shopping because of the employee discount deals? If so, a reporter wants to talk with you.
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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Chrysler Crossfire. Thanks.

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  • jiw2jiw2 Posts: 4
    Hi, we are trying to find a good lease deal on a black Crossfire in the Denver area. We've dealt with one dealership so far... they are currently offering an employee-rate deal, which brings the sale price (according to them) down to $37681. They said there are also $3000 in rebates available right now (a $1000 rebate plus a $2000 rebate). The quote we have gotten so far is the following: Based on the after-rebate sale price of $34681, a 3-year lease, 12000 miles/year, and no down payment: $575/month (includes taxes for our location).

    Does this sound reasonable, good, bad? Thanks very much.
  • Sounds high to me.What model are you looking at??
    In Ohio a Limited with nav, all season tires and two tone interior has a lease of $408 a month for 39 mo with a a lease turn in incentive, $1000 cash back and about $3000 price reduction for a 2005.
    An SRT is way higher. No deal on these.
  • jiw2jiw2 Posts: 4
    This is for a 2005 Crossfire Limited Roadster with auto transmission (also has GPS nav, two-tone interior, and ASP tires). Latest offer is $498/month (including all taxes) and no cash due at signing whatsoever... in other words, they'll also make the first payment for us, so we only make 35 payments instead of 36. (This is a 3-year lease, 12,000 miles/year). Sound a lot better, I'm guessing? Pretty fair, or still not good enough?
  • Hi jiw2. Good job at negotiating, the second quote that you received on a lease of this car is much better than the first one was. It is interesting that the dealer that you are working with was able to lower your car's payment so much, since the employee pricing program supposedly charges a fixed price for vehicles. Perhaps they were marking-up Chrysler Financial's base lease money factor in an effort to make back-end profit on your initial quote. I would be happy to calculate a sample lease payment on the car that you are interested in using Chrysler Financial's actual lease program for you if you provide me with a little more information. I need to know the full MSRP of the Crossfire that you want, as well as if its selling price is still the same as the one that you initially mentioned.

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  • jiw2jiw2 Posts: 4
    Just to update, I've actually got an offer now for $474/month, all other terms exactly as previously stated (no cash due at signing whatsoever, no first month's payment, so only 35 payments, etc.). Again, this is for a Limited Roadster with GPS nav, two-tone, and ASP tires. 3-year lease, 12000 miles/year. It looks like I'm going to go with this offer, barring something unexpectedly negative when seeing the car for the first time. Thanks for the info, Car_man... I don't know the full MSRP on the car, but I guess I could ask. There have been multiple dealerships involved in this negotiation... this particular one was never at the $575 monthly payment. It was at $519 at one point, though, and that was also with a significant amount due at signing (I believe $760, which included a first month's payment). So there has been a major change even on this car.
  • I leased my black roadster in michigan in june 539.98 down and 39 payments of 336.98 and i love the car the only thing it need is the wheels which i changed and put on evil twins 18 in front and 20 in rear makes the car stand out and at 26mpg it is fun! Brighton chysler in michigan is where i got it
  • You're very welcome jiw2. Good job on negotiating down this car's payment further.

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  • Car_Man,

    I posted this in the Car Leasing forum but I was informed to post this here as well. Sorry about the double post.

    Is Chrysler offering any lease support on the 2005 Crossfire Limited with auto trans? Interested in leasing one 15k miles year. Any hot 24/36/39 month deals going on for this model? What kind of res. and MF are we looking at? And any lease cash available?

  • Anyone? Has Car_Man disappeared?
  • I'm still here, kmouradian. These new lease discussions have created a tremendous amount of traffic that I am trying to keep up with. You never mentioned whether you are interested in leasing a Chrysler Crossfire Coupe Limited or Roadster Limited. DaimlerChrysler is currently providing lease support on both. Its most attractive lease term for these cars is probably 36 months. If you were to lease a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe Limited through Chrysler Financial right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00173 and 54%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a Crossfire Roadster Limited should be .00173 and 57%. DaimlerChrysler is currently providing $1,000 lease cash on both of these cars, plus it is giving dealers two $1,000 coupons that can be used on Crossfire purchases or leases for the rest of the year. Dealers are not obligated to use these coupons on your deal, but since you know about them you should be able to get them to do so.

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  • the last lease I had (10 years ago) had a base lease payment PLUS taxes. Does that still hold true today? When a dealer quotes a lease payment does it include the taxes? Florida???
  • I just purchased a loaded SRT 6 coupe for 37400, if you are still in the market let me know and I can give you some help...The secret is Detroit. They are all over the place out there and the dealers NEED to deal. I am east coast and it was a nice drive home in my new car
  • HI martin6. Dealers can quote you a lease payment for the vehicle that you want including taxes or before taxes. Make sure to ask the dealer that you are working with exactly what any lease payment that they quote you includes. The methods for calculating sales tax on leased vehicles vary from state to state. In Florida, I believe that the state taxes the payment and down payment of leased vehicles. You may be able to find out more information on how sales tax is calculated in your area by visiting the following sites: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or State of Florida Department of Revenue.

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  • I am in the market for an SRT-6, possibly the roadster, and am also on the east coast but willing to travel for the right car. What should I know that you learned in your Detroit experiences?
  • cmdr17cmdr17 Posts: 5
    I work for DaimlerChrysler in the midwest and can assure you that dealers are very eager to make a deal on any crossfire you want. Post a reply on this forum with your email address and what type you're looking for. I'll get back to you. I was told by a dealer I work with that he let a 2004 coupe go for about 23K. The coupe (limited) is the one the dealers are particularly interested in moving.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,708
    No e-mail addresses in the forums please...

    Just post any info you have here... Dealership names and locations only...

    For a reference point, there is a dealer in Cincinnati that is advertising SRT Roadsters for $10K off of MSRP... About $40K after discount... And Limited Roadsters for $9K off of MSRP... which is around $31,500 after discount..

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