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2007 BMW X5



  • All that is on google are photoshoped pictures of Bmw x5's with 7-series style headlights on them that have been around for 2 or 3 years. Personally, i do not think there will ever be a bmw x7.
  • sp5183sp5183 Posts: 5
    BMW IS making an X7 and it is comparable to the size of a Chevy Suburban. I know this because I work for BMW.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • mrickeymrickey Posts: 2
    Well that's pretty large. If this is true, then the x5 will no longer be a cross-over vehicle, but a true SUV (sorry SAV!) I am very curious, I just bought a 20006 x5 and I absolutely love it. However, I will be slightly dissapointed when the new x5 comes out and I'll be driving the "old version"...
  • They are making an X7 the size of a Chevy Suburban??? :confuse: Very hard to believe. I would have thought more along the lines of a Audi Q7 or Mercedes GL???? When is this "x7" supposed to arrive?????? And do you have any idea about the pricing on it???
  • sp5183sp5183 Posts: 5
    They are talking of a release in 2008...right now that's not in stone, but it's in the works. Also, probably look for a price in the 80,000 range.
  • UHH.....80 grand.... If thats the price, the vehicle will not sell. For 30,000 less you could drive a Mercedes GL or Audi Q7!!!! Plus im sure it will have BMW's I-DRIVE which will turn a few people away. I think a better soulution would be to just stretch the X5 to Audi Q7 or GL dimensions and not have an X7. BMW is making a mistake.
  • sp5183sp5183 Posts: 5
    See, the thing is, $80,000 is reasonable because the X5 is at least 50. Besides, the mercedes and audi are horrible. BMW has the top technology of any car company in the world. For example, Infiniti came out with their park assist program to help you parallel park. BMW has had that technology and it making it perfect instead of coming up with something and rushing it to the market. BMW has the park assist technology with the Mini Cooper where you pull up to the car in front of the spot, press the park assist button, it calculates the size of the opening and the distance to the curb, and it pulls itself into the spot. Also, I don't see why people have a problem with the I-drive. If they read the manual, they'd have no problem what-so-ever. People just can't understand good technology. That's why BMW is the #1 car company in the world and Mercedes is #5.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    or here:

    Judging from those exterior pics, not sure how they can fit that 3rd row in there.
  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    OMG. That's gorgeous! I love it! How much more are they gonna charge?
  • As a previous owner of a 2000 X5 4.4i I can say it was one of the most pleasing vehicles I ever owned. Fast, yet quiet. We had two kids and it was extremely functional. It performed better and better as the years and miles grew on. I definitely got better gas mileage once the engine got past 30K miles.

    When I got it, it was in the 1st year of production. I had very few problems with the vehicle. After 60K, all I had to do was replace tires and brakes. If they can do the same with the new version, I will be in line to get one. I am waiting for the GL320 CDI. If BMW comes out with an I6 (with average gas mileage and performance) or a CDI I6, I will definitely consider it, especially since it has the third row of seats. IMHO, I think it looks cool. Most vehicles with the 3rd row seat look long and portly. BMW seems to have made room for it without making the vehicle look too long. Hopefully, they won't compromise performance either.
  • Anothter vehicle you should consider is the Audi Q7. IMO, it looks amazing. The new x5 is definetly a worthy competitor of it though...
  • I have seen some of your other posts. I saw the Q7 at the Chicago Auto Show back in February. I have owned several Audis. I am low on the Q7 because the third row is so small. I have an LR3 today and I can comfortably sit in the third row - 6'1". I have seen the new X5 back seat. It doesn't seem to be as good as the LR3 since the specs say someone up to 5'6" can sit comfortably. The goal is for my son and his friends to be able to sit comfortably for trips aroud town. Because of this, we have ruled out the Escalade/Tahoe (3rd row still sits on the floor)and Volvo XC90 - to small in the back and are waiting for the GL320 CDI and now the new X5. I would also consider the Enclave/Acadia based on the pics I've seen. If BMW can keep the price relatively competitive with the I6 engine, then this might be another option to the GL. I am not looking for a speed burner SUV, but something functional and comfortable with OK gas mileage.
  • sp5183sp5183 Posts: 5
    I do agree with you. Most SUVs have terrible 3rd row seats. I myself am not a fan of the BMW SAV line because I'm just a car and truck person, not SUVs. BMW has the most efficient I6 motor in the world and it does get excellent mileage. From the looks of things, if I were to get an SUV, I would probably go with the Land Rover. They have the styling and all right and BMW hasn't been in that market very long. Also, with Ford going downhill, they might be selling Land Rover and BMW might pick it up and drop the SAVs. Lastly, I also have problems sitting in back rows because I'm 6'4" and I would much rather be driving than riding!
  • sp5183sp5183 Posts: 5
    I just want to tell you now that BMW will not be making any more diesel models. They are strictly producing gas engines and improving on the engine efficiency. Also, look for hydrogen down the road in about 15-20 years. They are perfecting a full-on hydrogen car. Don't worry, hydrogen is less explosive than gasoline because the hydrogen fumes dissipate faster than gasoline. Tests have shown that a gasoline leak in the trunk with scortch the whole car, wheras a hydrogen leak in the trunk only raises the interior temp 1 to 2 degrees Celcius and does not burn the interior at all. In fact, the car does not even have to be put out. It puts itself out.
  • I do not think BMW would buy Land Rover as they are the ones that sold it to Ford. The rear seats are really for 5'6" or under. By the way the JD Powers ranking has Land Rover with the highest number of problems per 100 cars produced and by far. Saab was second and of course Lexus had the lowest. BMW was 9th. I am looking the the new 2007 x5 or new 2007 MDX both still not released.
  • As a current LR3 owner, I would STRONGLY discourage you against getting the LR3. Land Rover consistently ranks at the bottom of quality studies. We have an LR3 and it is in the shop right now. It was in the shop 3 weeks ago and before that it was in the shop. Since we've had the vehicle, there hasn't been 60 days where it hasn't been in the shop for something. My wife and I were talking today. Our favorite vehicles were our 2003 Lexus GX470 and the BMW X5. For me the X5 was the best combination of power and comfort in a "truck". For my wife, the Lexus was smooth, but too small - which led to the LR3. We had very few problems with the GX. Like I said, if BMW can get it right with the next X5, I would go that way again.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    Not sure if this was already posted

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