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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I got my FEH 09 in July, I have almost 7000 miles on it now. I LOVE this car (k), I am averaging 31.5 mpg. I live in the mtns. so I have to use the gas on the hillls, but it has been great, and well designed. I like the way it handles, I saw a deer in the road, and I felt so much control, when I had to slam on the brakes, it was pretty nice.

    I am having a problem with the volume on the SAT, it announces the name of the station but I get no sound. I have called sirius and they said I need to contract the dealer, that the car is receiving the signal fine. I guess I will try to get it in. Does anyone know about this? I wondered if a fuse would help. Thanks for the help.
  • It has arrived!! Last Monday (11-24-08) my dealer called and said my FEH had arrived. (I was still waiting for him to call with the vin#!!) We pickied it up the next day. We really love driving this car!
  • I was made the following offer:

    Sky blue '08 Ford escape hybrid with 6000 (six k) miles. Leather, Limited package (heated seats/mirriors, mp3 etc)

    Price 24K (tax would be another 2400 in my state).

    --Almost did it. I like the idea that i can sleep in this car in a camp ground with the fold down seats, and id like to explore the US in the next year or 2. May be the perfect car for it bc of gas and sleeping. Would have added aftermark gps...1300 ish installed.
    --I was thinking with the way things are hybrids will go down in value (esp used ones) along with everythign else.
    --24k is alot for a used car (to me anyway, its relative)...
    --I dont know they guy and though the milage could have been rolled back etc)
    --Was an out of state purchase and it made me nervous. (500 miles one way for me to get a test drive/inspection)

    Please let me know what you all think. Smart? Dumb? I know the price wasnt extremly high or extremely low...
  • My thoughts:
    1) I think the actual Limited package is new for the 09s. Not to say you couldn't have all the same options on the 08s.
    2) My 09 Limited arrives next week (hopefully) - even with Xplan pricing, it'll be a bit over 28K. I think 1 year older for 4+K cheaper and not having a 6 month wait would not be a bad thing. I think I've seen asking prices for 08s that were closer to new prices for 09s. Have also seen dealers adding a 'market adjustment' of $1500 to new FEH prices, for that matter.
    3) The 09s have more horsepower and perhaps some minor other changes... decide if you think those are worth waiting for.
    4) for aftermarket GPS, I'd consider something cheaper , personally.

    Good luck!
  • Back in mid November I was getting my F-150 serviced. Though my truck was only 8 years old and in mint condition, I coveted a hybrid. In the trip to pick up my truck I noticed for the first time the local Santa Cruz dealer was advertising the hybrids at a price lower than MSRP. They had 6 FEHs on hand + several MEHs, the most I have seen at the dealer. The salesman offered a test ride and I was smitten. For fun, I asked what they would give me for my truck and it was right in line with a trade-in price. Came back 3 times for test drives, finally they just gave me the keys and let me go out on my own. I tested the market by asking for quotes from an internet site and the only dealer to respond with an actual quote was the local one. Bottom line, fair price for trade-in and $2,000 off MSRP. I love my new wheels and I really like how the dealer handled the transaction, professional, friendly and honest. What a concept.
  • Gave up on the FEH, After 5 months of waiting for a VIN # I gave up and cancelled..Told the salesperson that if it ever came in sell it to someone else..I think he could have cared less..
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "I think the actual Limited package is new for the 09s. Not to say you couldn't have all the same options on the 08s. "

    The 2008s had the "Luxury package", I have in on my 08...
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    My FEH (limited) came in... dealership (Bowditch Ford, Norfolk VA) called on 2Jan to say that it had arrived, and that the price went up $1300. And that they couldn't do anything about the price increase (although a contract lawyer did verify that price quote + deposit = implicit contract, and in some states, you can get 3 times the amount of dispute plus lawyer fees).
    We went up on 3Jan, they insisted that price protection was not applicable to hybrids, and they wouldn't honor the original price. After various communication with Ford customer service, and with my deepest thanks to the gentleman on blueovalforums who posted a copy of the Ford email to dealers saying that all orders placed before August 1st were price protected, the dealership agreed to give it to us at the correct (lower) price. So we drove back up on the 10th (7 hours round trip each time) and got my hybrid... which I ordered June 3rd. Loving it!!!
    Also, the salesperson said that all vehicle allocation is based on the number of vehicles of that model & option package... so if your dealership only sold 3 FEH's last year, they can only get 3 FEH's from Ford this year, unless someone releases an allocation they don't want.
  • Thank you ever so much for your post about the Ford letter.

    I ordered a FEH in May and when I picked it up in September, I was told that only Lincolns had price protection. Reluctantly, I paid the new higher price.

    After reading your post, I printed out the Ford letter you cited at blueovalforums and took it to the salesman on Monday. Today I received a check from the dealership for the difference. He said the dealership had not seen the letter.

    So for all of you out there that placed a firm retail (even x-plan) order before August 1, 2008, you should get a copy of the letter.

    Thanks again to vedpuy.
  • Wondering where real-world prices are now -- what are you folks seeing offered by dealers, offered by you, and agreed to?

    (Looking mostly at Sport non-leather + moonroof, invoice somewhere around $28K)

    We're in WA, and I don't see a ton of FEH's on dealer-lots, but I've just started looking.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    The dealer already had the one I wanted on order, so I am not sure how long it took. It is early as it was supposed to be here next week. I am so happy.

    I got it on the X plan.

    So HAPPY!

  • I did cash for clunkers in August, trading in a dearly beloved but showing it's age, 1998 Explorer Sport. Searched dealerships within a 50 mile radius and found only a handful of FEH's. Finally found one in an acceptable color with all the bells and whistles and no NAV system which I did not want anyway as I have 2 tom toms. Paid about $30,000 after the clunker deal.

    Have about 4,500 miles on it and getting anywhere from 30-34 mpg depending on where I am driving that week.

    The backup sensors saved me from hitting a co-workers brand new car shortly after I started driving it. Love that backup sensor!

    Bought it at Herb Chambers in Braintree - no pressure and a good buying experience.
  • mettammettam Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a used Ford Escape Hybrid.
    I hope someone could advise me as to what things I need to look out for.

    The car I am currently looking at is a Ford Escape Hybrid 2008.
    AWD, moon roof, leather seats.
    one owner
    120,000 miles
    the dealer is asking $15,000

    Is this a good price ?
    The miles seem a lot for a 2008, maybe I will need to change the battery pack, how would I know?

    Thanks in advance.
  • these Ford Escape Hybrids were a popular taxi cab especially San Francisco.
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