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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • That's incredibly frustrating.

    Well, one thing I can say is this ... if your state has a "Lemon Law" in place, you should have your bases covered.

    In PA, if a new vehicle has a problem that is not fixed after three trips to the shop, it can be qualified as a lemon. The statute of limitations I believe says this series of trips to get it fixed must take place within the first year / 10,000 miles of purchasing the vehicle.

    If, on the other hand, they get it fixed and it doesn't come up again in the next 44 weeks or 8,000 miles, I'd say it looks like its fixed for good. A little scare, but no biggie.

    Worst case scenario, it'll be a painful couple of trips to the dealer, but they'll end up having to replace your car with a new one.


    I have a Jeep Wrangler, and it didn't start doing what is commonly know for Wranglers as the "Death Wobble" (seriously, that's what its called ... look it up on YouTube or Google it) until about 30,000 miles. I cannot figure out for the life of me what the issue is, and I have 75,000 miles on it now (after many balances, new tires, alignments, and near wrecks on the interstate). The car shakes VIOLENTLY at about 53-58mph.

    I say all that to say, if any recurring problems are going to come up, best to have them when the state has got your back - in the first year of ownership!

    But that sucks ... 2k miles and a check engine light ... that's crap.
  • Call Ford direct.
    They are so concerned about the success of this line, you will get a person that will bird dog the issue.


  • If the results are anything like my experience, calling Ford direct wont help. My little story...

    I have some problems with my reverse sensors in my 2009 FEHL. They seem to work intermittently. Sure enough, I backed into one of those ~3ft poles that are often in front of a telephone poll to protect it but the sensor even made a single noise. And of course, you cant really see those short poles out of your mirrors. Even worse, I hit DIRECTLY on the sensor. The damage was enough to warrant a new bumper. About ~$650 worth of damage at retail, probably half that at dealer cost.

    I tried to get warranty coverage on this or even some sort of middle ground solution like them fixing it for me at dealer cost (since it really is my fault). But my local dealership would have no part of it even though they get fault codes when testing the sensor. It was rejected some team called Digital Imaging. I ended up calling Cust Support and they said they couldnt override Digital Imaging. After going back to the dealership to find to try to find an escalation path, I found the service mgr to be evasive and generally unwilling to help. I tried to get any contact information for Dig Imaging or a Zone Rep or anything and she wouldn't do it. She wouldnt even give me a name to reference in my complaint letter I am writing.

    It is a shame... The sales experience at the dealership I bought from (in Longmont CO) was awesome. The service and support sucks big time at my local dealership.

    Does anyone know what Ford office(s) would be the best to my letter to???
  • Thanks everyone that has responded.

    I would hope that Ford would do all that they can, seriously something needs to break for the American Car Dealerships. I had hoped that they had changed since my last American car purchase - about 20 years ago. Guess I should have stuck to a foreign car. Sucks for America!

    Thanks - please keep your stories and hopefully positive solutions coming!
  • To Concerned,

    I would first, calm down (always a good idea) and have service make sure the sensors dealership documents the fault codes. This will go a long way to building a cae for a claim or at least a reducion of cost for the damage. I am not an attorney but found over the years that if you follow protocol the dealers will cut you a break.

    First, if the sensors were not behaving properly they should probably cut you a "big break'. Sensors or not it's still your responsibility not to back into something ) - (obvious but unfortunate.)

    I have found calling Ford nothing but a pleasure dealing with the new 09 FEH. I just called into the general number. My take is that Ford should fix at cost. But that's just my opinion.
  • @ursacat-
    I am actually pretty calm about this now. This was a 4 week saga of going back and for with the dealership and Cust Relations. But it is pretty much over now. I got the final rejection from the Service Manager last week. I did jump through all of their hoops and it really didnt get me anywhere. Supposedly the Service Mgr even called the Regional Zone Rep.

    You are right that it is ultimately my fault as I noted in first post. As I also noted, I was at least hoping that they would cut me a break but they did not offer anything of the sort. I am mostly disappointed in the "pass the buck" attitude of the dealership.

    Dont get me wrong though... I still love my 2009 FEHL
  • Send me your e-mail, contact info. I will put you in contact with my dealership here in No. Ca. Perhaps they can offer some advice.
  • I think I was one of the first to receive my FEHL in July. So far, I have over 3000 miles on it and have averaged 33.2 miles per gallon on my last 3 tanks. I live in the mountains so it's a little hard to keep it in EV mode when going uphill. So far, it has been awesome! No problems at all.
  • this is the latest, once I here that it is working I will let you know.

    2009 Lincoln Mariner, Mercury Milan, Ford Focus and Ford Escape/Hybrid owners wishing to create an account and register their vehicle with the website may receive an error message. There is nothing wrong with the VIN# or the Sync System. The Sync web support team will correct this condition in the very near future with a web-page update. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    Question??? Can we starrt a board on 2009 FEH Owners Experiences?

  • I ordered an 09 Escape Hybrid on May 14, 2008. I was told that since the dealership where I ordered my escape hybrid was one of the Southeast's largest volume sellers dealership, I should expect my escape hybrid in September. Well, September is here and no Escape... Long story short, after many conversations with my high volume dealer, I was told to expect my escape hybrid at the end of November 08... Days later, the sales manager told me that my order has been pushed back to January 09. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else been given the run-around about delivery? The ford dealership is located in Raleigh NC... Any suggestions?
  • Sounds strange to me. I ordered my FEHL May 10th and it is finally being built this week (hopefully). Probably not shipped until the end of September arriving in later October. So, - that is a five month wait which is long enough. I have no idea what Fords ordering sequence is about - there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Definately not taking orders as they come in. Anyway - November to January 09 sounds crazy! Maybe that is an outside parameter - still strange.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    If you had already damaged the sensors, then the code that Ford read would have been explained by the accident, so Ford would not know if the accident or malfunction caused the error code.

    I have the reverse sensors on my 2008, and one thing you have to be careful of is things like poles and people - they don't always register. The OM has a note as to the fact that it has to be a large object in order for the sensors to detect it.

    Still, if the pole went RIGHT INTO THE SENSOR, that seems a bit obvious. :surprise:
  • Well! I received my Kiwi Green FEH Limited on 9/13/08. That's exactly 3 months from the date I ordered it with 1K down. I'm still in kindergarten when it comes to SYNC and NAV operations but am trying to learn a small thing or two each day. Only 170 miles into this vehicle but everything seems tight. It would appear that the final inspection process went well. Too early to report on mileage but I do like the "readings" it says I'm getting...

    Little things: Wish the rear seats folded down flatter to create a more uniform cargo space. I'm personally annoyed with the rear backup sensor. I trust my eyes only and find this "aid" distracting. There had been mention that the "hidden" storage container between the driver/passenger could fit a laptop. If by laptop one means handheld PDA.....sure.

    More later. As well as SYNC questions.
  • If you take off the headrests the seatbacks will fold flat and also you can release the seat bottoms and slip them out for an extra 6" or so of flat length. At least that's the way my '08 is. I have never tried to put a laptop in the console but assumed if you lifted out the entire plastic box there might be room. I like my backup sensors a lot and really miss them on my other car, so I guess it's just a personal preference.
    I wish someone had a simple answer as to how '09 scheduling is done. I ordered an '09 in early August and my dealer says he doesn't expect it until Jan or later! I just can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I would guess it has something to do with allocations.
  • Sometime back there was some discussion about an additional $1000 being added to the sticker price. If I recall right, this was applied to newer orders and not to orders made by a certain date. Does any one recall this? Most responses said that the dealer should honor the price agreed to and not the raised sticker price. Just wondering since I received my sticker from and it is $1000 higher!
  • I didnt read about that in the manual. The impact was definitely right on the sensor.

    I got my FEH back from the shop today with a nice new bumper. Good as new. So I decided to create a little test for the backup sensors.... I put the parking brake on and left the car in reverse. I then stood on the side of the vehicle and used my hands and legs to try to trip the sensors. I should note that this was the sensor that was not impacted in my fabulous little crash. Anyway, I tried waving my hand across as well as bringing my hand in towards the sensors from as far as I could reach. The result is simply that things that came in from the side are not reacted to in a repeatable way. Sometimes I could physically touch the sensor and it wouldnt trip. Other times it detected me right away. Other times, it would react but just a second or two later than it should have (I had already made physical contact). Anything coming from straight on seemed to trip all the time. From this I conclude that my sensors arent very good or the design/quality of the sensors is very low budget.

    If anyone tries this at home, please share your results so I can know if my behavior is a common one.
  • @decker5
    The seats will fold all the way down, but as noted the headrests need to be removed. It is a sort of "2 step" maneuver. First you need to pop up and tuck the seat portion of the back seats into the back of the front seats near the floor. Then you can fully lay down the backs of the back seat. It is a snug fit for sure. I did find it slightly confusing at first.

    For the cargo. It is there. You just need to lift out the main shell and that gives you access almost all the way to the cupholders. It is very deep. My wife often puts her purse in there when she doesnt want to carry it. Today I had a pretty large camera bag in mine while it was at the body shop
  • The $1,000 price increase (and $30 delivery charge increase) on the '09 FEH's and does not apply to dealer invoice for retail orders placed prior to August 1st. The window sticker simply reflects the current MSRP. If you have a previous confirmed price with your dealer (as I did), you should not have a problem since there was no increase in dealer cost. If, however, you don't have a written agreed price, you could have a problem, depending on the dealer. I placed my order May 8th and mine was built on August 20th. I knew exactly what my cost would be including all taxes, tags and misc fees ahead of time and did not have any difficultly when I picked it up two weeks ago.
  • I agree with Burnsva. My price was set in June and the MSRP was a thou higher at delivery. The dealer made a big point at what a great deal I was getting but there was never any question that I was paying more. It was handled well. So if you have a firm quote (and especially if you put a deposit on the vehicle) there will be no issues with 99% of dealers. If your quote is more wishy-washy but you have an order placed try to firm it up now (rather than at the dealer when picking up the car). Or look at alternatives they can offer to extend the warranty....
  • Thanks for the tips on the rear seats. I noted the bottom panels did slide forward but never looked at this closely. I shall do thanks to all on that.

    The main shell was lifted out and there is room there but configuring for a laptop fit is imposible in my view (at least with my unit). But it is still a nice area to dump a wallet, phone and other personal effects.
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