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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32

    The Ford dealership just provided the OEM Step Bars at cost. They are easy to install. (This weekends project.)

  • dewooddewood Posts: 2
    I ordered my FEH FWD on May 19, 2008 and am still clean/unscheduled. My dealer in Huntington, NY has no info even after talking with the Ford Rep last week. Are we going to be left in the dark? Doesn't Ford realize what they're doing in the PR dept? Is there any rhyme or reason to their automobile production scheduling? Perhaps someone who is a Ford employee can answer this. Help!!
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    My April 21 order is also Clean/Unsched.

    There is nothing logical to the order fulfillment process. It never will be so long as there is no transparency to the process. If and when customers can log on to a secure web site and track their individual orders the same way they can track a UPS or FedEx package, Ford will continue to "game the system" to suit their needs, not the customer's needs.
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    I ordered mine on May 8th and received my VIN on July 21st - one week before the KC plant shut down. As far as I can tell, no scheduling has moved forward since the plant shut down. Hopefully - when the plant reopens next week the scheduling process will resume (mine has made it to the sequence stage on 7/22 but not moved forward since).
  • By "Grey Interior"... did you mean Stone? I thought that the Hybrid only comes in 1 interior color? Or does it not? I would love to have a grey color interior... not a big fan of the beige but I thought we didn't have a choice.
  • While in town on business, I went to the dealer, and test-drove a 2009 I-4 gas Merc Mariner (same as FEH except shocks and exterior bling, as far as I can tell). Sweet little truck! Braking is great, pickup great (though a little reving). Road bumps not bad for a small truck, though not as good as the Subaru Forester I drove next. Seats considerably more comfortable than the Forester, and better pull out into traffic. All in all, I can't wait to get an FEH or MMH!

    As to ordering hybrids: after test-driving the Forester, I went back and sat in the 09 again, and asked questions about the ordering process, and brought up the questions with order fulfillment that people have aired here. The dealer showed me their order sheet, with progress on orders. They sell more hybrids than any other Merc Dealer in the area. Some June orders still awaiting VINs, but several in production with VINS and ship dates assigned.

    He stated, that per his contact, Mercury is ONLY doing retail ("already sold") orders right now on hybrids, because they have so many. Stated that many dealers have therefore made phony orders trying to get dealer stock. Said that the factory actually calls the customer to be sure it's not a dealer's phony order, and if they don't get an answer that matches, they don't commit that VIN; they go on to the next order. Advises therefore giving your cell # to them for this reason. States that basically, it's a 2 month wait for the VIN right now, and then another 1-2 months to be built and delivered.

    He said that this is the Mercury process, and could not speak for Ford Escape Hybrids, as that could be different.

    As to the e-mail that was floated on the internet about Ford not taking any more orders, he said that just wasn't true. He is making retail orders for them still which are being accepted. Just no dealer stock orders being accepted.

    It was a very pleasant experience - no pressure at all. Just a good test drive and even more info and plenty of patience with my questions (and showing me the printout of his orders list, VINs and ship dates and all) when I went back there after test-driving a Subaru Forester. For those interested, it was Gordie Boucher Lincoln Mercury on Odana Rd.
  • I finally received a VIN# for my FEH AWD ordered on 4/18. Does anyone know how long it typically takes from VIN assignment to delivery to the northeast?
  • Ganggreen, out of curiosity, when you say Northeast, what area area you talking about. I'm in the Greater Pittsburgh area and am keeping on the lookout for anyone else who's been waiting on a VIN.
  • I just took delivery of a 2009 FEH FWD last night (08/07) in Columbia, MD. I had ordered it June 6. Here are my initial impressions. First off, the car rides and looks great. Brakes and handles very well and acceleration is very adequate. When I got in the car, the info center said 440 miles to empty. I am downsizing from a 2003 F-150 and I would barely get 270 miles to a 25 gallon tank. Another point of interest is that I am 6' 3" and have plenty of head and leg room. I found it somewhat hard to keep in electric mode going from a deadstop. Like someone said in earlier posts you will make people behind you very angry if you try and keep it in electric mode. However, that being said almost as soon I started hitting the brakes to come to a stop it went into electric mode and stayed there until I went to go again. It is crazy how quiet it is when it is in electric mode - it literally sounds like the car shuts off totally. The SYNC system is sweet - pairing my phone and ipod was easy and the voice recognition is very accurate. Hope this helps people out a little bit...please feel free to ask any questions.
  • Hello Michael
    I also have a white suede escape hybrid Limited ordered since 5-16-08. After contacting the dealer (Omaha) he tells me at this time I probably will not see the car until last of Sept or mid Oct. Would it be possible to have you send me some pictures of your car? I am interested in seeing the car in the white suede color exterior as well as the interior of the new escape.
    Thank you
  • What color of Escape did you recieve? and would it be possible to get some pictures of it??
  • I ordered it on April 18 from Rhinebeck Ford, which is in Rhinebeck, NY. About 100 miles north of NYC, 50 miles south of Albany.
  • markspmarksp Posts: 3
    Just picked up our '09 FEHL 4WD in Kiwi. So far, so good with only 10 delivery miles. SYNC with "Next Gen Nav" is very cool! Cheers
  • pal44pal44 Posts: 6
    The phone number to call for tracking your vehicle is 1-800-392-3673. The number prompts are 1 - 5 - 2 - 2

    You can't get anywhere without your VIN number. You will also need:

    Body style (U59 for the 2009 Ford Escaped Hybrid Limited - loaded)
    Dealer Number (usually a letter followed by 5 numbers)
    Your order number given to you by your dealer

    A good web site for this vehicle is

    This is a free service. You can download your manual (333 pages) or save it to your favorites, a much better idea. :D
  • I got the Black Pearl Slate and I will try to get some pics up soon.
  • Trobert1 - I will try to get some pics uploaded this weekend.
  • Nice dealers, but the big Ford dealer here says that they only get to make retail orders (no dealer stock orders) and their allotment is only one hybrid every other month! They are taking orders now to expect delivery in March or April at the earliest....

    So I gave up and bought a really pretty Sport Blue 09 Escape AWD I4 instead, which is the color we wanted anyway, just not hybrid. Kind of sad, but I needed something new for winter roads, and with gas already less than $4 a gallon again and going down, the hybrid just wasn't worth the wait, and didn't want to sink any more money into the '97 we were trading in. 5 or 6 years from now when it would have started paying for itself I may regret the decision - or when someone else hums by me in a Kiwi Green AWD Escape Hybrid in Wisconsin Dells!

    Here's hoping the rest of you have better luck than I did!
  • I went through a similar experience (long wait for VIN on 09 hybrid limited...ordered the non hybrid 2.5L AWD limited instead 2 weeks ago did you get a VIN yet?
  • markspmarksp Posts: 3
    Sort of surprised a "Limited" trim level, $35K MSRP 2009 vehicle does not include Home Link garage door opener integration or back-up camera in the $2,395 Navigation system. In fact, there are exposed bolts, wire looms and visible brackets which seem out of place for a '09 vehicle in this price category.

    Having said that, the hybrid drive system is super sophisticated, SYNC is awesome and it's great to be driving USA made, lower impact vehicle!
  • image





    We did not get the navigation system - we thought the vehicle was expensive enough without. Getting about 33 mpg combined driving.

    Just need to get rid of the temptation not to restart the car when coming to a stop (feels like it stalls since the gas engine cuts out).
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