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Acura TL 2006+



  • nosmonosmo Posts: 3
    Just picked up my 2006 TL Anthracite / Quartz non Nav on Saturday. I used a broker in Northern CA, paid $1000 over invoice. $32,800, included wheel locks, rear mud flaps, and a trunk liner. The whole process took about an hour. It was a beautiful experience!

    Love the TL, just can wait to break it in. ;) I have been told to wait until 1000 miles before I can open it up.

    Is that correct?
  • nb06nb06 Posts: 4
    1. - Back-Up Sensors on the 2006 TL? - Is this option standard on the base TL or just on the Nav package.

    2. Does anyone know if the new 2006 colour "Carbon Bronze Pearl" exterior comes with a Parchment leather interior or just the black.

  • bplayerbplayer Posts: 56
    Check the site. Answers to all your question and more can be found there.

    Backup sensors are an option for any model. It is not standard.
  • troytntroytn Posts: 8
    I stopped in my dealer today and thanked him for everything and told him I would see hin in 3 years for another TL when my lease was up and he told me that he was recently told that the TL will go under a complete body change and upgrade in 2009 and will be released in the fall of 2008. So the 2007 and 2008 model changes will be minor from the current 2006 model. That means atleast 3 more years of this current successful design. That would mean the current TL design would last for 5 years. Seems a little long. So I'm sure he was incorrectly informed.

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    5-year life cycles are par for the course for Honda now.
  • tlhopetlhope Posts: 2
    Has anyone purchased a 2006 TL with the upgraded 18 inch wheels? Two 18 inch wheels are offered: 18" Sparkle Silver High Performance Alloy Wheel and the18" High Performance Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel. I want the darker rim ..... some people may refer to the finish as "gun metal". From the pictures on the website, it looks as though the darker rims are the Chrome-Look Alloy Wheels. But, the salesman seems to think the Chrome-Look Alloy Wheels actually have a brighter finish ... like a chrome bumper. We saw the darker finish wheels on an A-SPEC that was in the deal showroom months ago, but of course, it is no longer there. Any help on the differences between the two rims would be greatly appreciated.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Can't help you on the looks - but a word of caution on the functionality

    I had my 2004 TL 6-speed in for an oil change last week and the service manager noticed I had new tires - Avon's in 245/45/17's. My orignial "HPT" Bridgestone Potenza's still had some tread on them, but were well worn at 19,000 miles. We got talking about wheels and tires for the TL.

    My service manager strongly recommends against getting 18" wheels on a TL automatic, unless it has the A-spec suspension upgrade. The 35/40 series tires that go with 18" wheels are highly prone to wear unevenly with the softer suspension of the automatic. He has seen front tires that needed to be replaced in as little as 7,500 miles. In addition, the car is much more prone to get out of alignment. The 6-speed and A-spec cars fare better, due to the stiffer suspension, but even they have had some customer complaints regarding uneven tire wear, short tire life, tire noise, harsh ride and even blowouts.

    In my service managers opinion, the standard TL automatic suspension is just barely adequate to handle 17" wheels and 45 series tires, but not 18" wheels and 35/40 series tires. And, unlike RWD cars, the FWD TL puts all of the stress - acceleration, turning, torque steer on the front wheels. He jokes - but with a serious tone - that the tire manufacturers could give away 18" rims and make the money back through tire replacements.

    P.S. My service manager did approve of my decision to go with the wider 245's vs. OEM 235's. Too late to have avoided a couple of curb scuffs on the passenger side wheels, but the 245's are a better fit.
  • My question is, can I buy a 2006 TL now and get it retrofitted with the kit in December? Acura's Corporate Customer Service said "no" but I can't see why not. My wife is looking at a CR-V and I have the same question for Honda's upcoming iPod Music Link. Bottom line: If anybody sees more information than the press release - which to date, is as much as the dealers have - let us know! My wife and I are ready for our new cars...
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