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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • Beefier steel used under the hood in engine surround(ing) and mount point areas. Obviously this would apply to the front suspension mount points also.

    Rear IRS evidently stronger with mods to it's location [attachment points to] the hybridized body/frame structure.

    Re the six: as would be expected, improved linear torque delivery throughout the rev range, vs. the 2.7.

    As mentioned before, strengthened hybridized body/frame and suspension mount point(s), and the suspension mount [location] mods at the rear, yield improvements to ride/handling, including better steering feel. The effect of that combo is probably what I thought I felt when I TD'ed the 4cyl recently.

    The lighter weight three door [available abroad] 4cyl with the 5 speed manual,
    is said to be real delight to drive. Again, our 5 door base JA ought to be about as good, except for NOT having the low range gear set option. But that sets a JA up to go head to head with a base Subaru Forester. Same price even here in Canada.

    Take a hypothetical new soft roader buyer, one never needing or wanting a low range who of course was familiar with Subaru's formidable major marketing efforts and its brand recognition... A QUESTION: Which, (base Sube or Zuke JA), would she or he be most likely to opt for? If like me you might have say Forester, (and prior sales stats doubtless bear this out)?, well then.... Well then, doesn't that seem to indicate Suzuki should take a look at returning to doing what it once did best over here, by offering us our own Aussie-like equipped base model, well before launching a base Subaru fighter? Would there be a greater demand for a Suzuki Forester fighter, (which essentially is what the non low range JA is), OR instead might there be even more PENT UP demand for a MARKET NICHE DOMINATING, FULLY MODERN new four cylinder Suzuki GV equipped as we have suggested here Suzuki? Clearly its time you engaged four low to climb back up "The Hill of Confidence" from the top of which you might behold the wisdom of paying homage to your roots in Canada, if not in all of North America. Can't think of any more ways to say this, so I'll promise to quit trying.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    LOL, Hey norwoodsman, I think you're starting to talk to yourself and answering your own questions. ;) JK, of course.
    I nominate you to CEO of Suzuki and hope that you can clean up the financial sector of the USA. :sick:
    There sure are many changes to the GV. I'm not sure of the 4 cyl. If the current V-6 doesn't have enough power, what can the 4 deliver? Other than a 5 speed in the gear range you are looking for, I can't imagine anything smaller in the GV especially with an auto. The bigger V-6 would be a welcome sight, but for me, I would buy an XL7.
    My daughter just bought a 2008 Honda CRV. Again, we both need something to throw the dog in back and not looking for an off road vehicle. Underpowered, yes. Quality built, yes. It's really nice compared to the GV. To be honest, there isn't a comparison. I should have waited for the new CRV and would have been much happier.
    That gets me to my last point. I also agree with xotsnot's list of bad things on the GV. The Suzuki will never be a quality built vehicle. It will never hold it's resale value. Sure, it's a bargain to buy, like the Kia or Hyundai but in the end, you will lose. I think you said it before, people want the Toyota or Honda in their driveway (hope you said that). I'm one of those people. I want some sort of return on my investment. Suzuki failed me, big time.
    norwoodsman, I hope you get what you're looking for. For me/us, we're moving on.
    Take care, Budman :shades:
  • Hey, greetings down south...

    The CRV is top drawer for sure, for what it is. Deeper in the woods the old trapper owns one too. Smart as a fox?, I couldn't argue with that though he has a Land Rover too. Think if I was you though, I'd be sorely tempted to reward myself with an Acura RDX with tecno package. But I digress...
    Having had that chance to do a seat of the pants evaluation of what's new for '09, I'll restate my impression that the book now seems just as good as its cover. The four delivers linear power throughout the rev range too, and yr. fellow 1st gen "All New" GV owner, "bud's", TD indicates he was similarly impressed. But change can be a good thing too, so....

    On quality control, a few days ago I came across an interview of "Rick" Suzuki when he was still the boss down your way. He was asked to comment about the GV's 2007 J. D. Power reliability stats. He acknowledged the issue and indicated they were addressing it. I believe him because they HAD TO make significant investments in that area with these '09 upgrades, (if not before, with the '08's too which may also have occurred?). If not, and the bloom fades off the rose for too many owners of the '09's for reliability issues, then I don't know what Suzuki would have to do next if they hope to expand, or even retain GV market share here. That's just my gut feeling...

    Sorry we're going to lose you, but I understand. Previously I've felt one had to take a Suzuki into the dirt with some regularity to realize full value from the investment. They're obviously even a better deal if those opportunities are available right out the back door, or if you're a skier in the north country, (ditto, both). So a bit of a detailed equation always had to be solved for one to determine exactly how good a bargain they really were. Still, all the new changes for '09 DO make them genuinely feel more mainstream, (certainly so out on the road), while Suzuki apparently has improved upon the GV's core off road virtues too. All in all this seems to make the '09's a MUCH better bargain.

    For us, with no dog and a son off the family payroll into the work force, honestly the wife leans towards the Forester in the absence of an '09 4cyl GV config'ed as we'd like. Then again if a new base '08 gets down to $18 something here.... Or if a pristine prior gen XL-7 turns up for around $10 as a stop gap.... Have to admit I'm getting tired of all these equations too....

    My strong financial advice? Even though Sarah can see Russia from her house, vote for Obama!

  • About to wind down to enter rehab for excessive use [of this site]. But before I go, Who are we,? (your customer base here in Canada), Suzuki? No, we're NOT all soccer moms, and fewer of us still are looking to you for a surrogate Jeep Rubicon Trail, boulder bashin' "rig" either. So who are we?

    I think very simply we are potential Subaru Forester customers, (that's the truth for myself and my wife), who want/need the ability to go still just a bit farther out there off the beaten path, (with the low range), but with a bit more room for our gear and passengers. Just like those Subaru customers, we want a "Swiss Army Knife like" vehicle, but again we NEED those additional "blades" to help facilitate our "beyond Forester" outdoor pursuits. THAT'S IT IN A NUTSHELL.

    So although the new marketing agency for North America must be about to pull the wraps off the '09 intro campaign, here's how I'dadunnit, for what it's worth... Use the same granola crunching, active outdoor person approach that Subaru has employed so successfully, (and Suzuki once did long ago). Remember the forest ranger sitting in the Sidekick, etc.? First and Foremost, extol and be proud of those OFF ROAD virtues!, don't just try to portray them as yet another different flavor CRV or Rav 4 for soccer moms! MORE PRECISELY target the unique niche which your vehicles are purpose built to occupy, (at least that's how they are perceived in the rest of the world, I believe). STAKE OUT YOUR OWN GROUND over here, thereby eliminating what I think is the marketing "Identity Crisis" that Suzukis may suffer from in North America?
    In "surfing" down under there in Australia recently, they don't seem to fall into this trap. Instead the vehicles are accurately seen, praised and portrayed FOR WHAT THEY ARE, instead of what some marketing types might want to try to pretend they are [not]. Another CRV?, RAV 4?, Saturn Vue?, Nissan Rogue?, Hyundai Tiberon?, not!, not!, not!, not!, and NOT! So why make that mistake when marketing GV's here in North America? Be proud of what they are and what they are uniquely built to do.

    One last time, much sooner than later, stop repeating the dispiriting error of forcing the faithful to seem to have to BEG [here] for a traditionally equipped off road capable base model, (either a JA or JX 4cyl with manual transmission and low range), at least here Canada, eh, concurrent with new model introductions....
    For what it's worth, the prior "Sport" model designation is just so much marketing FLUFF. To have to call a Suzuki SUV model a "Sport" is ludicrous, they are for sport [use] by definition. Seriously consider calling the 4cyl a "Vitara" in 2010, as a welcome gesture to restore the honor of the name, (world wide?), in the hearts of the faithful. Make them colorful too. The color range over here, (which may be little changed for '09?), is getting very stale. We're just as colorful here as our Aussie mates.


  • Quicksilver Metallic, Black interior
    Whitewater Pearl, Beige
    Sandstorm Metallic, Beige
    Slate Grey Metallic, Black
    Black Pearl Metallic, Beige
    Deep Sea Blue Metallic, Black
    Volcano Red Metallic, Black

    Some shots suggest "Volcano Red" may be sort of an orange/red. The new "Deep Sea Blue" looks to be the pick of the litter. No green or purple.

    The four cylinder with auto and low range*, (*did not use low range on the TD), was a nice combo. They've worked at optimizing the shift points and got it right.
    The base model in the US is rear wheel drive only, and no 4cyls are available equipped for "traditionalists" down south [yet] either. Obviously "over here" Suzuki continues to set a high marketing priority on making the Grand Vitara appear to be all things to all people. Prime example: what is the sense [at all] of diverting the resources of time money and effort, to build a two wheel drive Grand Vitara, other than as wish fulfillment for a handful of marketing geeks? Meanwhile though, while all that clamoring demand for a 2wd GV is being filled, once again core customers are left waiting for The Right Stuff.
    Definitive stupidity. Otherwise, it's a time to rejoice over these new '09's.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Hey nrwdsmn! As in your previous post as to me looking at the RDX, I had been looking over that model. As far as size, we wouldn't have gained much. So far the MDX is the 1st choice. With the sagging economy and closeouts on '08 models, just about everyone is offering huge discounts.
    Looks like we'll be Suzukiless shortly. :shades:
    I was looking at some of the posts here and it looks like norwoodsman wins! Other forums, you would be considered a "post-ho". ;) At least you have constructive criticism and I hope Suzuki reads all or at least some of your ideas. They should feel fortunate that the faithful(you) still exist but then there are the unfaithful (me) that just fade away to better things.
    Good luck!
  • Yo, bud.
    If you're really feeling your oats, check out the new Bimmer X6. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one on the edge of the woods here this spring. Some piece of iron. But the Acura MDX is an excellent choice. Who knows, I wonder if anyone close to plunking down cash for a new "whatever", might be amongst the last folks ABLE to purchase an SUV to meet one's own specific needs? I'm looking at it like that, as all vehicles will continue to be forced to slim down in every way, post peak oil. Yes, that Bimmer is incredibly thirsty! But on into the not too distant future, wonder how we'll come to regard even the reported 19 US mpg city, and 26 US mpg highway, fuel consumption figures posted for a new 4 cylinder GV? Here our long term plan is to keep the 38 mpg compact wagon, and conserve/hold in reserve, our next Suzuki SUV, (if that's how we go), to use it to meet our demanding recreational needs. AND to use it for MUCH safer long distance travel in our Canadian winters. Oops, but that's two vehicles, isn't it...? Haven't TD'd a Forester, but again a new base '09 GV with full time four wheel drive, is a bigger, tougher equivalent for essentially the same price, so.... So no low range. So...

    On discounts: We did end up TD'ing an '08 2.7L JA a week after our outing with the '09 4cyl, just to refresh our memories. Wow. With the differences between the two models, (2.7 '08 six, and 2.4 '09 four), it will be a very long time before close out deals of a prior gen Zuke ought to approach "the goodness potential" of one's that should [continue to] materialize for '08's, particularly towards the last business days in December. It's either that or melt 'em down and start over with the raw materials. The new '09's seem almost that good to me, though in fairness I should note the wife opines she could live with an '08, for the right price. Enough from here. We'd ALL like to hear from folks who have an '09 in the garage now.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Bimmer X6? cha-ching! We looked at the X3. cha-ching!
    Nice but nothing to write home about for the money. The MDX always came out on top and the fact that our friend owns an Acura dealer really paid off. cha-ching!
    Why didn't we do the Acura earlier you say? The GV worked at the time for our daughter while she was in school. Now she's in college and just happened to take the Honda with her and left us with the ol Zuke. So now we're empty nesters and need a fun fancy suv to drive. Not really, it's all for the dog. The darn pooch costs us more than the kids ever did.
    Well, we made the deal and MDX it is. I can't imagine spending anymore for a vehicle, especially what we use it for. All the reviews put it ahead of all the other SUVs in it's class. What we didn't realize was how much more we got for a few bucks more than the Zuke. Yes, quite a few bucks but what a world of differance. I hope Suzuki doesn't raise their prices along with their new technology. It sure won't pay off in the resale value.
    Just happy to keep stirring the economy. :shades:
    I'll stay in touch to let you know if we're still happy with our choice.
    BTW, what happened to the rest of the crew here? :confuse:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Too bad some of the 2009 updates couldn't have been done for 2007 when the GV was taking heat for mileage and refinement. The lack of a 4-cyl manual with the low range is just inexcusable. If they MUST make a 2wd (for southern US, probably), then why not make it a CRV/Rav4 fighter with JLX-L trim and cushy suspension.

    Anyway, I kind of wish our 2006 had some of the attributes added in the interim. Especially the remote gas lid release. I live in fear of losing the key for the locking cap while on a long trip. It would be nice to have the sensible version of the mileage readout. But I think most of the improvements aren't such a big deal.

    As for the new engines, I can get the same mileage by driving a little slower. Turn signals on the outside mirrors, speed sensitive radio volume control, hill start control and descent speed limitation? HoHum. Still no 2nd gear lever position on the 5-spd automatic. Which is something it REALLY needs, especially since you can't get the low range with a standard. Rear discs? Sounds like higher maintenance costs, and who complained about how the GV stops? Maybe it's to get rid of the brake squealing noise. Optional 18" wheels? Proof Suzuki isn't as independent from stupid trends as Suzuki would like us to think. Revised front crash structure and improved rear "axle" dynamics? Sounds desirable. Like the side airbags getting rollover sensors. At last.

    The improved sound deadening measures are overdue considering how easy it is to do this. But I just dealt with that on ours by lining much of the inside with acoustic dampening material and beefing up the weatherstripping.

    Still no enviable center armrest in the back seat, as provided in other markets. Still no way to remove the back seats so you can carry things bigger than a cooler. But it's nice they left the styling alone so ours doesn't look outdated yet.

    So the '09 wouldn't be a big improvement for us. Now, if they put out an offroad version: diesel, 5-spd manual, 1" suspension lift and skidplates, I'd feel like I'm missing out on something. And put the off-road Patriot out of idle contemplation.

    btw, while installing the acoustic insulation, I discovered the layer of foam carpet underlay and the styrofoam filler under the carpet in the drivers footwell have been fried by heat coming off the exhaust and catalytic converter under the floor. There was discussion earlier in this topic about someone melting right through the materials and the heel of their shoe. We don't do anything nearly as extreme as they did, with our GV, so I suspect lots of owners have had this overheating. On the other hand, only a small proportion of Canada's GV's would be driven over the Coquihalla in the summer. Apparently the Coq has the greatest elevation gain of any major highway in North America, and every km or so there's a patch of scorched pavement where a vehicle burned up on the shoulder. It would be interesting to know if any of those were GV bonfires.

    (Anyone interested in the GV should look up the transsiberia race, where a huge swarm of factory Porsche Cayennes are pitted against two 2-door GV's and a mix of private entries. Last year, the GV's acutally did very well, not quite so well this year. But they do cost a fraction of the Porsches, and one was driven by an amateur crew. I'd be interested in knowing what broke on the GV's during the race, but it seems impossible to find out much about their participation.)

    (Canoed to Vargas again this summer. Went too far beyond our comfort level in very dense fog one evening, and in stormy conditions on another day. Didn't make it to Blunden this year, but hiked all the way from Ahous to the NE corner of Vargas. Stunning beaches. Also hiked the Wild Side trail on Flores nearby.)
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    xostnot, if your rear brakes are squealing, there is a TSB on that. The brake linings are too wide and rub on the drums.
    I've always noticed a burning smell after hwy driving. I just checked under the drivers side carpet and it looks fine. There is a couple layers of heavy material on the floor and the styrofoam sits on top of that.
    With the new improved GV on the way, get ready for another hit on the resale value. It's really pathetic. 30k miles and 50% loss in value. :lemon:
    It's sad because it still looks nice and runs well and it's already had a set of tires(@20k miles) which is also ridiculous. Factor in the cost of maintenance and a dozen visits to the shop and the story worsens. :sick:
    I would have been better off buying one of xostnot's canoes. ;)
  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    I have a 07 GV 4WD 5spd.It will be 2yrs this Oct I have had it and I have gone through 3 sets of tires it almost seems they can't line it up or it won't stay lined up.I heard some have come from the factory not lined up and that the 2006 specs are wrong so watch out.It is very hard to get Suzuki customer service to help you out,I replaced to headlights under warranty and a foglight the first week I had it.I don't like the paint quality you look at the wrong way and it chips.I do however like the looks of it.In short I should have shopped around a little more and maybe spent a little more.I guess the saying goes "You get what you pay for"
  • Greetings from The Lone Ranger. Been missing my Sidekick(s). Pleased to be able again to defer here to you re: your experience with your auto 2.7. About the new ones, I can only add: TD one, but try the new four and see how you think it compares with the 2.7.
    In retrospect, I think the manual box '08 2.7 JA we just drove MIGHT have performed better post an initial break in period. However, not so with the 2.4 four, even with its auto box as the best compliment I can pay it here, (you're welcome Suzuki), would be: think Honda. Ya, our two prior new Accords way back when, benefited from a "loosening up", (slightly), in their first year, but both also felt absolutely great right off the showroom floor. That's my same initial impression of this new Suzuki four. On the rear discs, again try 'em. One tester noted they got into a panic situation out on the road, and he lauded the rear disc's goodness. I'd concur. Pads and rotor wear though, yes it's a valid concern, but... Again I'm a little disappointed they didn't choose to offer a base one with the rear drums and basic O/R gear for '09, (a Vitara Classic), to empty the rear drums parts bins.
    I agree not much of this new content has much to do with the economic sense of jumping ship into an '09, if you have a prior gen "New GV" sorted out. You are all also now learning about trade in values of 'em too, I know. Sure interesting to note your own melted insulation report though.
    As she drove manual trannie VW's in winter while dodging Moose west of Jasper Alberta when we lived there, (we spent last week on vacation back up there, and the Columbia Icefield continues to melt..), despite her recognizing ALL the goodness of the new four cylinder, sound insulation and all, it's the wife who says she Could go for an '08 2.7, while I don't think I could. For me it comes back to that Accord analogy re: this sweet new free revving econo engine, and yes, as someone who once had a 911-S in the garage, all the rest of the icing now on the cake which becomes evident out on the open road....
    On the diesel, scuttlebutt seems to indicate though they have tweaked it yet a bit more for '09, there may still be concern re: market acceptance of its NVH characteristics in North America. It ain't cheap either, but equipped as you've called it, it would give a Rubicon Trail Jeep a run for it's money.
    Good on ya re: Blunden Island and Vargas hike. Ought to do Ahous Bay in spring when whales are stopping by on migration to feed. We soloed out west of Blunden to circumnavigate the Cleland Island Sea Bird Sanctuary last time there. Felt like Captain Vancouver, but we were in a cork. White knuckles on the paddles there too! Friends have done the Brooks Peninsula which seems the "Holy Grail" [to me] on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Not for canoes though, or [our] sea kayak. Too risky....
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Sort of funny how we were all tickled pink when the new GV came out and now just after a couple years, the complaints start to roll in.
    This is exactly what Suzuki needs to see if they will survive.
    I also had alignment problems and had 3 alignments done. At 16k miles, I started the worn tire complaint and Suzuki said it was normal. I sent them the bill and they finally denied the claim. There have been numerous tire wear complaints.
    The interior plastic is cheap. You can find better quality replacement carpet at walmart.
    Battery failed just out of it's warranty time. They wanted it towed to the shop to diagnose it and see if they would cover it. It was cheaper and much easier to replace it myself and not get stuck with a tow bill and the running around. I already had a taste of Suzuki's customer service.
  • jdaleyjdaley Posts: 7
    HI Allie yes I had the same problem at 19000 km and my 2 back tires were wore to the point as to not pass inspection.I asked the dealer to look into this and they said it was a maintenance problem that made me slightly mad.So I tried Suzuki customer service to no avail.I basically got the allignment done and passed the bill to the dealer and said fight it out with Suzuki.I'm not the 2006 specs are not correct and I have a 2007 purchased in Oct 06 my second set of tires wear again I think my GV is cursed all I do is hwy driving now I have 70000 km on it and just put my third set of tires on thats over 900.00 bucks in tires in less than a year and no help from the dealer or the Manufacturer.Needless to say I'm quite dissapointed with the GV and Suzuki in general.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    (Bud, you there?),
    I'm always here! I knew you would be able to type more than me. You had me beat on the 911, we had the 944. Great car for the money but it devalued quicker than the Zuke.
    I noticed you always leaning towards the Honda. We have 2 Hondas and now the Acura. Can't go wrong there.
    I was trying to look(not very hard) for 2009 GV pricing. I was trying to compare the price of a 2009 GV luxury awd to a leftover 2008 Acura MDX base model. There is only about $6,000 differance and if you are patient, that number will become lower. Yes, that may be alot of money but the long term will be much more rewarding.
    Whale sharks? Canoes and kayaks? I don't think so!
  • Just banged out the prev. post and saw yours, so while I'm here, Welcome. Universal truth #1: It is absolutely essential to find a first rate experienced Suzuki mechanic at a dealership, (not necessarily your own), closest to where you live. During the odd rough patch with two of my prior Zuke SUV's, I've driven a few hundred miles to use a Suzuki guy I was well acquainted with. He was one of the most gifted mechanics I've ever known. He worked at a couple of different Suzuki dealerships. They do exist. Even seemed to find improving service here locally in the more recent past. Maybe start by contacting the largest dealership in your state/province, and get a referral from the service manager? I know, that's no absolute guarantee, but hopefully it might work for you. OR try this or another blog for a reference?
    Re: tires, no one seems to like your OEM's. Nokian tires wear like iron, (that's my snow tire brand), and I'm sure their other models would too. Ditto Toyo brand tires which are used by some friends on their Vitara. Periodic alignments, even paid for by ones self, are a whole lot cheaper than some other alternatives. My independent alignment shop here offers a one year follow up check, with no additional cost if no adjustments are required. Only $100.00 plus a bit here for the four wheel alignment.

    Don't despair before you've found that mechanic...
  • God, I'm still here, I've got to get a life....
    There's no question bud, yr. MDX is in a class by its self. More power to ya, enjoy that great road warrior! I completely agree with your choice vs. a luxo GV, even with its new six. But there, you've gone and done it again, giving me yet another excuse to cue my old 45 on the turntable, to [non-permissible content removed] yet again about having no base O/R GV available at the other end of the spectrum for we unrepentant hard core Suzuki fans. See what you've done...
    Ya, we're wild and woolly here. Have had detached feet washing up in runners on ocean beaches out there earlier this year. Seriously, xostnot can confirm this. Puts ya right off your feed! One solo ocean kayaker went missing off Vancouver Island's "Brooks Peninsula" a year or more ago. Have wondered if he contributed to this unfortunate phenomenon. Crikey!
  • Have to withdraw my comment that might suggest I think its reasonable to compare buying a '09 six cylinder GV vs. an Acura MDX. Got to say bud, your wholly excellent choice there really just suggests [more] why a Suzuki never was what you NEEDED. A six grand difference can buy a lot of gas though!, but that means nothing if... Should "we" move up to one too? Well, nice as they'd be, I know where xostnot is taking his, (ROUGHLY), and you'd likely void your MDX's warranty if you wanted to follow [us]. But you don't NEED to go that far "out there", while we will continue [to]. That's always been the difference between us here... I know you know that.
    Now that Suzuki has helped me reconfirm I'm a four cylinder"Vitara" guy through and though, I wouldn't use up a dealers petrol to td an '09 six. So I'll leave more references about 'em to others, (preferably you new owners?). But as good as the six is reported to be so far, its interesting to note one opinion by a tester who didn't seem to think it was overwhelmingly better than the new four. Again that says a whole lot about the four. TWO balance shafts, actually.
    But also on the new six, have to say I have no idea why a fully loaded top of the line '09, (leather, etc.), requires inclusion of the low range gears set, vs. just the all wheel drive system. Can't get over my vision of 'em towed proudly, all shined up behind a Winnie, en route down bud's way, or to Florida for the winter. If that's an accurate assessment, is that the potential GV demographic DEMANDING or much less dreaming about wanting a low range gear set? NOPE. So there's your/our answer Suzuki, "wrench" 'em out of luxury liner, and install them into a manual 5 speed four cylinder Vitara. You're welcome again....
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Ha ha, no fair withdrawing!
    I think we both need to get a life. Actually I'm sitting home injured so it won't be long before I'm away from the pc.
    The GV was what we needed and worked for us at the time. Couldn't see the daughter driving back and forth from school and using the MDX as the community kid hauler.
    Yes, $6,000 buys a couple tanks of gas these days but look at all the upgrades you get with the MDX.
    Suzuki couldn't even put a power drivers seat in the LUXURY! :cry:
    A V6 with 300hp and the same mpg as the measly GV.
    Resale value.
    I know, I could go on but you know what I'm talking about.
    Funny, One review on the MDX wondered why an AWD system didn't come with LOW range. OMG, I thought nrwdsmn was writing the review. ;) .....but it was a short one :P
  • Touche, eh...
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