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Chrysler PT Cruiser



  • charlesf4charlesf4 Posts: 20
    Has anyone heard what changes are coming on the 2007 Cruiser? They should be at the dealers soon.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Ihave read at another forum that a special stainproof, better cloth will be standard on the 2007 Limited and optional for the Touring model. Also, three new colors (but I forget what colors) and finally a remote added for the trunk area. That's all I know for now. Other than that, it is supposed to be no different than the 2006
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    That's miles per person. We have all acknowledged the PT Cruiser's mileage isn't what we want it to be (with an EPA highway rating of only 26, most of us are lucky to get 23/24) - but after taking it to Yosemite with one other adult and 2 small kids and a lot of gear, and after using it almost exclusively as the weekend "family" car, I have realized that it DOES get good MPP - miles per person.

    There is no way I could shuttle my little family around in a Ford Focus, which is lighter, with a smaller engine, and gets better gas mileage (especially good for 2007). Not even in a Focus Wagon -- the seating position is lower, with resulting less rear seat legroom than the PT.

    At least the PT gets better gas mileage than a typical minivan or small SUV (although I will admit that the Honda CR-V we had before did get 3 mpg better gas mileage, but we all got tired of its harsh ride).

    So while the PT isn't the ideal single commuter vehicle, it is GREAT for family use. (I will, however, reconsider this if the kids start getting a LOT bigger.) In fact, I think it has one of the better MPP around!
  • Did you ever get the EC or FFP discount number? If so, where can I get one? I am looking to lease a new Chrysler.
    Thank you,
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    No, no one volunteered their assistance. I did, however, purchase a new 2006 PT Cruiser, Limited at invoice, less the $2000.00 rebate and NO added dealer costs, plus it already had been pin-striped, etc. and those costs were also deleted. Just remember, when leasing, negotiate your best "bottom line price and don't forget those BIG rebates that Chrysler is now offering. The 2006 models are "plentiful" and the dealers want to "UNLOAD" them!
    If you are not good at negotiating and do not know th "ins and outs" of a good lease deal....MAKE SURE you take someone with you that knows leasing. At least go to the lease forum and read the posts and "how to negotiate a lease"!!!!
  • Hi, I am looking into a 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible with an MSRP of $21,945. Options include the 28E Package and Automatic Transmission. Standard Black paint.
    This is in snowy NE Ohio and an 06, so I am sure that they would love to get rid of this unit.
    According to Edmunds' TMV Pricing Report the...
    TMV -------------------> $18,230
    Chrysler Mailed Rebate-> -$1,000
    Chrysler Dealer Rebate-> $3,500
    Total------------------> $13,730
    That total amount can't be right..can it?
    Somebody please give me some insight asap
    Thanks, mranton89
  • My friend is thinking seriously of buying a used (off lease ex rental) 2006 PT Cruiser w/ 14000 miles on it from a local Chrysler dealer. They are asking $12,900 (a Touring model). What, if anything should we look out for when it comes to ex-rental cars? The car looks pristine. It is equipped with Sirius sattelite radio. What would be a good offer on a car like this? Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm a little afraid of used cars, but that's just me.
  • Hi everyone.

    I have a 2003 pt cruiser that has had three water pumps replaced since new. Thank goodness under warranty. After the last one was put in, about 5 months later, the car gives off this Pancake Syrup Smell when the heat/ac/defrost is on. Any suggestions.? The car has been checked out twice. No leaks, the last time the dealership told me to pressure wash the exhaust manifold. Doubt that will help.
  • Sounds like coolant is getting into the heater core probably.

    Coolant has kind of a sweet smell to it.
  • Is there anyway possible to start my car without the factory key I got when I first bought it? I lost my key 2 months ago and am really hoping there's something I can do to the actual car itself to make it start with a copy key I had made before I lost the original. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
  • I feel your pain. I lost the keys to my Caliber for almost a month. Being that it was $180 to order a replacement key fob I considered just making a copy but I was told that although the copy would unlock the doors it wouldn't start the car because there is a chip that "unlocks" the engine.

    I would imagine your car is similar. I think you may have to grin and bear it and order a new key from the dealer. :cry:
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    The dealer should have delivered 2 original keys to you. Some dealers lose one. Where's your other key? If you never got it, see if you can get it from the dealer. There is no way to start the car without a key with a chip in it, that has been programmed to match your ignition.
  • I have an 05 PT ... I had a spare key made and it cost me $110. The key must be made in a car shop not a key shop. This is a computer chipped key that is designed that way. If you use that copy key in your ignition, it may turn over the engine, but the engine will stall within a minute. This is a safety feature so your car cannot be stolen. Let your ins. company know, usually you get a discount ... works the same as a car alarm ..
  • I bought 2 key blanks that both had the chips inside from EBay. Then took them to a hardware store to be cut. Cost around $75 for both. :)
  • saber39saber39 Posts: 1
    Yes..EBAY!! You get a blank key with the transponder. They should send you instructions on how to program. Very easy and will take you all of about 60 seconds to program. You then go to a locksmith that can cut the uncut key for you. You might have to call around to locksmiths to see if they can do it. Example: I have an Audi A6 with a special side cut key. I got a blank key on e-bay for $50 with programing instructions. I then called several locksmiths to see if they had the machine to do a side cut. They call the machine a sidewinder and I had no luck finding anyone with the $20,000 machine. So I did what you wouldn't expect..I called the dealership parts department (parts people are cool and love seeing you save $$) to see who cuts their keys (sometimes outsourced to local locksmith). They told me only Audi, but he said they do use a local company to help them with locks and transponders in the Audi's. He told me the name and BINGO..they have a sidewinder and will cut the key for $10. I have a cut working key for $60. Audi wanted $190. So do the leg can pay off!!
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    That's great! I'll have to remember that when I lose my keys. Yes I say WHEN not IF because I always do. :blush:
  • I just bought a 2005 PT Crusier and I've been told that I can improve it's gas mileage by putting on a duel exaust and maybe a new (about $50) air filter. Is any of this true? Can someone help me?
    Thanks AJ
  • I have read all kinds of ways to improve mileage. Different kind of plug wires, different kinds of plugs and on and on. I guess it it works that is great. My 2004 GT Turbo will be four years old this month and have not had any problems with it. I too would like to get better mileage!
  • game76game76 Posts: 2
    I got an 06 limited edition turbo, I put magnaflow exhaust on it, with a 4inch tip,and a cold air intake. If i dont get on it, i get about 2 miles more per gallon, and I added about 20hp to my ride.
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