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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • ecolonecolon Posts: 3
    I'm getting something in that area i go to the gas station like every friday cause i never let the gas gauge to read less than half a tankful. Mine has 768 miles on it cause i really don't travel far for work.
  • I picked up the 2006 catalog at my Suzuki dealer. I have already purchased the painted rear spoiler, envelope style cargo net and the sliding tray for under the passenger seat. I figured I can use this to store items. They also have a "Suzuki Works" Exhaust tip that I want to get. I also wanted to see the roof rack cross bars. They look to big and bulky in my opinion. Accessories are expensive for this thing. They should have a PDF File posted on the wqebsite shortly.
  • I have about 300 miles on my 2006 grand vitara premium.I love this suv,but occasionally there is a burning smell coming from somewhere when I am driving it hard or going up a steep hill.When I test drove a few kia sportages they had a similar smell to them and I found out kia sprays the undreside of there cars with a protective sealer to protect them from the sea water and salty air.This burns off after a few hundred miles.I hope this is the case with my new grand vitara!!Any feedback would be great!! Thanks!! ;)
  • I just got my new silver metallic premium 4x4 auto GV also. It is sweet indeed. Its also my first suv. I was really looking/testing Jeeps, Rav 4s etc and GVs never even crossed my mind. Till I saw one pull out of a garage and whoa! I thought it was some kind of new euro suv till I saw the badge. Could not believe it. Went to the dealer next day and I knew I was leaving with one.

    I definetely recommend the truck. On the freeway, it feels like your riding on rails. Very precise, stable and quiet. Interior is just all around quality. Easy to use controls. Engine is ok and did not feel underpowered. Space is great and I didnt feel cramped like I was on a Liberty. Center of gravity is lower and I didnt have the tipping sensation as I did with the Liberty. Visibility is great and I didnt have to strain to see anything on the road. Lots of safety features. The $29k Jeep Liberty 3.7 Limited I test drove didn't even come with side or curtain airbags =(.

    Definitely get one. It's a winner all around.
  • I have detected a burning smell occasionally also. I've had my 06 GV 2 days. I purchased the premium pkg and so far very satisfied.
  • I have 1400 miles on mine now and still get the burning smell sometimes. I figured it was paint and such burning off the new parts. So far it's gotten exactly 20 mpg on every fill up, all around town miles. Am curious to see what it gets on a trip. Couldn't be happier with it. I think if anyone test drives one, they'll buy it. I was all set to buy a Kia Sorento, after looking at them several times. Just happened to pass the Suzuki dealer and saw a line of these out front. After the test drive, the hardest part was picking out the color, they all look good.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Off topic, but anyway.

    Today I saw a silver Grand Vitara wrecked by the side of the freeway. Since it was introduced just recently, it must have been only a few months old. Nearby I saw a pre 95 Lincoln Town Car with it's front slightly damaged in. The Grand Vitara was off the highway with it's doors and front all bashed. The Town Car definitely did much better in the crash. Good old American iron! :)

    Quite a shame, a new vehicle and irreparably damaged already.

    Thought maybe you Grand Vitara owners might be interested in knowing how it fared in a crash.
  • A larger vehicle with more mass would undoubtably do more damage to a vehicle with less mass. Hopefully the occupants of the GV were protected by the airbag system and the structural reinforcement built in the GV.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Thats completely absurd, why would you bother offering this sensational information to happy owners of this vehicle? You have ZERO knowledge of the circumstances of the crash or how the occupants actually fared. In case you arent aware, its typically preferred to have a mangled vehicle that absorbs impact energy and doesnt not transmit the forces of the crash to the occupant compartment.

  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080

    I'm just stating what I saw. If you don't like my post, don't read it. IF GV owners dont like it they dont need to read it.

    I really could care less about how the occupants of either car felt.

    I only posted that because I dont think I have ever seen such a new model car already damaged.

    With only 52 posts on this discussion, there are probably only like 3 owners. The rest of us just follow up on the vehicle, and my message isn't to offend anyone (although apparently people like you take it a different way).

    Please accept my apologies if I caused you emotional damage or whatever. :sick:
  • I think the real point was that your message was basically irrevelant. If you saw a Lincoln Town Car that had been hit by a Peterbuilt, the result would have probably been similar or most probably a lot worse. I doubt that any GV owners really care one way or the other what you saw. It just really doesn't make any difference. When I was a kid, I saw a Corvette that had been T-boned. There was fiberglass all over the road, and about the only thing that was recognizable as a Corvette was the tail lights, but so what?
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    You aren't telling me anything I don't know when you say my message was irrelevant. I said it was off topic to begin with. With that warning I told my story.

    I didnt post that message with the intent of showing the GV as uncrashworthy car. I simply posted it because I have never seen such a new car being wrecked so soon. This vehicle made it's debut only like 3 months ago.

    If GV owners don't care what I saw, then I couldnt care less. It's a free country, they can read my message if they want, or they can ignore it.
  • The O5 GVs did OK on crash test results. The 06 GVs will no doubt fare even better given the unibody frame, side airbags etc. The 06 design does account for spreading the impact forces to sides and away from the driver/passenger during frontal collisions as much as possible. According to a Car and Driver article, features were also put in to the 06 GV regarding pedestrian impacts (reduce leg/thigh injury, hood absorbing upper body/head impacts etc). I live in DC which is probably the jaywalking capital of the world so thats somewhat good to know. Besides the standard safety package (eps, traction, control, ABS etc) theres also things like back up power in case of engine/main power failure and you can still brake the car.

    I'd say the 06 GV is a pretty safe car to be in.
  • What is that little rectangular indentation under the hood line right near the base of the A-pillar? Almost looks like a grab-handle to open the hood. Is the hood a front-hinged design ala Corvette?

    Those are vents to to help keep the engine cool and let the heat out.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    Isn't it time to move this thread out of "Future Vehicles," since it's already on sale?

  • pktrktpktrkt Posts: 1
    I took a test drive a couple of days ago. As much as I loved its solid body and suspension setup, and smooth 5sp automatic transmission, I thought engine noise was too much and annoying. I wonder if it was a problem with the particular car. Did anyone experience the same?
  • great review of the GV


    As good as a BMW X3 but $20k cheaper? Part 1-The exterior

    I must tell you, when I got the invitation to Vancouver for the press launch of the 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara, my expectations about the new SUV weren't the highest.

    In fact to be truthful, I went there thinking I was about to drive the lamest vehicle in a long time.

    But from the minute I saw it and got inside, I knew I had made a mistake pre-judging it.

    Not only did the SUV blow me away, it would turn out to be the best small SUV I've driven next to the BMW X3.

    And in some ways, it's nicer!

    The new exterior of the Grand Vitara is sharp attractive and aggressive.

    No more 'I'm driving the cheapest, generic looking car on earth' look.

    Suzuki has raised their design standing, to not only equal but better the Vitara's main competitors, the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and anything Subaru.

    The interior is one of the nicest, cleanest layouts you will find anywhere.

    Comfortable, functional and a more roomy feel, than its competitors.

    Everything is in the right place and tastefully done.

    And the drive does not disappoint.

    The steering feel and suspension are outstanding.

    In fact, I prefer the steering and suspension comfort of the Vitara to the BMW X3.

    80MPH through the ‘S’ turns on the way to Whistler…No drama or problem for the Suzuki.

    Doubt me?

    Go do a comparo of your own at your local dealer.

    And remember when you drive it, that the Suzuki’s starting price is less than TWENTY GRAND!!!!

    But the big surprise on the Vitara compared to its competitors, is that it can go off-road and not disappoint. REALLY!
  • I have noticed a small plastic cover under both front doors, looks like it was going to be door warning lights but it does nothing, the Suzuki dealer has no idea. Can anyone shed any light.
  • I just bought 06' GV for few days, can anyone tell me how to turn off ESP function. The manual said press and hold the ESP off button, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help? oh.. by the way, i also smell burning sometime. :confuse:
  • I have the same problem. It seems that the switch does not work at all. Congrats on tne new ride! What model and color did you get? Are you happy so far? I have almost 4K on mine and I love it except for a few minor things.
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