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Mercedes-Benz CLK Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking to lease an 07 or 08 CLK550 Cab in Northern California.

    Can you help with the current money factor and residual for 27 months with 7500 miles/yr?

    One dealer was quoting .0016 and 70%, another was .0019 and 71%, both for a 2008. Is either one right? And, what are the rates for a 2007?

    Many thanks in advance
  • Are you still out there???? Can you help with my inquiry above?
  • Hi Everyone -

    I'm interested in a 2007 or 2008 CLK 350 Cabriolet.

    Does anyone have the current MF & Residual for those 2 cars? would it be better to lease a new one than a discounted 2007?

  • I am paying 600 a month for a 2005 clk320. Lease is up feb 3. I inquired about extending, I only have 25,000 miles on the car. $692 for 6 months and 660 for a year. Or I could purchase the car, the residual is 30,800 but they said they would take off $3400. Is it worth it?
  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    are you leasing with MB Financial? I've extended leases a few times and the monthly payment always went down.
  • yes it is MB financial. I thought it would go down also being I'm really under the milage.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    If you like the car and it has no problems, buy it. There's lots of cheap money out there and $27400 doesn't sound excessive. I'd try to get them to "certify" it as part of the deal.
  • I don't know, looking at the new cars I'm thinking about it. My husband is a GM employee and I can get a good price on a CTS. Looked at them and they are really nice. I have a few months yet so keeping my options open.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I like the new CTS very much. However, it's tough going from a convertible to a sedan. I sold my BMW 330 convertible and bought a C350 two months ago. I miss the convertible almost every day. You did say it was a cabriolet, didn't you?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    My lease on CLK 320 is up in May 08. I am thinking of going to BMW because I think Mercedes quality is crap (this is my second) and I think they have nerve not to give routine oil changes, etc. as part of car price. My concern is size. How did that 330 compare in size? I use back seat for 2 kids (13 and 7). thanks.
  • No I just have the coupe. I don't know if I would ever put the top down if I got a convertible. The CTS has a better Warrenty on it I'm just afraid I won't get the service I get with my mercedes. I also heard that they are going to make a CTS coupe next year. I wanted to check out the Audis too, they were coming out with an A6 but its not here yet.

    Oh I was thinking about gettting a C350 insteady of the clk this tiem. Like it?
  • hi everyone,

    question for the host, Car_Man or anyone who is savvy enough to answer;
    Am I getting a good deal on this lease?

    2008 MB CLK350 Coupe

    Lease: 27 months
    Monthly: 488
    Out of pocket: 1600.00 (1st payment, Aquisition Fee, TTL) - in New York

    MSRP: 50,610.00
    Residual: 30,872.00

    Mileage: 10k

    Alabaster White on Stone Grey
    P1 Package
    Heated Front Seats
    IPod Dock

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    My 330 convertible's back seat was unusable once my kids were over three feet tall. When my teenage kids rode in the back, the only way they could do so was to sit cross-legged because there wasn't enough room to plant their feet straight down. Even sitting behind my 5'2" wife was nearly unbearable for anything but short trips.

    That said, my 330 was a 2004 model and the new model may have more rear seat space (but it doesn't look that way to me).
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Thanks very much. I will take a look at the new models. Lexus is way too small. I may wind up with another CLK but only as a lease becasue I don't want to have to worry about the crap that I have had go wrong with mine. The radio alone kept the car out of action for well over a week. They replaced it and the sound still was garbled. Turned out to be some amplifier outside the radio. What other cars do poeple looking at CLK convertibles consider ? I really didn't want to go up to the 80K range of BMW 745.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Unfortunately, you don't really have too many options if you want to carry four people. The 335 and CLK are probably your best choices if you don't want to reach too far up or down. The Chrysler Sebring is probably the most practical 4-seat convertible, but who wants to drive that (except as a vacation rental)?
  • ob995ob995 Posts: 40
    You are paying a boat load for the "Free oil change for the lease term". As I got the almost the same Money Factor(0.002) as you but 68% residual on the same lease terms and miles. The dealer was able to get me higher residual and slightly lower Money Factor by using US Bank over MB Credit and I bought the car on Sept 28. I put $1171 drive off and I am paying $706.91 after tax (8.25% LA County).

    Car I got had the following:

    DVD navigation
    Heated Front Seats
    Ipod Integration Kit
    Wood Steering Wheel
    Keyless Go
    MB Phone

    My Car had an MSRP of $65k with a selling price of $57k. Those extra 4k you put down over me is like paying an extra $150 per month over 27 months. So I ended up getting a much more loaded car for a lot less.
  • HI Carman,

    Im looking to Lease a 2008 or 2007 CLK Convertible. I would like 15,000 miles per year. What should I be expecting as a reasonable monthly price including tax. I have gotten a quote of 660 monthly and 1300 down.....It seems a bit high on the monthly I would like to get to about 550 a month incl. tax..... same this possible.. MSRP is about 55,000 or so....
  • hi everybody

    Today I leased a CLK 350 Coupe that I have been wanting to get, and here are some specs and numbers.
    When I went to the website and designed the car, the MSRP came out to be 49525.00.
    This is a White on Ash interior, with only a P1 Package.
    When I signed the paper work I saw very different numbers.
    The Gross Cap Cost is 42671.0 that is a difference of about 7 grand off of MSRP.
    Residual value is at 61%, and off of the MSRP it becomes 30210.25.
    Life of the lease is 27 months, with 22500 miles over the lease, about 833 per month allowed.
    I paid 1600 in Amount Due at Signing, in that $ is the Acquisition Fee, Cap Cost Reduction, Sales Tax, License and Registration fees for NYSDMV and some inspection and doc fees.

    I am paying 485 a month for this car, (tax rolled into payments) but I think I could have done better.
    Carman or you good folks in forums, please give me an opinion and do some math with me to make sense of this lease?

    Thank you. :)
  • coop9coop9 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 CLK 320 that I bought with 45,000 miles on it for 19,000.00. When i looked at the car fax, it said, that the mileage reading was inconsisten with the age of the car and that it could have been some sort of computer problem.

    I do have malfunction lights (check lamps) that come on every once and a while for no reason but, other than that, I love that car and it's a sexy looking car. I call my car the big booty benz.
  • ob995,

    I'm interested in purchasing a new lease.
    Which MB dealership was you purchase and saleman name?
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