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Mercedes-Benz CLK Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • woozerwoozer Posts: 9
    Acquisition cost was added to the cap. cost & included in the monthly payment. I wanted to pay as little out-of-pocket as possible, which was first month & license.
  • cmccab1cmccab1 Posts: 3
    I am new to posting, but have been lurking of late. Thanks to all of you who have posted some great info.

    Just turned in my 2006 SLK 280 on the lease pull-ahead and bought a new CLK350 Cabriolet.

    Based on what I read, it sounds like I got a good deal, hopefully...

    050 Bluetooth
    530 DVD Navigation
    P01 Premium package (Harmon Kardon, etc.)
    P90 Appearance Package

    CLK350 MSRP 62,880 (their price)

    Got it for MSRP of 53,541...Took 3 hours to get them to this....did I do ok?? (They said they lost money...this is what I paid for my SLK 30 months ago!)

    36 months
    .50 residual
    0 down - (promo lease rate)
  • alh5alh5 Posts: 3

    I am new to this blog as well. Am interested in leasing a CLK 350 Cab with basic equipment except blue tooth and satelite radio. I am in South Florida. I have heard that a third party leasing company is willing to do the deal at $630 a month and $1500 out of pocket including first months payment. This seems higher than I thought. Any suggestions on how this ranks? Thank you.
  • alh5alh5 Posts: 3
    What dealer? What would your lease price of been if no trade in? Thanks
  • anthonym34anthonym34 Posts: 1
    I am new to this site but have been reading the post for the last month. Does this make any sense, visit my local dealer on long island NY and last month was offered a deal for CLK 350 prem 1 with bluetooth. $4,100 out of pocket, 1st month acquistion and tax. $478 a month for 48 months. This was in April. Went back yesterday same out of pocket but monthly went up to $508. This is for the coupe not cab. Does this make sense? At this rate of going up $30 a month the price will be $600 before the end of the summer. Does anybody wonder why mercedes car sales are down. They also offered me a $1,750 maintance to cover check up. All costs were based on15K a year.
    Carman or anyone any help or should I just wait for the lexes or infinity convertible to come out. Currently in a saab 93 convert that goes back next month.
  • cmccab1cmccab1 Posts: 3
    Mercedes of Tampa. Same price w/o trade-in. The trade was a leas pull-ahead and was worth less than residual so net was 0.
  • youssefmoyoussefmo Posts: 6
    Woozer, may I ask which dealer in So Cal? Looks like a great deal. That's $13K below MSRP (taking out the Acq. Fee). Is that based on the $7500 lease cash incentive and the $6000 marketing support? Thanks much.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 57
    What was the final lease price? Thanks
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 57
    Have an 07' CLK 350 Cab and the lease expires this month....Interested in leasing a new one. Heard MB is very aggressive but not sure what that means. With the new model coming out, what should I expect to pay for a 27-36 month lease with 10k per year, fairly equipped?
  • woozerwoozer Posts: 9
    Simonson in Santa Monica. Recommend you talk to Mark only. All I know is that I got $13k off sticker. My initial quote for a similar car in another dealership as a walk-in was $795 w/o tax.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 57
    $63,440 list...$599 per month (including NJ tax of 7%) 10k miles per year 36 months....$2100 paid at delivery (1st month, bank fee and rest of fees)...

    Good deal?
  • That's the exact number I got in NJ as well for May! (but for some reason I think mine was 34 months-I remember it was an oddball number)

    I am waiting to hear from my salesman today though in hopes of more incentive/lease cash this month since release of new E quickly approaching. (although I want Cab and the E cab won't be out as quickly he said-I'll take the gamble) Which dealership do you use?

    I use Contemporary in Little Silver and have always had a great experience due to a good relationship with my rep unlike the highway stores around here. I'll let you know how I make out if/when I ever pull the trigger....are you enjoying the car? What color combo did you choose?
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 57
    Love the's my 2nd CLK cab. Black w/ Black and stone interior 34 months sounds very odd. Are you sure the lease was w/ MB?
  • yep, it was 34 mos and for some reason that was a tad more aggressive. The money back is still there this month but fin rate changed a hair. I am really having a hard time choosing colors. I was thinking black/black like you but I don't know if it's too masculine. Definitely getting the Sport (AMG) package...I think stone/black interior either way now but white or black for exterior? That's my problem at this point. Basically I need to just draw a straw!
  • gcy46gcy46 Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2009 CLK 350 demo vehicle lease ( no new cars in that dealership).It has 4600 mles.
    Options- P2,Nav,Keyless,Trunk opener.
    The MSRP is 57595. What would be a fairmarket value for this vehicle.
    Also,what is he residual value & money factor for a lease.
    Do I need to look for anything in this vehicle?
    Thank you
  • I'd suggest going to a diff dealership and looking at new since as far as I know, they still have $7500 back on them (coupe). I think cabriolet is $5500. Why buy used if you can get new with more aggressive pricing?
  • I know the MB Credit is running specials on the CLK 350 cabriolet, but what is the best deal anyone has received for the 350 with the Premium 1 package? Current residual estimates, money factors or is actually better to buy this car and finance it over 60 mos.
  • Hi cutigerfan. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 CLK 350 Convertible with 15,000 miles per year are .00118 and 47%, respectively. When negotiating the capitalized cost for this car, make sure to take advantage of the $5,500 cash incentive that is currently available on leases of it.

    If you opt to finance it instead, you can do so through Mercedes-Benz Financial at 0.9% for 5 years.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • henryqphenryqp Posts: 1
    Houston Greenway offer $4,500 off for GLK350 on sticker (for any model and price. Maybe more than that if you want more optional and package
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