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All About Exhaust Systems



  • I am having problems with my car. I have been to 2 different Nissan Dealerships, dished out over a 1000 dollars and my car is still doing the same thing. When I crank my car(Nissan Altima 2007 4 cylinder) up it sounds like a loud truck. If I push the accelerator too hard or fast the rpm goes up to like 5 but im only going like 30 mph. If I drive more than 40 or 50 miles in distance the cars RPM goes up to like 5 and I am only going like 40. If I push the car too hard the speedometer needle will bottom out to 0 and if I have to come to a complete stop, like a red light or stop sign and try to accelerate it will only go like 5 mph with the accelerator pushed all the way to the floor and then after a while it will go back to normal. Idling is a huge factor because the car stalls when it idles. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! I am so tired of paying people money and they have no clue what they are doing. What could be causing this problem? They said it could be my exhaust do you think so or is it a sensor?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Sounds like a bad throttle position sensor.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I have an issue that hopefully someone has seen with a solution. My vehicle (Lexus rx350) was rear ended. Prior to the collision, I had no issues with this vehicle at all, exhaust or otherwise. After all repairs including a new exhaust system (catalytic converter all the way to the muffler), I'm now experiencing an exhaust smell in the car typically when passing at higher speeds (45+ mph). They've (Lexus dealer) checked for leaks, they've done something called a "smoke test" but they can't find any leaks at all. I'm not a mechanic so I just read about the exhaust manifold this morning. Could the problem be coming from the manifold (which has not been replaced) or some where else? The smell starts up front and comes in from the floor on the passenger side. That's if the windows are up. if the windows are down, it also comes in thru the front windows too. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • My truck had holes in the exhaust leading into and exiting the muffler. I cut it out and can't use regular pipe because of the bends in the pipe from the exsiting exhaust. Should i use flex tubing to fill in the space????
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    edited August 2011
    The local O'reilly's has bendable pipes hopefully in your diameter. If not any local muffler shop could weld a piece in there for you for less than $20.
  • I'm wondering if your back hatch seal is leaking. I bet it is.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    edited August 2011
    I wondered that too initially. I used a high pressure washer around the entire rear end and no water got in. I know air is different but there were no leaks at all for water. Also the smell originates from the passenger side floor area. it also comes in from the front windows if they are down.
  • Yes air pressure is different. What happens is that an auction pressure differential occurs in the car, and thus exhaust is sucked into the car as air moves around the cracks/openings.

    It's also possible that some other seam can allow gases to be sucked in, that's true.

    One possible but not conclusive test would be to button up the truck tightly so that there are no vents, no windows, nothing open, then drive and see if you smell something. If not, then crack a window--if suddenly the odor gets strong, then yes, there is some seal or seam that is not right.

    As for a leak in the exhaust system itself---the smoke test is a bit wussy---I mean, one way might be to stuff a rag in the tailpipe (well,hold it over the tail pipe tightly), while the truck is on a rack, and have another person test/listen for a slight exhaust leak===in a pipe or even in the exhaust manifold gasket.

    You only need the tiniest of leaks to create this odor because when accelerating, there's a lot of force in the exhaust pipe.

    In any event, this is a safety issue that has to be addressed.
  • hey yall i love cars but i don't really know much about them. i found what looks like a y pipe in my shed when i moved into my new house. its about 3-4 feet long and y's into two pipes and then at the end y's again into 4 exhaust tips. it it almost all black except at the tips there is a yellow stripe and then silver tip. it doesn't have any markings on it to tell me what it is or who made it. can someone tell me what kind of exhaust this is? or maybe someone was building their own exhaust? help i'd like to sell if i can!
  • Maybe if you could post a picture---put it on photobucket or some such hosting service and then use the "IMG" button below to insert the URL for it.
  • For a custom exhaust system, I need 3 bolt flanged collector with the bolt ring diameter 2.5 inches and the pipe i.d. 2 inches, plus or minus 1/4". It seems there must be cars that use about that size, but in looking at catalogs for replacement parts, I'm not finding any that give the actual dimensions. Does anyone know what car would use this size of collector? Generic ones that I've found don't come with a pipe i.d. of less than 2.5" which would mean their bolt ring diameter would be about 2.75". Here is a link to one of them for reference. Id=751310

    Any help will be appreciated.
  • I have a 2009 F-350 Super Duty (King Ranch) Diesel. There is an engine exhaust cleaner with this vehicle. The exhaust cleaner activates every 300 kms (185 miles). When the exhaust cleaner is activated you are suppose to continuously drive at 80 kms or faster (50 miles/hour) until the exhaust cleaner has completed it's cycle. The problem that I have is when you can't continuously drive 80 kms or faster until the cycle has completed. This happens when I am driving in the city. In this instance blue smoke will bellow out of the exhaust pipe. Not a good thing to see. Nobody likes to see an excessive amount of blue smoke bellowing out of the exhaust pipe. Is this normal? The Ford technician tells me that you have to drive it on the highway and there won't be any blue smoke. I find this odd and believe that there is something else wrong with the vehicle. Any advice
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Here's a discussion from a Ford Truck board:

    Hope this helps.
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