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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • manojmanoj Posts: 4
    I think I have the 16inch alloy wheel since I own the xSport Package, and i think its the Luxury package that comes with 17inch wheel.

    Anywayz I only got appointment for Wednesday just to do alignment check on the car! I guess I can myself adjust the tire-pressure or shud i get it done from the service center itself.

    Plus I hv read that u shud check reading of tyre PSI after only 1 mile run or after 3 hrs of standing in the Manual to get the accurate reading.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I would think every model GV has a slightly different set up in suspension and components(help me norwoodsmn),i.e.; 2 or 4wd, auto, manual, 16", 17", etc. They might all have unique driving qualities.
    I have the Luxury 2wd with 17" wheels.
    Air pressure should be checked when cold. The more you drive, the more heat and the more the pressure will increase which is normal but don't lower your tire pressure when the tires are hot, you will end up with lower psi when cold.
    Tires can be a pain,but are a crucial part of maintenance to avoid tire failure. We see it all too often here in the heat of the desert.
    I would rather be drinking a beer or reading a book than changing a tire. :D
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day all from Australia. The tyres on our grand vitara are 16" bridgestone duellers high profile. Regarding cornering I havent had a problem with body roll etc. This is one fine vehicle. I suspect those people having a problem with their ride need a different brand of tyre/and or tyre pressure. Yokohoma tyres over here are a very stock standard tyre - when my factory fitted tyres wear out I wouldnt consider yokohoma tyres as a replacement. Budman do you know how to get the bolts/fasteners out of the guard underneath the engine to get at the oil filter? Do they just pull out/levered out with a screwdriver? The beer is on its way Budman.

    Cheers all from Downunder
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Good evening to all on this hot day, about 110*F.
    Those plastic fasteners are easily removed by prying/levered with a screwdriver on the center little button until it pops out, then the entire fastener comes out.
    The oil drains quickly when you remove the plug, beware.
    Be careful that the engine is not hot when you reach up to spin off the filter. You will touch the engine(as I have done,ouch! :sick: ). It's a small area to get to the filter and quite messy. Take your time and reach for a Bud.
    I will be on my doorstep anxiously awaiting my delivery. :D Thanks, Ron. G'day
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day Budman. Thanks for your help. That's worth a carton of aussie beer.

    Take mate.

  • I am very close to buying a new 2006 GV Luxury AWD, but the only reason I've hesitated is because of the lackluster performance of the 2.7 L motor. Is anyone aware of any way to improve performance by using any type of after market accessories or engine power improvement modules?

  • roach1roach1 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone cant seem to find the plug for the block heater
    can anyone help? I own the JLX Leather model.
    Tks from Montreal Canada
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    hello guys'
    i just have received my new GV 2.0 2007 (one week ago)
    and I feel some sort of vibrations in Steering wheel (and also in the car) when the speed reaches 80 m/h. I have got the wheel balance checked . The vibration appear also if the THE CAR STOPPED AND THE gear is in (N) MODE ,PUSHING DOWN THE GAS TO REACH 2200 rpm ,THE STEERING BECAME VIBRATED AT HIGH FREQUENCY IT COULD BE TESTED EASILY , THE VIBRATION IS IN HIGH FREQUENCY SO SOME PERSONS WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FEEL THAT

  • bearsgvbearsgv Posts: 19
    Tried with my GV when idle & in N, I can't feel the vibration you are talking about.
    Haven't gone as high as 80m/h, speed limit here is only 100km/h(about 62m/h). Has gone as high as 125km/h (77m/h) & didn't feel the vibration.
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    Thanks BEARSGV
    I wonder what kind of GV you got?have you reached 2200 rpm in the idle mode?and another question ,haven't you feel any different of felling on the steering between zero rpm to 2200 rpm?
  • bearsgvbearsgv Posts: 19
    I have a manual 2.0 GV. Have done 15,000 km & happy with everything so far.

    I purposely tried to rev to 2200rpm & higher after reading your message & didn't notice any increase in vibration. The streering didn't feel any different either. I only notice increase in vibration when I put my hand on the gear stick.
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    thanks again
    it seems that my GV has technical problem
    i am going to have a meeting with the dealer's technical engenier due the vibration
    i will update the forum if the problem is solved
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    Re: suspension/components differences between the various models....I wish I knew, (does anyone?). Particularly so re: possible ones between the base 4wd model, and the top of the line 4wd one equipped with the low range transfer case. Seems economies of scale taken into consideration, all the underpinnings, (at least on the two 4wd models), ought to be the same? But how do we find out? Not from any info published to date by Suzuki, (at least that I've seen). Why the secrecy?

    Again if one can give up hard(er) core bush beating, (steep rough rocky trails, slippery bogs, icy Outback roads and the like, where often ya just gotta crawl), well, assuming the suspension toughness is the same on the base 4wd model as it is on the low range equipped one, then the base 4wd might be the best value.

    But, I have to say it, other than someone NEEDING 4wd, just like every Suzuki 4wd I've owned, well, just for street use there's these things out there called cars. They get one "H" of alot better gas mileage, and are far more sophisticated in operation than any Suzuki truck ever made, sans the 2007 [now] NON 4wd XL-7 luxo boat of course...

    So I wonder if Suzuki has all too successfully managed to market the highly attractive new GV as being all things to all people, when in fact on closer inspection, golly gee, just maybe it can't be?

    The 5 speed manual equipped, base 4wd model I test drove, (with 16 inch tires), handled just like a proper Suzuki 4wd should. But unless one goes to the dirt, you'll never know why it feels the way it does on the street. Go ye forth, and DO IT IN THE DIRT!
  • harp666harp666 Posts: 5
    I also have the same Issue..steering wheel vibrating at 70 on are fine and balancing fine also...anyone had a fix yet?
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I'm sure they change springs,shocks, etc. for 4wd vs 2wd but i doubt it has a big impact on driveability.
    norwoodsmn, as the debate goes on, I challenge you to the car vs suv. All in fun, of course. Our needs were something larger than a car but sportier than a minivan. My girls would dis-own me for buying a minivan. Yes, I would like a bit more room for the pooch but it works for us. There isn't a car out there for certain personal situations.
    We did take our GV off road today(not a 4wd course) and it felt solid.
    Have a fun and safe 4th of July. Budman
  • bm000092bm000092 Posts: 70
    Roach1, the plug for the block heater is located on the passenger side, at the back of the engine compartiment near the windshield, tks, from the same place.
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day all from Aussie land. Took my grand vitara 4WD out on some very rough dirt hill roads to take some photos. The suzuki ate it up. There were many corrugations and bumps on this one lane dirt road/lane and steep climbs and dips. Ride was superbly smooth and sure footed. Corrugations were heard rather than felt. The suzuki was very surefooted - no wallowing or fish tailing and in many parts I was travelling faster than I should. I can't help but wonder if the brand of tyres on the people's suzukis are having a detrimental impact on their ride/vibration wise.

    Cheers all from Downunder
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    Just realized that my suzuki 4WD grand vitara 2006 came standard fitted with gas shock absorbers.


    Ron from Downunder
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    4-(th. of July greetings!)-sure. All is set up initially as it should be, but for skid plates, and maybe some of the exhaust pipe routing?, on the 4wd model, for all but the TOUGH STUFF. Shock durability is a separate issue which should become apparent I'd guess, at around 60,000k's or so.

    Ah hear ya on the room issue. Further, it would be tough to find a crossover, (sans the unattractive yet highly capable new '07 Sube Forester, for instance), with adequate ground clearance/toughness to meet [our] varied needs. 4 sure too re: "Van image problems".

    Instead of yours, xostnot's, and our new Aus buds use of "them", my "worries" are more about the full time streeter owners out there, (and there's probably more than just a few?), who want, no, may end up demanding!, a more comfortable ride. Just concerned "we" then might end up someday metaphorically "off of the road", sans an adequately equipped TOUGH Zuke, to get us there and bring us back.

    More of these real world Outback performance accounts would be most welcome here, and perhaps help educate some new initiates as to what the true nature of the vehicle IS. Xostnot, (for instance), been bashing the bush somewhere here in Beautiful British Columbia recently yourself?

    I can't figure what the "vibration issue" could be, but
    OR traction, (a different subject), would greatly improve with aggressive tread from brands like Toyo, Nokian, etc. Dismount the show 17 wheels and set them aside for the Concourse de elegance. Then feel free to "rough up" a set of the 16 steels, (original equipment on the base version), with good rubber mounted thereon. Go ye forth to the dirt!
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    i had took my GV to recheck the wheel balance today
    the regular balance was fine, since the vibration still appear, the balancing expert suggest to balance the wheels like the way it came out from the factory ,so he took out the tires from the jaunt and placed the tires on the jaunt again in anew position then he rebalnced the wheels while he is checking the tiers balance and not the weel balance
    i drove the GV and it seems that the vibration is quit gone
    i hope its for ever, i will cheek that the next dyes and update the forum
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