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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    "To stevedebi: It is my understanding that Ford was developing its own hybrid system and came so close to infringing on Toyotas patents that it was cheaper and faster for them to license toyota technology on the Escape. Ford is working on their own but the Escape hybrid system is a toyota product."

    I'd heard the opposite. Do you have any link to such information? It is a subject I'd really like to figure out definitively.
  • I made my purchase of a RX400h and I got $4000 off MSRP for a base vehicle without the Mark Levison sound system. After tax and licensing fees my out the door price was a little over $48K. I test drove all 3 hybrid SUV's and I found the Lexus the most enjoyable. The 2006 Escape was my least favorite. It made a rattling sound under hard exceleration and the dealer would not sell for under MSRP. The Highlander was nice but the dealer had a very limited stock on hand and was asking 2k over MSRP which put it at about $42K. If you are looking at a hybrid vehilce for MPG performance/payback buy a Prius. The Lexus is definately worth the extra $13K over a Ford.
  • sportsnut, what state are you from? Right now I'm trying to purchase one but the best deal I got was $1700 off MSRP. How did you manage 4k off? Any info would be appreciated.
  • I am just not that happy with it. I think the exterior design is a marked improvement from the old M design, and I think its interior design and layout are superior to Lexus's, but I like Lexus's reliability a bit more.

    So the Prius got recalled. Should Lexus be worried about the 400h?
  • I purchased it about a month and a half ago from JM Lexus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They only had about five at the discount price and they were the base models without the heated seats or Mark Levinson sound system. Still a great price.
  • andy3andy3 Posts: 4
    This will be my last rant re this topic. Having given all of the current hybrids a good hard look, my conclusions are: they are over-priced for what you get, except for the Toyota Prius - which is, along with the Honda hybrid, the only hybrids that really get you significant improvements in MPG and thus a realistic payback. The Lexus RX 400h is overpriced, with no real significant improvement in MPG; the Toyota Highlander the same; and the Ford Escape hybrid overpriced for the very significant fall-off in overall quality you get from this vehicle. The current US fad is to go hybrid, which I call the "feel good" vehicle purchase as the buyer thinks he/she is doing something spectacular for the environment, etc. I'll keep my 2002 Lexus RX 300 until something comes along that is a quality SUV with significantly improved MPG.
  • I got mine last weekend from Fremont, CA. I paid sticker price and it's fully loaded. I had been on a waiting list at multiple dealerships, so bargaining wasn't really an option. They took my 2000 Jeep cherokee for about 1k under blue book for the trade in.
  • bvendbvend Posts: 2
    Picked up my flint mica rx400 10/29 $3000 off msrp at wilde lexus + matched lowest internet financing. Great to deal with they have some in stock and are willing to deal.
    Herb/Bradenton fl
  • adp33adp33 Posts: 10
    What is the latest on pricing? Is now a good time to buy this vehicle, or should I wait until next year. I'm ready to pull the trigger. My car has over 80,000 miles on it, and I've been looking for a new one for over a year. I may keep the old car so my daughter can drive it when it's her time. My old car is a 2000 Sebring convert. It gets about 22. I know I am not saving the world by buying the 400H, but if it's more luxurious and more fun to drive than my Sebring, it doesn't hurt that it gets better mpg and will have much lower emissions. And if I want a convertible, I'll just back the Sebring out of the garage, which will be perhaps once a month or so. (and in a couple years, maybe I'llupgrade it with a "plug in" patch, and I'll be getting 60 mpg - yee-ha)

    How do you folks think it will perform in snow?
    Have any of you tried different tires on it?

    I also like the Mariner, but I'm thinking the 400H will be more fun to drive and better/safer in the snow. AND I really like the idea of rear reclining seats. (it's the one downside to our Volvo XC90, as compared to its predecessor, a Grand Caravan)

    I'm pretty sure the 400H is the perfect car for me. I wish I could get one for 40K! :-)
  • You can't just compare MPG. The RX 300 (and 330), while a fine vehicle relatively speaking, is a granny car compared to the 400h when it comes to power and performance.

    Plus, many people misstate the price differences among the Lexus models, forgetting that even the base version of the 400h basically is fully loaded (options that would add many thousands to the price of a 300 or 330).

    To each his own.
  • I don't have a link at my fingertips (shouldn't be that hard to find on google or yahoo) but yes, it is well known that the Ford hybrid vehicle uses basically a FIRST generation Toyota hybrid system (ala the original Prius; the newer Prius is 2nd generation, the 400h third generation). And yes, I heard from several sources that there was a patent dispute and Toyota (being the leader in this area and holding basically all relevant patents) licensed some of its hybrid patents to Ford.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I heard from several sources that there was a patent dispute and Toyota (being the leader in this area and holding basically all relevant patents) licensed some of its hybrid patents to Ford.

    Toyota may not hold all the hybrid patents. It is in court.

    A Toyota spokesperson confirmed the lawsuit, but said that company policy prevented comment about pending litigation.

    Solomon alleges that the hybrid transmission drive in the Toyota Prius and Highlander infringes a number of claims contained in its U.S. Patent No. 5,067,932.

    hybrid lawsuit
  • one of my buddies is on a very long waiting list for a 400h. i thought i'd post here to see if there is any availability at below msrp in california. we live in the bay area. thanks.
  • I received a price quote in NJ for a 400H with all options except rear entertainment for monthly lease of $558 and out of pocket (1st month, bank fee, MV/doc, tire tax, cap cost) of $6000, and MSRP quoted was 49,930. This is my first time leasing and not sure if this is a good deal I am getting… Any info would be appreciated.
  • Just bought (yesterday) a RX400h in Oxnard for nearly $2000 below sticker. We just walked in, test drove one of the five they had sitting around and bought it. All we did was ask them to match an email offer extended by Lexus of Thousand Oaks. There is no reason to wait and pay sticker, they are available below if you go to the right spot.
  • Congratulations! I bought mine in Bakersfield CA Nov.15th. We were on the waiting list for about 2 weeks. I only received a $500 discount and paid cash. Bummer! We live in the Central Coast and just as easily gone to Oxnard. The only real negative in the buying experince was the Finance lady who would not let up on trying to sell the extended warranty, she gave me the worst migraine,and actually convinced me the 400h was going to fall apart when it left the lot. I almost didn't buy the 400h. The other problem is my Motorola Razor bluetooth phone won't put numbers from phonebook into car bluetooth correctly. Going to exchange for new phone this week. I wish they would of offered cargo mat that others received.
  • mobymmobym Posts: 1
    I'm in Princeton and was quoted 621/mo with 12K miles/yr with 5700 down, so your deal sounds better. Which dealer do you use?
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    FYI - Sony Ericcson (SE) cell phones are the only Bluetooth compatible handsets that will transfer the entire phone book with no hassles or issues. If you dont have a SE cell phone borrow one to send the entire phone book to the vehicle's onboard Bluetooth system. There after you will be able to add individual contacts one at a time.

    First pair the SE with the vehicle. Extract the SIM card from your cell phone and place it into the SE GSM phone. Please note the telephone numbers must be on the card not in the phone memory otherwise the contacts will not be transferred.

    Next follow the instructions in the SE owners manual and your are set. Return the SIM card to your phone. Good luck! ;)
  • I'm looking to buy a RX 400h with nav, rear-seat entertainment, Mark Levinson, and heated front seats. MSPR is $52,748. Any idea how much I can get this car for? I'm in the NY Metro area if that makes any difference. Seems like it's been many weeks since ppl have posted price info and I wanted to get the latest. Thanks so much.
  • ctoddctodd Posts: 1
    I bought a fully loaded RX400h just before year end. I think Lexus had given their dealers some incentive to sell a lot in the last month of the year. The MSRP was about $52,700 and I paid $49,000, or a discount of $3700. I bought from Longo Lexus in El Monte Calif. They delivered the car to me in the San Francisco area; they drove it up and the driver flew home at no extra charge.
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