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Turbo Corolla?



  • coopscoops Posts: 1
    Thinking of putting a turbo on my AE92 with a 4A-FE and saw your note just wondering how difficult it was and if you could post your tuning specs?
  • okay, i dont know what to tell you right now, it may just be my engine is messed up some way, but i keep blowing my head gasket between cyl 1, and 2, im running lean under boost too. so i dont have specs, i am tunin it myself. when i get it all right and running A1 i will let you know what i did to get it tuned. It probably would be a prolblem for a shop to tune it, but i want to do it for a living to im just startin on my own car first. install was not hard at all, easy as putting on a cai, just takes a little bit longer. if you have any more questions email me at
  • what exactly are you tuning it with? just adjusting your fuel pressure or actual ecm very interested please let me know!!
  • i had the same problems when i started playing with turbos on my corolla change ur fuel pressusre reg and upgrade ur fuel pump. i had i nissan navara turbo on my 4afe and when i put the 4age in i went to twin 28 32's running 14 pound of boost and when it hit 2500rpm ur in another world till 8700rpm then you change up a gear. its currently running 407kw at the wheels since i tuned it and upped the boost to 14psi. i also found the haltech interceptor was the best piggyback ecu for it. if any questions email me at oh and i didnt spend more than ten grand it is the perfect first project car and the power to weight ratio is 203.5kw to 350kg.
  • its running standard unleaded at the moment cause of how expensive the [non-permissible content removed] is. wen i had the 4afe it was fine but when i put the 4agett in it i had a heap of troubles its got nippon denso 600cc injectors and a tsunami fuel pump the boost controller timer intake adjuster fuel regulation is all programmed by the ecu and i just put my laptop on my passanger seat and adjust it to the way i want to drive it. im actually starting to run methonol thru it which ill find out the results on the weekend
  • on the 4a-fe and its rods are very different from the ones in a 4age they don't seem as strong. [URL= rods/20vbtseca/Picture582.jpg?o=1][IMG] vbtseca/th_Picture582.jpg[/IMG][/URL] the one on the left is the ge and the right is the fe if im not mistaken. so along with the turbo id get some thicker rods. Unless yall already took that into account. then im just blowin hot air. just my thoughts though
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