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Chrysler Crossfire / Crossfire SRT-6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    WILMA STAYS.....they agree to check for $16.4K ...I fix.
  • 500 miles !... that car's engine is broken in already )
  • Well got to do a lot of learning with this car.. Can't believe how perfect this one is.. Did find one minor flaw the day/nite switch on the mirror was broken.. Call the dealer in the morning and order another one.. The 7-70K powertrain warranty is transferrable so will do that also.. Got to say this is a funnnnn car.. Also mine came with some sort of really funky electric tire pump with a sealant canister.. All in all the best 15k I ever spent..
  • Are the prices posted on here for used or new crossfires?
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    Mine was a new 2008 with 17 miles on it. $17,000 OTD.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    So my final deal was 2008 auto nav $16,400 + found a great (I know these people) body shop to fix small fender dent for $866 = $17,266 .......wife drove it to work for 1st time today.....I detected "permagrin" on her face as she left!!

    Again.....BRAD (zq8)....THANKS!!!!!!!
  • Great. How was the Xfire automatic perform in the thick snow ( I know how bad it was in Illinois that day when you picked it up) ? Did yours have the All Season tires ?
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    We wisely drove up there in our Chevy HHR....not my 6 spd Crossfire.....because....that freaking Garmin sent us a route that would save us 20-30 miles as opposed to the more rational Yahoo map route.....BIG MISTAKE! It took us across mostly undivided snowy 2 lane highways, roads that were really closed & gravel & snow drifts, absolute nightmare going up from KC. We actually thought at one point we would die & never be found!!

    Coming back (Yahoo maps I-80 & I-35) was basically a dry snowless piece of cannot yet comment on the automatic XFire in snow.

    It has N filled Conti all seasons.

    Although it's her XFire, she had me drive it back & she drove the HHR back, cause she was concerned about knowing where all the controls (wipers-washer, etc.) whereas I have been driving one for over a year. The biggest problem I had was driving < 80 so I didn't lose her in the HHR. I'm not knocking the HHR....we've had nothing but good experience with it & are keeping it as a backup & to haul stuff in...only has 38,000 miles & XM, remote start, auto-dimming mirror, real nice. I had it up to 115 before & reset the driver info center to determine what kind of MPG it got at those speeds.....I guess everything sucks gas at 115?
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    Your welcome. Was Duane a nice guy in person ? He was to me over the phone.You should see these pictures of Wilma and my Blue car side by side. It looks so cool ! Send me a email and I will forward them to you.

  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Yes....he's a good fellow. It's the first time I've ever walked into a dealership & been offered a beer. I sent a message (your initials) that the correct address?
  • So was that a new never been unregistered car? I am asking because I approached a local dealer that had 6 new 08 limited auto coups (msrp 38k) and they wont come down past 27k.
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    Yes our two were 2 NEW 2008's that had a MSRP of $38,165 and we got the MSO with them. Never titled before. Had 14 and 17 miles on them !
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    Did NOT get your email. You need to go back to one of my PM's on the other forum and CLICK on my email address I posted in my messages, and send me one that way. You left out the underscore I bet. Just do it that way and I will look for it.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    ok, I'll try that.

    mine is in that didn't work!
  • Thanks for the reply.. What is "MSO" and would you mind sharing with me how you were able to get over 20k off of MSRP. I don't mean to be a bother, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it. I talked with another dealer 50 miles away from the first and he wouldn't budge past 27k either.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Brad is zq8, last week he posted a message that he got an 08 for 17K & named the dealership. The moderator removed his message quickly I think because he named the dealership (I think) cause an hour or 2 later I couldn't find his previous message.

    I jumped on the lead & contacted the internet sales manager there. I told him I would take the last one if I could get the same price as Brad....(they were advertised as about $20K). I have no idea how Brad managed to talk them down to $17K, I would never had had the guts to even make an offer that low had Brad not posted his fantastic price. I'm not sure about Brad's, but mine was called a stock reduction, & listed as a used car....Chrysler was the first name on the title or is it the dealership...I'd have to go any case mine had only 13 miles on the odometer. The did this ploy (I think) so that they would not have to give the Lifetime powertrain warranty...mine only has a 3 year 36K mile bumper to bumper that started in Dec. of 08...I can buy the Lifetime for about a grand if I want it.

    If you keep your eyes on these forums another such deal may pop up????

    Actually, before I left to go to Mendota....I contacted Olathe Chrysler (near KC), they would not match, they advertise about 12K off, but they sent me an e-mail yesterday....19,995 +250 fees. In this case you would get the lifetime warranty.
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    MSO= Manufactuers Statement of Origin.

    Our cars have NEVER been titled. They have Chrysler listed as the first owner ONLY ON THE CHRYSLER WARRANTY info. That's all. Chrysler only did that so they could write-off the current and future cost of the Lifetime Powertrain warranty. That way they could damn near give these last 15 , 2008 Crossfires away to the dealers. Chris, I bet they made a killing off us because I bet the dealers didn't have to pay over $10 K to $12K for these Stock Reduction Units. I just made an offer of $17,000 OTD and they took it. Hell I bet they would have taken alot less !
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Brad, did you send the pics yet?
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I see you've got N in your tires too, since it's minus 3.6 F this morning.....kinda nice...I guess the do that up north more so that the pressure doesn't fluctuate with the temp changes as much. Thanks for the pics.
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