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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    I was told tonight by the dealer that our order placed on 5/7 has been assigned a VIN #. Supposed to get a bit more information early next week. For the record
    U49/T9/5/S/350A - FWD Limited (no Nav, w/ Step Bars) T9 (Black Pearl.) That's about it for now. I'll be sure to post when I have more info!

  • ericc5vettericc5vett Posts: 2
    Those of you that have ordered the new color "White Suede", how do you know what it is going to look like? I have ordered a 2009 FEH Limited FWD with Nav & side steps, in Black, but thinking of changing to the "White Suede" if I could just see what it looks like somewhere...
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I walked the dealers lot and found a larger 2008 Ford SUV (Explorer, but not sure exactly) that was painted White Suede (according to the window sticker).

    I figure Ford is adjusting the color availability on the 2009 Escape based on the inventory of paint they have in stock. Perhaps they have an excess supply of WS they need to use up? Only a Ford insider will know for sure.
  • neuroboy002neuroboy002 Posts: 24
    The Ford Dealership I have been in contact with for the past couple of weeks said they could not get me an X-Plan price until they could get an invoice which in turn could not be attained until I ordered the vehicle and it was built and delivered. They also told me that the X-plan price would only be about $50 above or below the invoice.

    What does everyone think? Am I getting straight answers?

    Since paperwork cannot be processed on a Sunday, I think I am going to try another dealership on Monday.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    Just based on my limited experience in placing an order on a FEH 2009 Limited (No Nav, Step Bars) the only exception I see is the inability to provide a firm price until "built and delivered." You might want to clarify this. The guidance your getting on the X-Plan pricing within $50 of the invoice is consistent with my Vehicle Order Confirmation.

  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13
    My ecoAuto rebate for a 2008 FEH took 21 weeks from the time the application was mailed until the cheque (or check, as they write in the USA) was received.

    My wait time for the factory order of this 2008 FEH took only 12 weeks (May 15-Aug 17, 2008). Good thing that the Government of Canada isn't building vehicles as well.

    Stephen @ Canmore, AB
  • yvrcodyyvrcody Posts: 6
    Hmmm, my ecoAuto rebate came really fast, I received my $2000 cheque/check from the government in just 8 weeks. However it took 5 months for my FEH to arrive. Either way I'm not complaining since there was no provincial/state sales tax either so I saved another $2000 there as well. (Yeah, I know you have no sales tax out there in AB). That being said, Canadians also seem to pay way more for our vehicles than they do in the US. Just look at the prices on

    I must say it was worth the wait. I really like my FEH. I have had it since Feb. and now that I have a few miles logged on it, I have noticed my gas milage has really improved. I get just over 30 MPG. I live in the city and all my driving is in town and I don't get on the highway too much. In rush hour trafic I can often drive for blocks and blocks without using a drop of gas, on electric power alone.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    I am an owner of a 2008 FEH, 4WD, purchased new , waited approx 11 weeks, and pleased with my overall 30 MPG. (Note: at 2000 to 3000 miles I was getting 28 MPG but now with 6,500 miles, mileage has improved to 30 average. Except for making sure my tires are inflated properly and pressing the accelerator like there is an egg between the sole of my shoe and the accelerator, I drive the same as I do my conventionally powered vehicles. So, as I said, I am pleased with the vehicles performance and MPG.----------BUT!-----I just received my Free Ford Magazine entitled "Electrifying", and low and behold, read that Ford is currently testing a fleet of Ford Escape Hybrids in CA that recharge when plugged into a regular (120) household electrical outlet. "The Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid prototype has a high-voltage lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in about 7 hours, providing a range of 30-40 miles. That's the average distance most people travel in a day. (per Ford). If you need to go farther, the gas engine kicks in and the vehicle operates like a standard Ford Escape Hybrid"

    This will be quite a vehicle for those of us who do most of our driving locally and not over 50 miles per day. Let's see, what will your average MPG be if you limit your driving to 40 miles per day? and at that level how could there be anything greener.
    ( All you math majors out there, please let me know what my average MPG will be if I only drive 30-40 miles per day in this vehicle assuming I recharge each night) (Will this mean that I can place my gasoline credit card in a Vacation Only folder?)

    For those of you who are contemplating a 2009 and are discouraged with the wait times for delivery, I would think very hard and consider waiting if you can for this plug-in Escape.-----This plug-in Escape Hybrid will be a winner even at the initial 30-40 miles per day range.
  • cathy314cathy314 Posts: 1
    I happened to go to a Ford dealer today and sat down and similarly asked what myprice would be on a 2009 Escape Hybrid Limited with the X plan. I was also told that the vehicle had to be ordered in order to get X plan pricing. However, the salesman flashed a purchase order in front of me for another customer that he claimed he had ordered the same vehicle for this week. He told me that X-plan would save approximately $2000.00 on the LImited version, and the invoice had a price of $30,000 and some change (I didn't look extremely close, as I wasn't sure if I was going to get the same options --but it was definitely less than $31).
    I am planning on ordering one this week from somewhere, but am still confused about colors (can't they be found on line anywhere) and whether to get AWD or FWD(for the better mileage). Does anyone know if the 2009 still lacks traction control on the 2WD? I had one salesman who "didn't know" and one that told me that it still lacked traction control and that he recommended AWD since I live in Michigan. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  • Hello,

    Honestly, as great as the vehicle is, $30K for x-plan sounds like a lot after shopping around. One dealership offered me $30K + a $500 rebate (no x-plan). Look at post #376. This member claims to have an x-plan offer for the 2009 FEHL for $29,495 with the step bars. Get the model with out the step bars and the price drops to $29,100 which sounds a lot better. Tomorrow, I am supposed to get a call from another dealership about X-plan pricing. I was specific about my price being below $30K.

    If member ursacat could verify their invoice for this x-plan price of $29,495 and perhaps post their deal, that would help negate any pricing questions some of us may have. I will post whatever I find tomorrow. I hope I actually get a quote.
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    I'm trying to place an order for a 2009 FEHL using X-plan pricing but having the worst time getting a dealership to honor that pricing. I've had multiple dealerships say they wouldn't, and 3 to date say that they would and then back out when I went to order. 2 of them said the dealership/management had changed their mind, and one (Hendersonville, NC) said they wouldn't because I wasn't "local".

    I have the name of one dealership which should honor X-plan on the FEH/FEHL but it's 12 hours away (Michigan; I'm near Raleigh, NC). I know multiple people here have successfully ordered 09 FEHs via X-plan; would you be willing to post the dealership name and location?

    I'd like to find somewhere closer to order from; virtually everything from Orlando to western Kentucky to NYC is within a 12 hour drive, so there should be at least a few willing dealerships closer by.

    Thanks in advance!
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    FINALLY got someone to order the FEHL for me w/ X-plan pricing - and no run-around (at least no obvious one - keeping my fingers crossed)!

    I'm getting the FEHL w/ FWD and no add-ons. She gave me a screen shot of the order. It showed:

    Hybrid limited FWD: MSRP 30,635 Invoice 28,358
    Destination & delivery: 695
    FDAF: 360
    3 gallons of gas: 11.34
    Total: MSRP 31,330 Invoice 29,424

    X-plan: 29.381.64 (plus tax & tags)

    On the run-around note, a local dealer told me yesterday that I could be placed on the list to order, once they could order - of course being on the list included a $500 deposit - but they didn't know when they'd be able to place an order. Seemed very odd, given the other postings on this list. Then when I asked him to check on that, because I wasn't satisfied with the explanation, he came back and said the owner just announced they wouldn't do X-plan on FEH.
    Which made me even more happy to find the dealer I ordered with today!
  • Have you taken a look at the most recent post regarding X-plan pricing for the FEHL by vdepuy? Is it the same invoice you are receiving?
  • Congratulations on finally getting your order through! I've been trying for the past few weeks but to no avail. I didn't know it would be this difficult. I was wondering if you could scan your paperwork and send me a file of your X-plan pricing? Let me know so I can give you my e-mail. I want to be prepared when I go to other dealerships this week.
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    From my salesman at my Ford dealership this morning: "Ford has pushed production of the '09 hybrids to the middle of July or the 1st of August."
  • Vdepuv-

    Was that a Triangle dealer? I am in Durham and thinking about an '09 FEH. Knowing who doesn't give the run around would be great.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32

    My VOC is very close to member vdepuy.

    No Nav
    Step Bars
    Black Pearl

    x-Plan $29,380, Dlr Invoice $29,422 (with all the Destination and Delivery charges)
    I was told last Saturday that the vehicle has a VIN. I'm awaiting Production/Delivery info - and a P.O. to sign (although the dealer has been very communicative.)

    Dealer is in Sonoma Cty, CA. (north of S.F.)

  • Just talked to a dealership about X-plan for the 2009 FEHL. The final cost was nearly identical to member vdepuy -

    $29,381; Included are the Destination & Delivery Charge ($695) and
    FDAF (advertising fee, $360)

    This is model will have no accessories - no step bar, navigation etc. No negotiating on price. They wouldn't budge on a decrease in the D & D or the FDAF fee. I think the FDAF fee is asinine considering the vehicle hasn't been advertised in any way but through these and other forums. Has anyone else seen posters, commercials or any campaigns? I guess the increasing gas prices has been the biggest advertiser for a hybrid.

    This is the second dealership that has told me actual production of of FEH won't begin until the end of June. They are not expected to be on the lots until the end of August, at the earliest.

    This last dealership said that fleet models have already been ordered and will be on the lots before the individual vehicle orders. If you have the opportunity to switch your vehicle to one that is already ordered in the fleet, it would be advantageous.

    I am not sure why the first dealership with whom I have been working with (Tustin, CA) has taken 3 weeks (and counting) to give me an X-plan number. I was giving the salesman the benefit of the doubt and because he was working hard and I thought he was a good guy, I wanted him to have the commission. This last dealership (Huntington Beach, CA) gave me an X-Plan price in less than 10 minutes. It's also very close to my house which means I could walk to the dealership and then drive home.... :)

    HB Ford informed me that the last of the 2008 FEs and FEHs are being built in June which is one reason why the 2009s won't be in production until month's end. This dealership is still scheduled to have 5 FEHs and 8 FEs (all 2008s) delivered.
  • Thank you, ursacat! It looks like they threw in the step bars for you. That's a good deal.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    You know, I need to check on the Step Bars. They didn't throw anything in. They may have missed this. I'll let you all know.
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