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Scion tC Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    Release Series 1.0 in Absolutely Red today and it was definitely not totally a men's car and definitely not totally a women's car. It was sporty and peppy and fun to drive, however. Just a bit over-priced at $22,995.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Good for a "sort of" conservative guy in his 20's?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    the 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 is a really sporty looking rig. Actually, for the $22,995 I think it would actually be worth it because you get so much car for that. Really tightly put together and really fun to drive. Steering did not wander on the expressway-it would be a comfortable touring car.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • conscons Posts: 1
    Been reading around on edmunds for a while, buying my first car from a dealer, I live in Michigan, and while I've read up alot on this site of what to expect (i've been there once before to check it out and stuff, but going back to buy this time), is there any big fee's or anything else i should be looking out for when sealing the deal? thanks in advance i hope :)
  • i got an in-person quote of $17,844 ($18,995 internet price) on a gray 05 tc automatic with 7500 miles, fog lights, spoiler, and security system. does this sound like a good price? or should i just get an 06 with only a spoiler? i have been mulling this over since thursday and changed my mind 18 times.
  • $17,844 is around what you'd pay for a new '06 auto. (w/out the extras). But, the '06 has steering wheel mounted radio controls and the stereo seems to have better designed knob controls (my 05 just has buttons) and ipod connectivity. If you don't care about that, and you are going to buy the extras anyway, it might be an OK deal. Compare how much it would be to add the extras to a new one and see if the difference decides for you. Or, if you just like another color better.

    I've been reading that tC's have been fetching high resale amounts. They don't sit around long. You're post basically adds to it.
  • toddartoddar Posts: 10
    If anyone out there has purchased a Scion Tc with an automatic transmission lately and can give me some real pricing information, I would appreciate it immensely. The only options we would want are the side air bags (me) and the Ipod conectivity setup (her).

    I am looking with my daughter and she has it down this and the Honda Civic LX Coupe Tc. Both cars are in high demand. I have done for myself and others on previous car purchases and it seems to bare pretty great fruit. I know there is this "same price to all" policy, but perhaps some dealership is attempting to sell them more aggressively even though they are in relatively short supply. Also, we are having problems determining if there is really much savings in buying a used (2005 or 2006) model given the demand. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :P
  • I'm looking to buy a tC perhaps by the end of May in the bay area. Is the wait for these cars typically long? I've heard that Scion dealers dont usually have them in stock. Are dealers pretty good about selling a car with only the options that I actually want? What are your experience?

    I'm a bit concerned about the gas mileage and still contemplating whether I should go with the manual or the auto (this will be a commuter car over the bay bridge).
  • rjw1rjw1 Posts: 4
    I was told when requesting the details of a 36 mo lease at 15,000 mi/year that the best money factor for Scion's highest/preferred customer is .00295. This seems high to me. Is this true? If so, why is it this high?
  • comets8518comets8518 Posts: 3
    I was deciding btw a mazda3 and the Tc. Last friday I chose the Tc and being in a rush because I'm loaning another car the dealer said they could get a white one by wednesday. That was great bc all the other dealerships said they couldn't for 2-3 weeks.

    I got 5% from my bank which scion said they could match. I also am getting a college grad $400 rebate.

    Got a call today (2 days early) to say my car was ready for pick up, to come and pay and drive away. I got told to go talk with finance, pay and then my car would be off the truck and out of detailing.

    After waiting for finance for 30 minutes it was time. Once in finance it all changed. They wouldn't match the 5% because I was getting the college grad (the saleman said that would be no problem) and also I might not qualify for college grad. The finance guy wanted my trancripts and pay stubs from my job, which I said I could show him on any computer. He was basically just not paying attention and I got aggrevated.

    Then he got into the extended warranty. I told him no, he kept going on, I said no again, and on he went. He even started telling me about all the bad stuff that WILL probably happen with my brand new car. Electrical system failure, damaged rims, etc. I said no and got really aggrevated. He stopped pushing it. At this time I didn't confident in the quality of my new car or in teh scion buying experience.

    Finished paying and went back to the saleman who said my car was still in line to get detailed and he would drop it off at my house at 5ish (it was about 3pm). I told him that the finance guy almost lost his sale for being rude.

    I left with a sour feeling.

    Went back and told my father about the experience and we ended with a meeting with the toyota GM. Said he review my finance tape and that I was hostile from minute 1. It took some aggrevation to get me hostile, i'm a very relaxed person.
    Explained what happend and that I still didn't have my car and it wasn't a smooth experience. He said he would go get my car. He never came back, instead the scion sales manager came into tell me the problem.

    My car WASN'T there. It never was. I even got a phone call at 4;45 from the salesman while I was on my way to the meeting with GM to say my car still wasnt detailed and that they would put my tint on and give it to me in the morning.

    As you can see there was a lot of misinformation. I do not think it was lies but instead convient ignorance (e.g. the computer said my car was instock but no one bothered to actually check the truck.)

    The car will hopefully be here tomorrow and I can pick it up. I'm seriously thinking about cancelling and going with the Mazda3.

    -Whats the point (is it worth) of the $1200 extended warranty on a Brand new car.

    -why is the finance department always the worst place.

    -my first new car buying experience completely soured, and they wonder why people start off hostile.

    -the experience up until today was by far the best car buying experience to date. While pure pricing can be bad, when their prices are reasonable it makes it a pleasant experience.
    -thanks for letting me rant if you actually read the whole thing, its probably pretty broken English (sorry any teachers.)

    -someone please reassure me that I'm making the right decision staying with the scion and not going for the mazda
  • comets8518comets8518 Posts: 3
    If you read my above post, you need to know that was the 3rd scion dealership I went to.

    I wanted a tc manual in white, silver, or azure pearl. With no options added. The first dealerships quoted me 2-4 weeks depending on my flexiblity.

    The 3rd dealership (scion of dallas) said they were the top seller in the area and could get cars quicker. They said within a week. I decided friday I wanted the car, they called me 3 hours later to say they could get a white one by the following wednesday the latest. It had ipod and mats added on (not what I wanted which they conviently forgot to mention.)

    to Sum up my long windedness; It depends on the dealership and whats already on its way to your area and how much of its not sold. I recommend checking all the dealerships in your area and if your flexible you should be able to get one fairly quickly.

    good luck and I hope your experience is better than mine
  • "Whats the point (is it worth) of the $1200 extended warranty on a Brand new car."

    Because in a few years, with a few thousand miles, the car won't be new anymore, and you will be out of standard warranty.
  • 21000 otd with an 88 celica trade in and zero down.
  • jano1jano1 Posts: 1
    Hey guys,
    I want to buy a TC, is there anyone that would like to share their experience and give me some advice on the process...

    Anyone successfully bought it for less then advertised?
    Any deals? As of now I only know that there is the $400 rebate.

    How about certified pre-owned (6-year warranty?)

    How about getting a used one? - prices are not much lower
    but the miles are sure more than 0


    I can shop in PA and MA.
  • eddpeddp Posts: 1
    I purchased a new tC from Romano Toyota Scion in Syracuse NY.
    There were no discounts and the price was sticker price. I probably could have done a bit better on the tradein by selling outright, but the trade was a POS and I really didn't want to deal with it.
    The sales team at Romano was excellent. And Roland Sanchez was easy going, no pressure, happy to take the time for a long test drive. Paper work issues on my tradein pushed the deal out a couple of days and they were more sympathetic than worried about closing the deal.
    The only issue that I had was the shop installed the mudflaps without my authorization, I would have done it myself instead of pay for such a simple job, but the salesman knocked the install fees off the bill. So not much other than list price, but a little bit that was appreciated.
    I'd been shopping for a few months and chose the Scion over the four cylinder model Mitsu Eclipse and Hyunda Tiburon as the Scion was quieter and seemed solider than those two.
    I've had the ride for about 2000 miles now and absolutely nothing has gone wrong. The car gets funner to drive every day. The only down side is the seat, while supportive, is uncomfortable on long highway trips. (Keeping my Impala for highway cruising.)
    I definitely recommend Romano Scion and the tC. :)
  • I'm thinking about leasing a manual tc, no options added. What am I looking at in terms of monthly payments with roughly $2,000 down? Credit score 710.
  • de77de77 Posts: 40
    You do not need to wear a wire.....If you bought a used car they should have made you a sign a paper saying that the vehicle had been previously titled. There are also numerous places throughout the paperwork where the saleman has to check off whether the car is new or used.You must have signed all of those papers- check through them and then go make your point. A demo is considered a new car because it has never been titled. Double check before you go!
  • Hi all,

    I got my new Scion TC last month and I love it as much as you all do. I was talking to my Dealer(Service tech) today about this auto doorlocking system which is the most common feature even in the basic cars and which is not in Scion TC. I mean when we shift the gear, the doors should get locked automatically right!!! which does not happen with TC which I am not able to digest. Is it really true or do we need to do something to get it activated?
  • I am thinking about buying my son a scion tC, but I have no idea what to expect.

    Have any tips, tricks, things to watch out for?

    Anything helps!
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The only other "No dicker" nameplate (Saturn) had that go out the window years ago. Rebates etc... How long or if Scion can hold this up (they are old hat now) is open to question. I have seen them advertised under list already. In any event one would want list with a minimum (zero) of documentation and ad fees. Many dealers may have more flexiblilty in add ons. So a list deal with about 1000-2000 (list price installed) of dealer add ons (flaps,floor mats,lights spoilers etc) thrown in would be very good as the Scion (18800 for a top line auto?) is overpriced.


    I am thinking about buying my son a scion tC, but I have no idea what to expect.

    Have any tips, tricks, things to watch out for?

    Anything helps!
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