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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Thanks bunsva an decker5-

    I should be fine. I do have a written agreement and down payment. I appreciate the info. Now I can walk into the dealer with a good feeling and a solid expectation of the price agreed upon.
  • Not in my case. I ordered a 09EH on 7-20 and I will pick it up monday. When I went to the dealership to see it they told me it is $1030 more even though I had the purchase and sales agreement and $1000 down. I am not happy about this but they say Ford can increase the price even if you have the p and s agreement. I could back out but then I lose my deposit! :mad:
  • It sounds like you are being ripped off by your dealer.
  • gen40...sorry to digress, BUT...

    I'm impressed with your quick delivery date vs. order date. I've been reading these posts for a few months and have seen a whole lot of frustration about delayed production and/or delivery.

    I placed an order (and deposit) about the same time you did: 7/25 (the dealer did not send to FMC, however, until 7/30). At the time, I was told to not expect delivery until ~ Oct. As of two weeks ago, that has been pushed back to Feb 09!?*?!* Huh?*!?

    I'm in metro Detroit (Michigan)...would you mind sharing where you live? I'd like to feed this back to my dealer so he can inquire of his Factory Rep. The "story" about first in, first out is full of holes.

  • back2ford - I'm also in Metro Detroit. Can I ask which dealership you went to? I went to Royal Oak Ford, ordered on 6/5/08 and so far still no VIN. The FIFO story seems like a lie to me.
  • The FIFO is definitely a lie.

    I ordered an FEH June 23rd. Never got a VIN. Long story short, I decided to cancel my order after finding one online about 3 hours away on a lot. I picked it up last weekend.

    Your guys' frustration over the ordering system isn't new ... many of us have been complaining about it for months on another forum ...

    Look at the 'Escape, Kuga, and Mariner' forum. And then under that, look at ... the '3 Month Order Sitting in USOB" thread and some of the other ones.

    You'll find that some people ordered in April, the day you could order, and still don't have them. Other people (usually in California) order theirs and receive them within a month.

    If you're concerned about when you get it, I'd consider looking on for '09 FEHs sitting on a lot within a reasonable distance from you.
  • OK- I emailed my dealer about the MMH we oredred in July, due in September. I asked what the status was according to the Ford sytem. He told me "our best estimate is December , due to a backlog of batteries". Aside from the semantics, how do I politely tell him that I know this is BS?

    I don't think he is actually looking at the order system, but the weekly scheduled production.

    IS ther a sudden shortage of batteries that I don't know about?
  • I saw a memo online from a fleet ordering company about 3 weeks ago that said the last day to put in fleet orders with the company was July 18th. The reason given in the memo for the early 'build-out' date was because of a 'material hold'. They didn't say batteries specifically though. And that's fleet orders, not retail .. but I'd imagine it would effect retail orders to some extent though.

    I have the pdf memo, but I can't upload anything on here, or I'd post it for you.

    Anyways, there seems to be some truth to some material hold issue. There are a number of people on blueovalforums bringing up the production delay issue too.
  • Thx...but clueless as my previous comment may have appeared, I TOO have read Blue Oval and more. And yes, I know there are those still waiting for a VIN, despite placing orders on 09 FEH Opening Day.

    Despite all this, I placed an order 'cause I'm truly sold on this car. I've never ordered and waited - always diven a car off the lot. After a miserable experience with a first-year Ford product thousand of years ago, I returned to Ford because of tis car. Oh well.

    Thanks for the suggestion to check availability for in-stocks on-line. I'll give it a try. Ford is not the first Mfgr. to create demand and not be able to meet it, but noone has caused wide-ranging frustration before. At the very least, they should consistend and honest with their customers.
  • alfredck - I ordered w/ Dean Sellers in Troy. Kind of a crap shoot on who I ordered with...I walked in three diff. dealerships and spoke w/ each Sales Mgr. to discuss the ordering/ delivery deal. I was tying to get a straight answer on how FMC was filling orders. All Mgr's said it would not be based on allocations/ sales volume, that they understood it was FIFO (?). "My'" dealer is not amoung the top volume in the area - went with them based on other considerations. I spoke w/ someone who ordered from a big dealer one week before me - still no VIN, he's been told delivery will not be until '09.
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  • It is illegal for them to attempt to keep your deposit. i suggest you contact the BBB.
  • Again, if anyone is interested, Longmont Ford In Colorado has three 09 FEH. Maybe someone is close enough, and can get back their deposit and buy there.
  • Hi,

    I placed my order with my dealer in Rye, NY for the Escape Hybrid on May 23rd, was told that one order had been placed ahead of me and was assured that I would have the car in September or October. A couple of days ago I checked up and was told by the salesman that manufacture of the Escape Hybrid had been suspended, that the dealership had received no deliveries of that car and was unable to say when it would. Since this is clearly one of Ford's most popular models, that is hard to believe. Has anyone else had any experience like this?

    Mark F.
  • I ordered my Escape Hybrid on August 4 from Courtesy Ford in Littleton CO. The car has been manufactured and am waiting for delivery any day. Did you ever get a vin number so you can call Ford direct? Did you give a down payment and get a receipt? My Escape was manufactured in Kansas City at the Claycomo plant about 10 miles outside of Kansas City. Sounds like your dealer is feeding you a line, might be time to get aggressive or visit another dealer who is maybe a larger dealer.

  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.... I live in NH and was quite suprised also that it only took two months after reading of much longer waits. The "short wait" was offset by being ripped off, if it had been any other vehicle I would have told them to shove it.

    I need to add to those who have one on order before 8-1, be sure to call your dealer and ask if they are going to increase the price $1030 when the vehicle if delivered to the dealership.
  • Yes, that increase hit from the day I talked to the dealer to the day I actually signed the papers, we worked out a compromise at the time I ordered. So far, have been very happy with Courtesy Ford, this will be the third vehicle we will have gotten from them and we have always been treated fairly.

    So, what have you heard about the car you have on order? :)
  • I've burned through my 1st take of gas. My driving was a mix of city and short freeway jaunts. Based on purchased gallons and miles driven against them (both tanks just to FULL) I got 35.04 mpg. I like that! The HEV monitoring system indicates a consistent driving mpg rating that averages 36.5 mpg but that seems skewed in my view. This vehicle runs very well. I definitely get asked questions and have a few people actually say they are inclined to look strongly at these for a purchase in a year or two.

    Ford needs to make more of them....drop the price somewhat (yes! they should immediately waive that $1030 increase they just installed) ....provide favorable interest rates for those that will put a minimum downpayment of $10K (cash/not trade)....and put some money into advertising this!

    I'm buying Ford stock today (trading below $5) and hold onto it for a couple of years. I think they are finally geting positioned.
  • My dealer claims not to have any shipping info:

    Receipt Date: 4/18/2008
    Serialize Date: 8/7/2008
    Segment Date: 8/7/2008
    Sequence Date: 8/18/2008
    Blend Date: 9/3/2008
    Produced Date: 9/9/2008
    Gate Release Date: 9/15/2008
    Ship Date: 9/15/2008
    Arrival Date:
    Sold Date:
  • I ordered on one on May 31, and still don't have a VIN, or any dates. I don't even want it anymore since Ford is too imcompetant to build the vehicle everyone wants. How do I get my $500 back?
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