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Ford Mustang GT vs C5 Corvette



  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The Mustang wasn't in my view at the time, actually as noted elsewhere on Edmunds I was lusting after an XK8 but at 6' 3" I couldn't get in the car and spent 9 months looking for the alternative. The Corvette wasn't even on my radar until one of our Plant Managers' who drives one noted that we made a key component for the Active Handling and I should "buy the product", like if I don't, who will? That got me to test drive one and that was all it took.
    Our daughter, out of college, got her own 2000 Mustang GT, Lazer Red with tan top and interior and I actually loved to drive it. With Flow Masters the common comment to me, was, 'is yours running'? The neighbors didn't think it was an issue so it was always nice when we heard her about a block away. Great sound, I grew up a Ford guy and then went to the dark side. :)
    Also having the one kid out of school and only two of us at home getting a two seater made great good sense. Did I mention it gets good mileage. ;)

    Please note, the wife now has her 2004 to go with my 2002 and we love corrupting all the local kids who see mostly MB and BMW around the neighborhood. :D
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    The '05 Stang looks pretty cool, but is perhaps a bit too retro and getting fatter every model up. Unless it is worlds different in handling, I would be more apt to buy a '98 GT(beautiful styling) or maybe one the flat sides '99-04 before getting something which may look more like a replicar. Not that is looks bad. Just my opion that retro styling hints are a good thing, but when it gets close enough why not get the real deal, as in 1968 car complete with chrome bumpers, and no fat lower lip sticking out front. Looks wise and performance wise, how can you beat a C5 Vette? Are they as practical; well likely not. They are beautiful cars, and it would be fun to be in a Corvette Club. That said, there are Mustang Clubs, the car sits higher, so it is easier to see around in traffic, and it is easier to be seen, and parts are cheaper. Buying a Stang for everyday use is a better choice. I love the sound that the GT puts out. The V6 with a proper setup sounds fair - actually the new Stang in V6 is better without mods. The new one is overpriced for GTs as there is limited supply. I would wait, if buying new, for the '06 and lower prices ahead. As for the article about the cool tach and speedometer, I do wonder how they could like it. The view is obstructed by the steering wheel. When they spread the two out, and put other gages in-between they screwed up the view. The old look, with the rounded dash looks much better anyway. And what is with the flat dash? I had that on my '65 Stang/Falcon original. It is 2005 get over it, and move on. I say, try a Stang a few years older, save $10 to 15K and buy more gas. :shades:
  • 442man442man Posts: 210
    ....."If you want a good looking, high performance, well put together muscle car, then the choice is the Mustang. There's nothing in between unless you want to get into the 350Zs, RX8s, Audi TTs, etc......"

    You forgot the GTO on that list which is actually just as cheap as the Mustang Dollar per horsepower. Both about $83 per horsepower. 350z, RX8, Audi TT are NOT musclecars. Real musclecars have a V8 engine.
  • 442man442man Posts: 210
    It's ok, but I'm not a fan of the retro look, if you wanted that buy a 1967 or 1968. Better to wait till 2006 to get a better price as demand drops and all the bugs get worked out of a first year model. Speaking of fatter... the GT500 for 2006 gains another 200+ pounds over regular Mustang GT. it will be nearly 3600+ lbs. I rented a V6 Stang in Vegas and was not impressed, could have used more power and the Explorer Derived V6 is on the crude-loud-unrefined sound when you are hard on the gas. The V8 is awesome, what a big dif. It should have ONLY come with the V8. The only way to go is the V8 for a Mustang, otherwise don't buy it. My opinion. The sad part is that 66% of 2004 Mustangs were V6.
  • 442man442man Posts: 210
    Most people don't cross shop the Mustang and Corvette. $25k vs $45k. I wanted a Corvette and would have bought, but needed a backseat so I ended up with the GTO which has the same 400hp LS2 and drivetrain from Vette. In the end I saved over $10k vs a Vette.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    He wanted to buy a new Stang or a used Vette. I would buy a used Stang. No reason to lose serious money as cars value takes a big hit, especially in the first two years time. As for the GTO, it may be an excellent used car. I still see no reason to pay $13,ooo for a larger engine. Would be a great car in the low 20k's to maybe 25K if ya need a larger engine to drag race on Saturday or something. I saw a Corvette for $39,999 last year as a close-out. That was around $4k off. I think the GTO last year was something like $5k off, which helps, though it is now a $21K trade-in value. Hope no one paid $5k over sticker, as they would feel pretty foolish around now. I can't see paying $25 to $32K for Mustang GTs, but to each his own. You can get pretty low mileage use Stangs for $15k to $20K. Heck, you may find a good lower mileage GT for around $12K as a private buy. - Loren
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    Loren....while I don't expect it to last, even used '05 Mustang GTs are fetching MSRP. My dealer tells me he's sold out of the first few months of '06 GT stock by people who couldn't get '05s. So, at least for the next serveral months, Mustang GTs will be in tight supply. Invariably, there will be a price increase for the '06s and Ford has already had a price increase since I ordered mine in Feb.

    So, for '05s and at least part of '06, used ones on the new platform should hold their value very well.

    I almost jumped on an '04 'vette towards the end of last year because they could be had for under $40K. But, I'm just as happy with the Mustang.
  • 442man442man Posts: 210
    Some have recently bought leftover 2004 GTO's for as low as $21k, great deal on a basically new 350hp car. Same thing, people that had to have GTO when it first came out were paying over MSRP, crazy! Just like some of the Mustang V8 owners now paying MSRP or higher. Crazy.

    Never pay MSRP for a car and never will. Wait for the 2nd or 3rd year when popularity drops and prices drop/incentives increase and the bugs of a 1st yr are worked out. But you are right, to each their own!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,896
    I see a gradual swing towards manufacturer's sticking to MSRP pricing. Just look at Scion and Mini....or any of the hybrids (including the Escape hybrid), MSRP is what you pay.

    I think because the Mustang GT is such a good car for such a good price, for that reason alone, you may not see much in the way of discounting in the foreseeable future. There's just no need since it offers so much at MSRP.

    My current "to the airport and back....hauling duties" car is a Vibe. I'm looking at a Scion Xb for no other reason that it gives me even more hauling capabilities and good MPG, that I might trade the Vibe for one.....AT MSRP, since it's such a good deal at that price.

    '04 'vettes were screaming bargains at under $40K last year. I think even at $45K+ for the '05s, is a good deal. The Mustang GT fits into the same category. You just can't find that blend of performance, utility, style, ride, handling, build at anywhere near it's price. That's why they've been selling so tremendously.
  • 442man442man Posts: 210
    Um no.. you can get a 2004 GTO with a 350hp 5.7L V8 for $22k or less and it has a backseat. That is the ultimate deal out there. Yes it can seat 4 adults comfortable unlike a Mustang.

    2005 Mustang GT will drop about 50% retail in the next 3 to 5 yrs like typical American cars. Sorry but, Consumer reports like me found it's interior to be cheap hard plastics-cheapness, that is why it starts at $19k. Esp that hard plastic flat interior. Have the 2005 GTO, interior/seats much nicer just as Car and Driver found them over the Mustang.
  • shillshill Posts: 15
    I think (correct me if I'm wrong - I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth) graphicguy's point was that the mustang is priced incredibly well. While you may find a 2004 GTO for under $22,000, it is listed as a $33,000 car. Asking a $7,000 premium over another car should definitely result in better quality materials. 22k is a phenomenal price for this car (clearly a better deal), but it is a 1/3 discount that (I think) cannot continue. If the 2005 models are given another 11k discount, there is no way a profit is being made - so why continue to produce it? That being said, the GTO is seen around here about as much as the Lotus Esprit. I am surprised I don't see more, especially since I can think of 3 GM buildings within 20 miles of where I spend most of my time. Rare is always cool - does any car from the 1980s or earlier ever not get your attention?

    The sticker price of the Mustang GT is the same as the G6 GT in Pontiac's lineup. Granted they aren't for the same market at all - but which is going to be viewed as a better deal? Roughly 100 more hp, a manual transmission, rear wheel drive, heritage, and about the same gas mileage as the G6 make the Mustang appear to be a steal. The MSRP is fair enough that discounts shouldn't be necessary for a while. If there are incentives by the 5th year, which is definitely within the realm of possibility, the car should be due for a redesign by that point (or shortly after) anyway.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Saw a new GTO for 27,785 today. Not bad I guess if ya really need the 6.0, but gosh that deal of $22K for a 5.7 sounds best to me. As for the Mustang GT, I think I would go for the previous model and save $$$. I like the interior and gages better on the previous model anyway. If reliable, the New Stang in a V6 looks like the best deal. Lower insurance rate, fair gas mileage with the stick, and lower cost to buy. 205HP in CA, ain't so bad. More than my '65 289 had. Why they put a flat skinny dash like a '65 and the round speedo and tach so far apart it can be seen well through the dash, I just don't know. Retro? Well it looks pretty good. Like the '68 a bit more, but still pretty good. It now has throttle-by-wire, which I don't want. It has electric windows that lower a inch and raise an inch on entry and exit, which is one more thing to go wrong. I may just get a used older one, if I go with a Stang again some day. The '98 looks great, and '99 on were tighter and better handling, along with adequate power. Not too much more in the torque dept. these days. Ah, everyone wants the new toys. I do see where the car is suppose to be an overall improvement in handling and quality. Usually these statements are overdone. Every model change is this or that best ever and blah, blah, blah. More techno stuff, usually means more problems. - Loren
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 154
    How can you compare apples to oranges?? The Corvette is a true American sports car. 2 seater vs. 4 seater..... An American icon vs. an American pony car....$50,000 vs. $25,000....Only 33,000 Corvettes produced a year compared to what 200,000 Mustangs a year....
    Sorry to me its an open and shut case. While the Mustang is a nice looking car with some decent numbers (for the GT), the Corvette is a legend.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    And I couldn't agree more. For those who think they get 90% of the performance for 50-60% of the cost, you haven't driven them back to back on the track. Now, admittedlly when you are limited to 65 or 70 mph, ok, you have a case but even a 350hp C5 is a screamer on the track vs. a stock GT Mustang. The handling, grip from bigger rubber, CG all compounds with the 20% HP advantage to make the Corvette 25-40% more capable. And given the price of a used C5 vs. a new GT that probably makes the Corvette a deal.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I am considering a Mustang GT Convertible (5sp) vs a pre-owned C5 Corvette. The C5 would probably be a coupe with removable roof. I plan on it being a daily driver.

    I live the advantages of the Mustang; new with warranty, back seat (small), price for new...... But it is not a Vette. The C5 would be, 03 with low miles for very similar money.

    Anyone have thoughts or experience to share???? "

    --end quote--
    Back to the original question of use as a daily driver. The Mustang will sit higher, and thus better in traffic. Cost of repairs lower with the Stang. And he would have a warranty. What he needs to add though is a roll bar, and that can be a hassle and costly to get one done right. As for the track or on the road, the Corvette wins every time. Heck a Camaro SS would win too. He could buy a used one. The Corvette is an icon, and they have lots of Vette Clubs, which is cool. It is not a simple car come time for repairs. You can buy cheaper tires than original, and save money, but some insist on those very expensive ones. Best looks goes to the Corvette. The Camaro is also a good looker. That long hood, which you can not see from the drivers seat, is a little strange, but the car in any form, including the 3.8 V6 was a good performer. We are talking street and not race track, so HP difference doesn't mean all that much except at the gas pump. Sound wise, the Mustang sounds the best in a V8, then the Corvette, and the V6 Mustang is not as bad a sound as in the past. The Mustangs seem to have a gas fueling problem in the '05, so buyer beware. Some had front end problems too. As for drop top??? I have a Miata, with a roll bar, and it is fun and energizing to the spirit to drive top down on good weather days. That said, there are the obvious drawbacks to convertible. They can over time develop water leaks, they can wear out, they are less secure ( more tempting to vandals ), you can bake inside without sunscreen on, and it requires cleaners and treatments. You may also find the car will have cowl shake, and it will weight more. Cost is also higher. For those reasons, they should make a hardtop Solestic. If you wait a few months, maybe you could get a Solstice? Remember the roll bar.
  • gt9gt9 Posts: 6
    the vette should out preform the stang given the hp difference. what is wrong with you people. more hp means more proformance. but lets get to the real world test. the stang always beat the camaro and the trans am in the real world. that is stock of the dealers lot. why would anyone in there right mind want to pay 45,000.00 or more for a new vette. im mean all fiberglass. when the stang is steal for 25,000.00 (gt). its a no brainer. stang rules. that was a 84 5.0 mustang GT that i used to have all my fun with. everyone is bad mouthing the solid rear axle of the stang. obviously they have never drove the stang. mine hangs the turns it stays where i put it in the turn. it sets up. does not lean one bit.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    " the vette should out preform the stang given the hp difference. what is wrong with you people. more hp means more proformance. but lets get to the real world test. the stang always beat the camaro and the trans am in the real world. that is stock of the dealers lot. why would anyone in there right mind want to pay 45,000.00 or more for a new vette. im mean all fiberglass. when the stang is steal for 25,000.00 (gt). its a no brainer. stang rules. that was a 84 5.0 mustang GT that i used to have all my fun with. everyone is bad mouthing the solid rear axle of the stang. obviously they have never drove the stang. mine hangs the turns it stays where i put it in the turn. it sets up. does not lean one bit. "

    -end quote-

    Whoa, slow down and let's analyze what you are saying one line at a time here.
    The Mustang was always slower than the Camaro and Trans Am. And you can buy a used Camaro SS with more HP from years gone bye, say 2000 or around that period.
    The handling is better on Camaro as a match to any year Mustang one on one. The Mustang has a higher seating position which was prefered for driving around town. That is one of the reasons it sold more. Ford backed the Mustang whereas GM left Camaro down. Back to original question of buying a used Corvette - NOT a new one, so he is not paying $45K. Actually, if someone had $40K they could have bought a Corvette last year as a closeout. A solid rear axle, other than for drag racing, is not as good as independant suspension. That is just a fact of life. The hottest setup is with double wishbone front and back. While a Celica has FWD and MacPherson front, they did put double wishbone in the rear, and I will tell ya now, it is goind to outhandle Mustangs. Give a rough road, solid axles skip along and thus you can just dance off the road. I am not saying that you can not have fun with solid axle cars, and go out an wag some tail out of turns and such, but it is not really better or safer than independant. Try driving a Miata, then do the same run in a Stang, and you will feel the difference. For an everyday driver, the Mustang is better than the Miata, or say the Corvette in some ways. You sit higher, the cost of repair may be lower, and it is still fun to drive. Just don't push it like a Vette. As for a steal, my guess is that an '87 Corvette at around $7K+ with low miles would be a steal, or a Mustang GT or V6 between '98 and 2004 is a steal. As for the 2005, I would wait for problems to be worked out, and prices to fall. In about two years time, both will occure. I ownd a '65 and a '85 Stang. The '85 was a 4 banger, which was good on gas mileage and poor on performance, including cornering. The next car I bought was an Olds 98 Regency, which was much better at cornering. Freeway ride of both were good, to better than average. On hard cornering the Mustang of '85 would sometimes cut out on fuel going in. The Camaro, of the same year, would corner much better, trust me. Another idea for the person possibly wanting the Corvette is to go with the 1997 or 1998 year and save some money. As for convertible as a daily drive - NOT recommended.
  • beezvettebeezvette Posts: 3
    It may be too late but...I went through the exact decision. I sold my '94 Vette (beautiful car but I wanted something newer) and thought I should consider a C5 used, or a Mustang new. I went to a dealer who had both cars in the showroom - a Ford dealer. The Mustang was a new convertable, the Vette was an 02 with 4,000 miles. I sat in both - didn't even need a test drive - the Vette won hands-down in terms of feel, style, quality, as you would expect from a car that costs $20K more than the Mustang. Of course this is totally subjective, and I do think the new Mustang is a sharp looking car, but I ended up buying another Vette (not the one in the dealer's showroom - that's another story ). So now I'm driving an 01 torch red coupe that I bought for $31K with 2500 miles on it and I couldn't be more pleased. The Vette is a different class of automobile, simple as that.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    As you close with the fact that the Vette is in a different class, I couldn't agree more. Our daughter, when out of college got a GT Convertible and really loved that car, but after both Mom and I had Vettes she's only waiting until one comes her way. No contest!
  • beezvettebeezvette Posts: 3
    Hmmm...if Mom and Dad have Vettes, I'm thinking there's one in your daughter's future, and maybe a new one for Mom and/or Dad... :)
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