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Scion tC Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have read the standard features on Edmunds, but want to know a couple of things. Is keyless entry standard for the tC? I doubt if floor mats are standard, but did anyone get them tossed in for free. Is the upgraded security system worth getting or is Lojack a better avenue or nothing at all? Did anyone get a deal on tint through their Scion dealer or did anyone get tinting for free?

    Finally, I have a '98 A4 that I want to trade in. It is in excellent shape with low mile except for a short in the gauge cliuster ($1K to fix according to the Audi dealership) and a cracked gas tank ($2K to replace). I've never traded a car it better to sell to a private party as is or to sell to a dealership and are the dealerships anal when giving you a trade in value? Thank you
  • If you visit it will tell you everything that is standard. Floor mats are not but it does have keyless entry along w/numberous standards that aren't usually offered for base models. The standard options are quite impressive! And no I didn't get anything free...except for the Toyota college grad program they have right now!
    Always check incentives! I paid $199 for mt dark tint and it is guarateed for the life of the car as long as I own it! :)

    Dealerships usually offer $2000 or more below what you could get sell your car as a private seller. If I were you, go to the dealership and see how much they will give, if it is acceptable to go- take it, if not try to sell it on or other sites and see if you can get someone else to take it while you are waiting for your car to come in. You can check on to see what your asking price should be around. The part you have to factor in weighing on what you should do is, that if you tradein your car, that portion is NOT taxed. So if your only private selling it for a couple hundred more, then its not worth it.
  • I ordered mine azure pearl automatic the day you posted this and I should have it the first week of November...if that helps you out!
  • thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate your help
  • i bought mine from galaxy toyota/scion in eatontown nj and had a good experience overall. the first day i went in someone came to me while i was looking around (: ( at toyotas cuz they had no scions) and asked if i needed help, which i said i did. even when i told the dealer i was 19 and didn't have much of a credit history, but wanted to buy a scion, he was incredibly helpful. he explained pure pricing to me like this- scion sets a "menu' of prices and the dealers have to charge that. he also told me that for any other information could be garnered from the web site. he did a quick glimpse at my credit report and told me i would be able to finance a purchase without a co-signer. i wanted an xb but there was a 12 week wait, and the dealer told me that they would have 2 auto xas and 2 auto tcs in next week. i decided on the xa and then told him i wanted a day to think about everything, to which he was greatly receptive. i didn't have to commit to anything, sign anything, or pay for anything (even the credit check.)

    i called the next morning and told him that i changed my mind, i wanted to go with the tc in silver, and that i would be in at 5 with a down payment.

    so i got there, he went over the price with me, and it actually came out to be almost exactly what was on the website. i arugued that i really wanted the tc but the xa was much more affordable (based on the projected credit check) and i basically asked him if he could adjust the apr on the tc so that the total and payments would be equal to the xa. so he did my official credit check (which added $15 to the total, which isn't too bad for a credit check) and did it. i also refused to buy the car when i read that the deposit (in my case $2000) isn't refundable, after which he modified the contract and wrote refundable and initialed it. so i was very happy and satisified.

    then the only not so kosher thing occured... after i signed everything the time frame changed to "we expect it in next week, but it would be in by the end of october (roughly 3 weeks) at the latest."

    i forgot to mention as well- he didn't really ask me if i wanted any of the options or accesories. which i didn't plan on getting, but still, if he'd given me totals with and without i might have got some.

    and that kind of pissed me off. but we'll see what happens.

    overall it was a really easy and happy experience and i would def. buy another car from them when the time comes. now i just have to get the car and spend the next, oh, 5 or 6 years paying for it lol.

    btw- brand new 2006 tc, auto, standard features, classic metallic silver.

    i'll post updates when i have them!
  • Hi, I just wanted to know if you ever did get choose to get trade in or privately sell your Audi. I am actually in the same delima right now. I am planning on selling my '98 Audi for a Scion TC. Are you happy with your change of vehicle? Maintenace on the Audi is just killing me, and that is why I made my decision. Thanks for your help!
  • I have a simple question that I can't seem to find an explicit answer to on this board.

    Has anyone personally been able to buy a new Scion at less than sticker price? If so, what was the price you paid, what were the circumstances, and where did you buy your car?

    It seems dealerships are really sticking to their "no haggling" policy, even though it's clear they have the power to set their own prices (as explained at Still, I'm
    looking to see if there's any room for negotiation at all, or if I'm stuck with the price on the window.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • The dealership must charge every customer the same price. But, they aren't required to stay with the sticker price.
  • Why is this such a good thing? I just don't understand this gimmick played by Scion and Saturn. It just seems like an excuse for the dealers and manufacturers to set a price and force everyone to pay it. In the end, it's the dealers making the fat cash on us consumers on a bunch of low-end cars. Maybe it's everyone being afraid their friends and neighbors will get a better deal than they did, but come on people, is it better to hand over $$ to the dealers for basically setting up a lame pricing scheme so they don't have to do any work?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    It seems to me they do everything that all other car dealers do, other than haggle with customers and potential customers...which many customers don't like to do anyway. I can appreciate why tough negotiators (as well as some buyers who don't feel good about a purchase unless they believe they are getting "a deal") don't like this system. But besides simplifying the buying process, the beauty of it is that it makes it so much easier to judge the value of the car, because you know what it's going to cost before you ever set foot in the dealership. If you didn't think it would provide value at its MSRP before you decided to go, you wouldn't bother, and you only need the test drive to confirm what you thought going in.

    The tC is still in pretty short supply - which admittedly may be somewhat intentional on Toyota's part - but it does show that many buyers do like the car and the buying process. As with any other product, if you don't like the product or don't think it's worth it, you can always say no.
  • Do you walk into a department store and "bargain" on the price of a sport coat - knowing that you are getting "ripped off" by an over 100% mark-up? or a sofa, shoes, etc.?

    Why should a vehicle be any different. Personally, I am miffed by the fact that everyone through the door gets a different price based on the time of month, if the dealer has reached his quota, the mood of the sales manager, etc. How fair is that?

    If you do not find the "no haggle" price to be fair then move on or look for a used car that you can play the bargaining game with. Do you really believe the dealer is "giving" you somthing when they budge on the sticker price? And how do you feel when you find out that your sale made the quota and the next guy thru the door gets the same vehicle for a few hundred dollars less?

    Enough with the games. Make a quality vehicle, price it fairly and let the chips fall.
  • I ordered my Tc November 5th and the dealer said that it should be in no later than 12 weeks. we are approaching 12 weeks and its still not here. And the dealer told me to call him back yesterday or today and i did, and he hasnt returned my getting very anoyed and i think i may get a diffrent car since my other car is sold bc i thought the tc would be now i dont have a car and i dont even know when the tc will be in...any one have a similar experience?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    No, but I would ask the dealer if he has a car you can use while you wait. That should speed things up a little...
  • I'm having a similar issue. I ordered my TC on January 2nd (Flint Mica, Manual, Side Curtain Airbags, & a Pedastal Spoiler). I was told since I didn't want a TC from another dealer I'd have to wait, which I didn't have a problem with. The following week the salesman called & said they couldn't get the car I wanted & asked if I wanted to change any options or wait until the next shipment of cars were delivered. I told him I'd wait. 2 weeks later the salesman called & gave me the same story. Again I said I'd wait. I should hear something again next week. In the meantime I sent Scion an e-mail questioning their "Customized to your specifications" line in their brochure & received a generic reply that the cars are in demand & I may have to wait 12 weeks. I'm not confident that I will ever get my TC since it seems that I have to keep my fingers crossed that a TC will be delivered that meets my criteria & if it doesn't then I'm out of luck.
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    My daughter wants the LED tail lights by TYC as shown on the Scion web site, however, when we try to build our car on-line, they don't show up as an option. When we went to the dealer, the salesman used the same website we did, so of course he couldn't add them either and no one there seemed to know the answer. Does anyone know how to get them? Even Scion answer line couldn't give any useful info.

    Only tacky buying experience so far has been that the dealer claims we have to buy a $699 Southeast Toyota Dealers "protection package." Includes a "free first oil change"...gee, I wonder if that is in addition to the THREE free ones we get from Scion! Ha.

    We ordered the car on Feb 25 and were told that delivery would be around March 10th. From looking at posts here, I'm wondering it that is realistic.

    Let me know if anyone knows anything about the tail lights. Thanks.
  • Be very careful about the sticker price. Most of the dealers markup the sticker price by adding extra equipments at the dealer. If you try to order the factory standard model with factory MSRP, they WILL give you the run around. Basically, they want to sell the car on the lot with the sticker price setup by the dealer. Since, you can't negotiate the price, you are out of luck.

    This so called pure pricing is total bull..t. How can you call it a pure pricing if the dealer adds extra equipments to raise the price. Don't you think, these scam artists should stick to the factory model and stick to the factory MSRP. Please don't add extras at the dealership and call it a pure pricing policy.
  • Unless I'm mistaken, pure price means they must charge the same price for the same equipment to everyone. As long as the add-ons are the same for everyone, I think they're complying with policy.

    It seems this dealer is cashing in on the very profitable personalization options. This is a hot car in somewhat short supply and they know it. If they won't order/deliver a base model, go somewhere else. Let your money do the walking to a dealer who wants it.
  • ashergnsashergns Posts: 1

    Check out that website, they sell the tail lights.

    Also, I ordered my car and it came in 4 days later.
  • I've been doing a lot of shopping for a car for my college graduating kid. Been looking at the New Honda Civic Coupe, Accord Coupe, Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Scion tC. The tC looks to be a great value/fun to drive car that's priced right & offers a lot of customization options. My question is this... Is the tC a "Boy's" car or a "Girl's" car... who is buying them? What sex is the principal driver?

    When I was 21, all the Chevy Camaros were driven by Guys, and all the Pontiac Firebirds were driven by the Girls... Same cars different demographics!

    Any Ideas?
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