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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    The Donlen Corporation is a Fleet Management Company.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    A reporter is hoping to talk with hybrid owners who have had to replace the hybrid's battery. Please respond to before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.


    A reporter is hoping to talk with anyone who bought a used hybrid with over (or near) 100,000 miles on it. Please respond to before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.
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  • Hi there,

    I want to order a '09 FEH and am wondering if the dealership where you place an order would make any difference in the time when you receive the vehicle, e.g., if you place an order with a smaller dealership might it be a longer wait than if you placed it with a huge dealership. I would like to support a smaller dealership if the wait would be the same. Any insight???
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I have scanned in and converted to PDF the 11-page document I received from my dealer back in April called "2009 Escape & Escape Hybrid Major Product Changes, 4/17/08" and will gladly email it to anyone who requests it. Just send me an email at fpmorrison "at" verizon "dot" net. The file size is 430K. It tells you all the "codes" for ordering along with what has changed from 2008 to 2009 on the FE (XLS, XLT, Limited) and FEH (Regular, Limited). The "Limited" is new for both the FE and FEH. Sections in the document:
    1. Major Product Changes
    2. Major Product Summary
    3. Standard Equipment
    4. Functional Equipment (shows pictures of wheels)
    5. Optional Equipment
    6. Color & Trim Availability
    7. Package Options/Emissions
    8. Powertrain/Dimensions - note: fuel economy is set to "TBD", so don't get your hopes up.
  • aprilcaprilc Posts: 4
    the dealership i have been working with anticipates arrival dates in Aug/Sept and does not know anything about a delay.
  • kmaierskmaiers Posts: 1
    That is correct. I ordered mine this morning and was told 4-6 months. One bad thing is no high end stereo/speakers on the 2009 Hybrid.
  • neuroboy002neuroboy002 Posts: 24
    I just received a quote for the Ford Escape Hybrid Limited - $30,000 + tax (CA) and license. Is this an average deal?
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I spoke to my dealer. My April 20 order for a FEHL is the first for that particular dealer. As for the debate about when scheduling will start (May 15 vs. mid-Septermber) and when production will start (June 23 vs. October), here's what my dealer told me today:

    The order of production is:
    1. Retail orders
    2. Dealer stock
    3. Fleet sales

    My order shows in the Ford computer as "Clean" but not yet scheduled as of May 14. If it was scheduled on May 15, then it might not post into the computer system until Saturday. He said he'll come in on Saturday, check the computer and get back to me.

    Anybody else heard same/different from their dealer?
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    that's great news. Is there a publicly accessible link to this sort of thing?
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    The MSRP for the 2009 FEH FWD Limited (no options) is $30,635 plus destination/delivery charge of $695 and of course tax, tags, processing fees. I had my dealer write out exactly what cost what (no hidden surprises). I got my delear to agree to $875 below MSRP plus a $500 rebate at delivery - but anything below MSRP is a good deal.
  • neuroboy002neuroboy002 Posts: 24

    I am a student and trying to purchase a FEH 2009 around $30K. I posted above regarding a dealership in Orange County, California offering $30K but with taxes and licensing, the final cost is just over $32K. What is the policy with X-plan numbers? Do dealerships have to honor them or is it by choice? Does anyone have an X-Plan number I can use? I do plan to order within the next few weeks.

    If someone can help me out, my e-mail is roysreceptive at

    Thanks and any advice or help would be appreciated.
  • neuroboy002neuroboy002 Posts: 24
    Thanks for your experience. How did you get a rebate? I was told by a dealer that Ford was not offering them. Also, do you know anything about tax deduction?
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    If you join the American Quarter Horse Association (annual cost $35 - general membership) and are a member for at least 60 days prior to taking delivery, you qualify for a $500 rebate.

    Regarding the tax credit, it looks like those that purchase and take delivery by the end of Sep '08 (at least) should qualify for the full credit ($3,000 for FWD, $2,200 for 4WD - amounts subject to change with '09 model). Here are some useful links:,,id=167435,00.html,,id=157557,00.html,,id=157632,00.html,,id=176409,00.html,,id=161076,00.html
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    As of May 21, 2008, my 2009 FEHL that I ordered on April 20, 2008 has not been scheduled for production. My dealer reports my order is “clean, but not scheduled”.

    Has anyone else who ordered around the same time been told, via the official Ford ordering computer at their dealer, that their vehicle has been scheduled for production?

    I hope this will help straighten out the confusion about when the FEH/FEHL will be scheduled vs. the gasoline models. One source of information says scheduling for all 2009 Escapes began May 15 while another says May 15 was for gasoline models while hybrids won’t be scheduled until mid-September. Others say the mid-September scheduling date is for fleet sales and that we should believe that scheduling of the hybrids began on May 15.

    In this age of computers, I would hope that a retail order placed within the first three days of the official ordering date would be scheduled by now. Then again, if somebody at Ford is doing the scheduling by pushing little magnets around on a board or using chalk and a blackboard, I might need to wait a bit longer. :)
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    Unless your dealer has some type of special relationship with his Ford factory rep, plan on waiting 4 to 5 months for delivery.
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    On another site I read a post by someone who said that their Ford dealer told them that scheduling of all Escapes (Hybrid & Gasoline) have been delayed approximately one week, but his dealer expected for the scheduling to be done within the next week or so. My order is in the system as well and ready to be scheduled as soon as Ford begins scheduling. I wouldn't expect to see many prior to the end of July or early August. Since I didn't order mine until May 8th, I don't think I'll see it until around August 15th.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I'm not so much interested in when delivery is expected as I am in knowing if your order has been scheduled. :confuse:
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    According to this article in the Kansas City star, it sounds like the plant where the Ford Escape Hybrid is built is working overtime while the rest of Ford either has or is gettng ready to cut back on production of trucks and SUVs:
  • I just tried to order an 09 at Rick Hunt Ford in Warrenton, VA. The salesman told me they won't be able to take orders until August. What's the deal?
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