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Ford Mustang GT vs C5 Corvette



  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 154
    Once you own a Vette, nothing is the same. I waited 48 years for my first one and the smile on my face today is just as wide as the day I brought her home. Mustangs are nice, but NOTHING compares to a Vette. ;)
  • beezvettebeezvette Posts: 3
    Ha, I can relate for sure. I waited 54 years for my 94, and I was so impressed that after 13 months and 5,000 miles, I sold it and bought an '01. And in 2 or 3 years, I'll trade the C5 for a C6. As long as I'm able to get in and out...I'll be driving one...
  • ulosn2meulosn2me Posts: 1
    I am considering a Mustang GT Convertible (5sp) vs a pre-owned C5 Corvette. The C5 would probably be a coupe with removable roof. I plan on it being a daily driver.

    I live the advantages of the Mustang; new with warranty, back seat (small), price for new...... But it is not a Vette. The C5 would be, 03 with low miles for very similar money.

    Anyone have thoughts or experience to share????

    I was in the similar situation 2 months ago, I wanted a newer car to replace my 3000 GT VR4. It would be my daily driver during the "summer" here in Rochester. NY, so unless there is snow it gets driven. I had my selection down to an 05 Stang, used STI, or used EVO all in the 25-28K range. However I walked next door at the Chevy dealership to look around after a disappointing drive in the Stang, which in my opinion (and on paper for that matter) was dominated on both the performance and driving fun factor by the other two turbo 4cyl. This is where I met my "SR-71", a 2000 Targa C5 with 11K on the odo. One drive and it was OVER I walked out the door for 25,200 before my down payment. Between drives to school and work have put 3 thousand on it since (not to mention headers, cams exhaust......hence the ULOSN2ME plates) Is there drawbacks? Sure, the car is "selfish" as it gets! Other than being a blast to drive it's is not functional at all (of course I don't mind this at all.) I have to pull out my truck to go to Home Depot for anything, nothing extra really fits, heck if somebody is sitting shotgun whatever else you have/they bring in the car is going in the under hatch compartment! Furthermore I made several runs on the track (and street) when she was stock in comparison to the Stang there is....None. Perhaps your looking for more in a car than just the ability to "fly" while getting 22+ MPG pressing the right foot down frequently...... (more is attainable another local Vette guy pulls 30ish all the time, just gotta lay off the throttle....) For me it is a perfect match. But were all different, thus the huge selection of cars out there. Nothing like the Vette GRIN!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    have fun driving that 2007 model! I just got back from two days at the track in the Vette, whose wasting time?
  • C'mon now, the Mustang is just too common vehicle. The Mustang doesn't compare with the Vette in terms of prestige and elite status......the Corvette will always turn heads whenever you see one......Mustang doesn't generate the type of response as I mentioned earlier, too common of a vehicle. So the Corvette easily wins hand down for me, performance wise and its terrific styling. :D
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    I am just stunned that anyone sees any comparison between these two cars. :surprise:
    I can see someone liking both and considering both - but there is no comparison to be made between the two.
  • Hi Loren,

    You write "The Mustangs seem to have a gas fuelling problem in the '05". Please be so kind as to outline the nature of this.

    We have shipped a unit overseas and now the trade/client is reporting: fuel injection
    system has malfunctioned and caused the engine to seize - too much fuel has been pumped into number 6 cylinder.

    If there are any known problems it would be very helpful for me to know.

    Thanks and regards DRT
  • We have shipped a 2005 Mustang V8 auto overseas and now the trade/client is reporting: fuel injection system has malfunctioned and caused the engine to seize - too much fuel has been pumped into number 6 cylinder.

    If there are any such known problems it would be very helpful for me to advised.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,886
    Answered your question over at the Mustang thread.

    Your clients description of excess fuel in the cylinder causing engine seizure sounds very suspect. You might want to dig a little deeper to find out what really happened.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I agree 100%. These are very different cars. The vette is a rocket, and the Stang a car. However, I prefer the GT Stang :P
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Sorry I did not get back to this particular forum again sooner. The fueling problem is
    nothing related to the engine, but only in getting fuel into the tank. And by now, Ford
    I am sure has it solved. Turning the hose upside down is said to work, though I don't
    know about that. You hear strange things on the Web. The gripe about fuel not going
    in was pretty common on threads on the Mustang forum.

    Which is better, a Stang or a Vette? Well they both have their selling points. Both would be fun to own. If getting in and out of a C5 Vette is not too hard on the back at the time, I may buy one in a few years. I liked the C5 series, and found the entry and exit easier than the C4 by far. Still, it does sit low, so it may be hard on the back. I have found, when I owned the Miata, that in town it is harder to drive do to low seat position, and that other cars do not notice you down there. So advantage to Mustang vs, Corvette in seeing over things and being seen. Other than that, Corvettes look awesome, and I am sure out handle the Stang. I do like'em both. For now, I am just cruisin' for a few years - as in PT Cruiser. Gone is the Miata. If I had a garage, a Miata or a Corvette would have a home. As it is now, the car stays outside. Will also consider an 'o4 or maybe an o6 Stang some day, unless I can no longer stand the high fuel costs. In CA it is now $3 for gas !

  • This is a cool car. 240,000.00 Check it out.

    Sammy Castagna
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Uh, I think there's a slight difference between a Ford GT and a Ford Mustang GT......

    And whoever would pay 240,000 for a Ford GT needs to have their head examined (unless, of course, it's one of the original GT40s).
  • Sorry my mistake about the Mustang. But the Mustang GT is a nice looking car too.

    Sammy Castagna
  • It ain't only about which car performs better. After all, a $50,000+ Vette better have more going for it than a $25,000 Pony car -- 0 to 60 for a Vette is much less than for a Mustang. Nevertheless, even though I've always loved Vettes, and can afford one, I just can't see myself in one. The guys driving Vettes look like bankers, lawyers, or other nouveau riche types out to impress the world -- not my crowd, even tho I'm a highly paid professional. The Mustang, on the other hand, is a badass car out to impress no one. It's cheap, it's dirty, and it's dangerous. Vettes are clean and upscale, Mustangs rock 'n roll.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Pony_Pirate, it's all about timing. You're not ready for a Vette and enjoy the stang, but my guess is, as Yoda would say, "You will be"! As to who drives Vettes you would be surprised, mostly down to earth and probably had to reach some to get into one. There are plenty like me who never had a passion but found that it just worked better than what else was available at the time. And everyone is different, the car club is mostly show folks, some who like to cruise, and a few like me that want the performance side and of those, the drag crowd is a lot different from the track (road course) crowd. Since my daughter had a new GT/vert '00 when I got my Vette and she would run with that group I got to meet many, just other car people for the most part and learned a few things as well. Remember all things change and that includes you and me!
  • Different strokes. Vettes are great, no one would argue otherwise, just not my cup of tea. Actually, as far as upgrading to a faster car, I'm serioiusly thinking (and dreaming) about getting a Shelby Cobra Mustang SVT. Man, that car is b-a-d!
  • these cars are uncomparable... if u want fun transportaion get the mustang... if you can afford it get the vette... if u say u can afford it and u like the mustang better... u dont want as much from a vehicle as me and id have to say that i think your quite boring... the mustang will never handle as good as the vette... and wont stop better... of course it is possible to make a mustang out accelerate a vette... but dont look for vette owners who have modified there cars to race... if GM still made the Fbodies this discussion would prolly not be here... in my oppinion the 98-03 fbodies are still the better buy for all around bang for the buck performance in the mustangs price range and still quite affordable... get a 03 z28, a wet nitrous kit and slicks... or a supercharger and some Gforces and go draggin or road racing for the price of the new mustang which can also do both, but no where near as well... hope i didnt offend anyone - Ron G
  • donthaterong, what do you think of the comparison between the C6 and Shelby Cobra Mustang? The Shelby, adequately equipped and with dealer markup, will probably end up costing in the mid to high $40's, just shy of the C6 range. Is the car worth it? Will the Shelby kick the Vette's [non-permissible content removed] -- Shelby 450 HP vs C6 400 HP? Will it be reliable or serviceable, at least compared to the Vette?

    I was initially attracted to the Shelby when I read the price was going to be in the high $30's, but with it inching up closer and closer to $50k, I'm having serious second thoughts.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    You can get a C6 in base mode for mid $40's right now with the discounts on '05s. Even on '06 for order exactly as you want will only run about mid $40's without $5k of options. Now I think those $5k are well spent, HUD and sport seats with Z51 and polished wheels, but not for everyone. That leaves a fully optioned '06 C6 at about $51 with minimun $2k off, so $49 before tax and lic.

    As noted, the Mustang will not handle as well as the Vette out of the box, so expect to spend more there to get it to handle. Of course 450hp would be nice out of the box ...
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