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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz S-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Buying used, certified 2007 with low miles. Any suggestions ? Prices payed?
    Prices payed on new 2009?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I'm thinking to buy used too. If I understood it correctly, MB certified program does not help, because you get it only for 1 year or 100,000 mile, whatever comes first. of course, 1 year will come first, so there is no point to do it. I'm thinking to go to delear's action and buy 2 year old car with 25-30K on it. Realistically speaking you can buy this car for about 45K from MB finacial service line on action. Make sure you use green light cars only and check Carfax history of this car before you going to bit on it. MB original warranty is for 4 years or 50K miles, so you will drive another 2 years with warranty and then decide what to do with this car. Anyway it should be smart way to enjoy S-class. What do you think ?
  • alexanderk:
    >>Realistically speaking you can buy this car for about 45K from MB finacial service line on action<<

    Could you advise how to get to this MB "auction"?

    Thanks in advance,
  • You can go there with any dealer, who has a right to buy from there. Usually they charge about $500-$700 for this service plus all auction fees. You may do better deal. Where are you located. I'm in NY and we have no problem to find those guys.
  • I went to a MB dealer in NJ today, and was offered a left over 09 S550 4Matic with the following options for $76280 + Tax + Fees and the total is $82640 or so.

    - Premium II
    - IPod Integration
    - Bluetooth

    Is it a good deal?

  • I'm looking at 1 owner pvt party 31K miles P2, Flint/ Black S550. the car is out of the org war period; however, i can get an ext war from MB if I like for about 5k (7yr 100K). I can get the car for 43K. Thoughts on that price? I'm in the southwest. Great carfax, all records...meticulous guy.
  • blevan7blevan7 Posts: 2
    I have my 48 month lease coming to end shortly. Lease-end buyout option is $37k. The car is in excellent condition with under 30k miles! So, I am considering buying it out. Any ideas if this is a fair price? I did some quick checks, e.g. Edmunds TMV and it looks fair but may be I am missing something. It will be plus taxes and $150 fee to buy out. Most importantly, can the buyout price be negotiated with MB Financial? I mean has anyone had success with this? If I approach them, not sure what to tell them about the miles, they may like me returning it if they have an idea of its good condition and not negotiate the price at all.. Thanks.
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